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I don't even have to plug in a mouse and I already have two.

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Current setup:
Gentoo + dwm, Thinkpad x220

Planning to buy a T480, need advice on a better setup for development.
I am too busy to play with Gentoo now, and the build time for updating larger pieces of software takes too much time that could be spent building things for work. Looking for a distro which is modern-looking, quick to set up, and has a solid package manager.
Ideally would avoid installing tons of software I don't use (i.e. most of KDE), but am fine with this because the hardware is modern enough that it doesn't matter.

Currently looking at either Fedora or Solus.

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do you think jewnovo would listen if we collectively petitioned for new thinkpad models to include the old 7-row keyboard by default?

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look at all those (You)'s
so many autists getting masterbaited

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looking to purchase my first thinkpad

budget: under $200
diplay: size doesnt matter, 900p or better
cpu: preferably quad core
ram: 8gig
gpu: doesnt matter
hdd/ssd: >150 gig ssd or 1TB hdd

portable/reasonably light weight
classic keyboard of course
disc drive
ultra bay

any suggestions /g/?

t. new to thinkpads

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>underageb&s will disagree

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