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bruh look at this dude oh no no no no no

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LUL damn retards

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Lol wtf, thx for the kek. Gnite /g/

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He doesn't know

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Kek, u didn't know?

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>sells OSs and Software made by other companies
>gets prison time
>b-b-but it was the CONVENIENCE of it!!!
Nigger absolutely btfo

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my fucking sides

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>Intel and nvidia have always been the products of choice for enthusiast overclockers.

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Google image search pregnant white woman!

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>nigger crap general
thats a fucking god tier name anon

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You shut the tranny NPC up real good

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>be in highschool
>computer use extremely limited
>be in computer lab for writing assignment
>finished and trying to browse youtube
>sadly most social network websites are blocked, even youtube for some reason
>you can stumble upon randomly blocked pages even while trying to research actual school topics on SFW websites
>tried a bunch of VPNs but none of them seem to work
>stumble upon a tiny piece of shitware claiming to be a VPN that works on strict networks
>probably chinese government made spy tool used on their own citizens
>might as well try it out
>it actually works
>some guy sees I'm on youtube
>"Woah dude how did you do that?"
>"Here hang on"
>Put the software on a usb key
>Plug it into his computer and shove it on his user network storage space
>"Woaaaahhh thanks man!"
>No one had ever shown appreciation like that to me before
>Almost about to cry but have to hold it in
>Some girls who overheard me are approaching us
>I can already feel my autism kicking in
>the most good looking of them all speaks first
>"Did you say you have a thing to unlock websites anon?"
>"Y-Yes I do...want it?"
>She smiles
>"Of course silly we all do!"
>"Hehehe alright then..."
>get the program on their network spaces
>"Wow thanks anon! You're such a genius!"
>"T-tha.. erm I mean you're w-welcome"
>come back to school the next day
>A crowd forms around my locker as I unpack my stuff for the first time in my entire life
>Basically 10 people hand me usb keys asking for the software
>I oblige, wanting people to like me
>Couple weeks go by
>Basically no more people asking for the program anymore
>I guess it just spread naturally among everyone at school
>One day I get called into the principals office
>Someone ratted me out
>Some netadmin boomer basically accuses me of dealing virtual drugs
>mad because that program cannot be blocked and now everyone is using it
>Get banned from computer labs
>But now that girl says hi to me when she sees me

Worth it.

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>entire industry moves to ARM
>99.999999% of computing devices have locked bootloaders
>loonix is purged from existance
>freetards neck themselves
>i sit back and enjoy my comfy macOS

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Imagine being this retarded

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fuck andreets and fuck jannies

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Was completely prepared last night to wake up at 4am and go on a college course field trip. Alarm set, everything ready.

I wake up--instantly knew something was wrong because I didn't wake up to my alarm. Check my watch--it's 6:45am. My alarm never went off because my shillsung galaxy s7 edge decided to update in the middle of the night, and since I have to put in a password whenever my phone turns on it never fully turned on and the alarm never went off.

Why would a company force you to update your device and change the experience from what you purchased it for?

In the case of shillsung, Apple and other manufacturers we know it's because they want to slow down the devices so we buy new ones.

Corporate control and greed interferes with our freedom to control our own devices.

So now what? I'm half enticed to switch to a flip phone.

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