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Why can't Apple design computer mice?

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that made grug's brain hurt!

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Literally all the worst mice in the history of comupting all from one company.

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How does one company manage to make the ten worst mice in the history of computing?

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>the Apple of mice
Apple is the Apple of mice.

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Because unless you fit into a very specific and tiny niche or are balls deep in the Apple ecosystem they suck ass.
AIOs are only useful for schools so people have less things to fuck with.
Actually a joke, like a tablet with a shitty keyboard. Only slightly better than Apple's literal tablet with a shitty keyboard, until you remember the 480p webcam in 2018.
>macbook air
Dated as fuck with an awful screen, only sold because people are still buying it for some reason.
>macbook pro
Pro enough that they shill 5k displays, not pro enough to have RAM or ports.
>mac pro
Dead on arrival and left to rot. Trash can design was prophetic.
>imac pro
Like someone decided to fuse the imac and the trashcan together. Exists purely for businesses or rich schools to buy for the same purposes as a normal imac. Why would you ever want to gimp actual hardware by stuffing it in an AIO. Will be left to rot just like the mac pro.
>I forgot about the mac mini
>so did Apple

This is before bringing up their awful OS and solder/glue fetishism.

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Mactoddlers will defend their fruit religion to the death, no questions. Literally all the worst mice in the entire history of technology, all from one toy company.

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>notches are STILL the ideal design
No they fucking aren't.

I don't care WHO does it, it's an objectively terrible idea. Aesthetically terrible, and functionally terrible.

>If done properly the notch areas will display system information like status bars
Don't fucking care. Guess what? Every computing device I've EVER used in the past 20 years has also had some form of status bar, some big, some small, some humongous, some non-existent. Not an excuse. Try again.

>Unless you want to go full apple and remove webcams you need to use notches to maximize screen real estate.
>you need to use notches to maximize screen real estate.
>maximize screen real estate.
I think we've found the true source: autism. (BUT MUH EDGE-TO-EDGE SCREEN BRO) Most general consumers DGAF. These are talking points, marketing tactics, they do absolutely nothing to add functionally, and sometimes (like in this case) literally make things worse.

Consumer computing has plateaued. All smartphones, tablets, and laptops look the same now. That's why we're arguing over dumb trash like this, it's a distraction from the fact that nothing truly groundbreaking has happened in consumer devices within the past 5 years now. Only autists care about nonsense like but muh bezel is smaller.

I may as well repeat my last post:
>Just because bezels have been getting slimmer and slimmer each year does not mean they will disappear. It's literally just a boarder to contain your LCD panel.

Ok, done playing with the shillbot now.

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>People bought and used these.

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>You'd think after 3.5 decades Apple would hire at least one actual engineer.

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>over the last 5 years

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In order to lose something you first have to possess it.

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Probably the same sheep that buy apple trash.

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>good designer
>at Apple

Oh wait, you're serious. Let me laugh even harder.

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Literally the worst mice in the history of computing all from one corporation.

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