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What is the best laptop on the market, and why is it a used T420?

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Say, is the T420 too small for programming? seems a bit uncomfortable

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Apple Computers usually cost around 1,000 dollars. The people over there are too autistic to lower the price to weeb level.
Oh well, you buy pretty decent computers for 420 dollars.

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Hey, /g/. My Asus dual-core i7 laptop's Nvidia chip died, and I have to send it in, and due to having other issues with the laptop, such as shitty touchpad, awful Linux support, bad battery life, and shoddy network connectivity, I've been thinking about buying a Thinkpad.

Based on hardware, I've decided the T420 model would be a good choice, due to the sandy bridge i5 and 4gb of RAM standard, along with the build quality of Thinkpads in general.

Do any of you /g/urus have this laptop? I have found multiple ebay listings for $150 or less for this model, and so I was wondering, in YOUR opinion, is this model still relatively snappy for regular use? I don't plan on gaming on it save for just simple 2D games or something, if that. Just looking for other user's opinions on the value, as it's still an i5, although Sandy Bridge.

So, for anyone who owns this laptop, could you give your input for these factors:

1. Speed of the hardware compared to a modern ~$300 laptop

2. Heat output

3. Battery life on Windows vs. GNU/Linux

4. Durability/reliability

I just want a reliable laptop that isn't "slow", per se, and has great battery life (6+ hours). For ~$130 it doesn't seem to be a bad deal. What do you think? Any input is appreciated.

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