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Well, I used to yeah. Via radiodroid2. I even personally added a couple of stations to the database (one was Cool Jazz Florida, another was some IRL obscure Japanese radio station lol)

Unfortunately my internet is shit and radiodroid has no buffering so my streams would get fucked up, so I'm using TuneIn right now. But when I get better internet I might switch back to radiodroid.

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no, u!

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>2 niggers 1 dev

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hi fren i am using gentoo linux or as i've recently taken to calling it just gentoo because it's comfy watching packages compile

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all i want is FrenPad with APU

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Based EC fren, please make the nigger microcomputer threads again.

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fren i am uploading my /dev/zero so you can use it if you want i will let you know when it is done

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i mean im not that new i know how to install it but im lazy to compile the stuff cuz i dont know if its worth the effort

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kek. Also, good for you anon. even plebbitors know about ublock origen. ABP has been compromised for quite some time.

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very nice image you got there fren

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