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anything that comes with a qt mousepad

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1660Ti is pretty ideal of a 1080p card if the 570/580 aren't enough for what you're playing.
But sometimes Vega56 is nearly the same price as the 1660Ti while being about 10-25% more powerful depending on the game.

2060 or Vega 56 is the most I'd spend for on a 1080p card, but the 1660ti tends to be better value and is much more efficient than both, so I'd actually recommend the 1660ti more highly.
That said, don't pay over $280 for one. Wait until a good model is at that price or lower. Some retards pay $320 for 1660Tis of which you could have gotten a 2060 or vega56 for.

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>how bulldozer would've stacked up
It couldn't.

>if they didn't share FPU
It'd be just 8 core Phenom (as in - actual Phenom III), but IPC/SCP-wise it'd still lose to Sandy.

>worse than Phenom II and worse than Sandy
Yep, that's exactly what Faildozer turned out to be.

>Would've been better
What you should always understand and remember, is that entire FX platform was LITERALLY AMD's equivalent of NetBUUUUURRRRRRRRst. Both Intel and AMD alike has fallen into the same trap-hole at a point of their production cycles in the past, literally the ONLY difference between the two being that Intel tripped over and fallen to the ground much earlier than AMD did, so Intel had time to recover and rise from ashes like a phoenix via Sandy. AMD is only recovering from their own "Pentium 4" that was FX, right now. But here is where the irony lies: Intel has hit a wall once again and they're essentially in a "NetBUUUUURRRRRRRRst 2.0" phase, while AMD, just like in the past, is at least 5 full years behind them on this particular factor. Where AMD is right now, is the exact point at which Intel was during the first Sandy days, while Intel is a the point of their own Phenom II X6 1100T/FX. And AMD's "NetBUUUUURRRRRRRRst 2.0" won't come anytime sooner than 2025 at the earliest. The roles were completely reversed, and it's Intel's time to suffer through on the market. Zen is AMD's Sandy. i9 9xxx and overpriced Xeons are Intel's FX.

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You can get anime mousepads instead

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qt mousepads

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>How has /g/ benefited from the rise of Ryzen?
free mousepads and bag

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