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Because I actually do work on my pc. I have 24gb right now but really need to upgrade because when doing video work, that only accounts for around a 15sec preview buffer at medium quality. I also regularly use +12gb on even fairly simple music projects with a few vst's loaded. I don't get how people live with less than 8gb. What do you people even do on your computers?

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I've recently tried dualbooting Linux mint on my pc, but it's kind of a mess on my system. I use a gtx 690 (dual gpu card) to run my main monitor and one side monitor, then I have a gtx 460 that runs my other side monitor. In Windows this works without issue allowing sli performance in video editing and gayming while the 460 handles the other monitor. In Linux with the most up to date nvidia driver I can only use the monitors connected to the 690. If I use the xorg server driver all monitors turn on but the system hangs for about 2 seconds if I move my cursor to the 460 monitor. Also my gayming performance was awful in linux. I used dust II in csgo as a benchmark. In a comp game on that map in Windows I'm generally bouncing between 200 and 320 fps, in Linux I was getting between 50 and 110. If anyone has any suggestions to make Linux work better on my system I'd love to hear them. I'd like to use Linux more often if it wasn't so problematic on my system.

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Dealing with +110° degree summer sitting next to my housefire of a pc is no fun.

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It's an older build, but I'm still not seeing any reason to upgrade.

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With an OC'd 8320, GTX 690, and GTX 460, my pc is almost as powerhungry as Intel's new Chernobyl Lake chips.

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