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I'm not a very experience programmer so bare with my possibly dumb question.

Why is Log4J even used when the Java standard library java.util.logging is robust and works well? In fact, in Android android.util.Log is the standard. Log4J just seems to be another useless and bloated library, so why is it widely being used?

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>went to college
>didn't learn anything except how many bytes in a character and how to convert binary to decimal
>watched some Youtube videos
>can now design, develop and deploy fullstack Node applications

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>Is building a PC in 2022 a good idea?

i built a computer in 2999 ama

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>junior developer for a year
>became senior developer
>two years later move into management

You are supposed to work hard and move up the ladder, not just be a lazy dumbass and think people are going to hand you money and praise for your poor work ethic.

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There are 2 types of devs

1. the autist who couldn't have done anything else with his life. this guy literally had no other options because of his lack of social skills. luckily he enjoys programming enough to put the time in and builds his self confidence around being a competent programmer.

2. the careerist who 10 years ago would have pursued finance instead. this person doesn't enjoy programming but desu they don't enjoy anything other than money and status so this fact will never really sink in to them. what they lack in passion for programming they make up with a sort of masochistic work ethic that drives them to outperform type 1 devs.

if you're not a sperg or a narcissist youre ngmi

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No need to clean it. I use incognito mode.

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You realize the wallpaper is bad, right?

Anyway, I'm taking second.
>hole is not centered
>icons are nice sized and shaped: circular and not too big
>date text isn't larger than it needs to be
>actually gives you space to hold the phone at the bottom without accidentally pressing anything
>doesn't use pages, so more of the screen will be utilized, making all apps visible at once
>top icons use appropriate iconography to make info immediately recognizable without giving up size economy

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>tfw too intelligent to utilize for loops

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thats racist

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>Demonstrate proficiency with at least one statistical software package or programming language (such as MATLAB, Stata, "R", or Unix/Linux).

source: https://www.federalreserve.gov/careers-research-assistants.htm

Why did you fuckers lie to me telling me it was an operating system? Statistics is not an operating system you morons, /sci/ was right all along saying CS majors were retarded.

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i bet you are a fan of Rick and Morty too

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>TFW using DVD drive as headphone stand

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>tfw use irc to pirate

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>Car car = CarFactory.newInstance();

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>OOP is bad because pajeets use it

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Does every profession that uses a computer benefit from knowing how to code?

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>I use TUI eckslusivly

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Installed Arch Linux on my Chromebook.

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No your computer will reject them and install degenerate Windows.

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