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I would like to say that the 500 or so instances of me suggesting I2P as an anonymizing network were completely sarcastic.
best regards,
a government-loving member of our great society

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god daym that's hot

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you could write a novel with the story arc of this issue

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You have 2 minutes to convince me not to use Surf as my full time browser

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i need to get a monstera and kentia palm. thanks

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Time to recap /g/
Did we see a single white male in any Ads?

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God damn!!!!

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Must.... Have.....

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holy shit guys i was about to build a pc around a ryzen 5 2600 and a gtx1050 for 750€, but then i came across a dude selling his gaymen rig for €650 (i could bring it down to 600€) :
i7 4790K 4.0 Ghz
+ VENTIRAD Dark Rock Pro 3
MSI GTX 1060 3Go
MOBO : ASUS maximus VIII Ranger
Bequiet! Gold+ 700W

holy fuck this is so much better, what could potentially go wrong ?

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>work at tech startup in silicon valley
>70 person company, 25 in engineering
>no manager past few months so kinda slacking and no one has noticed
>kinda bored and could be making more money but job is so comfy I can't just leave

>friend is VP of real startup
>18 person company, 5 in engineering
>they're posturing to get acquired ASAP by their largest partner who acquires companies in their space all the time
>gunna start doing some contract work for them in hopes of making fat stacks

Am I fucking insane for working at two tech startups at the same time?
I'm not even very self-motivated or a rock star programmer in any way, I've basically lucked my way through my career so far.

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So guys help me out here what would you go for? Also is there a better option than those two I am not aware of?

A Ryzen 5 build around the 2400g and no dGPU = 400$
A used hp Elitedesk 800 g1 with an i7 4770 non k + new 1050 ti = 400$

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>return the last element of a linked list

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>You ARE tracking applications in a task tracker aren't you?

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>tfw /g/ has made me so paranoid about botnets and bitcoin miners that I can't go 5 seconds without checking my computer's internals and keeping task manager open 24/7

I wish I never went down the rabbit hole.

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I have a technical interview Friday with a large tech company.
I happen to know a bunch of people who work there and I've learned previously that their technical interviews are all onsite, and heavy on data structures and algorithms/CS theory.

Any tips on what to study?

>inb4 "data structures and algorithms"

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>banned for 3 days for an all caps rant on another board
>someone asks me how I was keeping up with current events
>I say I was actively in threads
>forget to mention that I wasn't actually posting, just keeping up to date with every thread
>janny thinks I'm guilty of ban evasion
>several days of worryiing if I'll get the big banhammer

The worst is that I have a static IP. No router reboots for me.

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>remember that I used to write fanfiction on an old website i used to browse
>self-insert main character used my real name and real location, because I was a stupid idiot who didn't understand the concept of internet privacy
>entire website suffers horrific DDOS, and server owner never was able to recover the files
>dodged a bullet

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What is the simplest way to turn a multi-sheet excel calculation monster with hundreds of fields and two thousand formulas into a web app?

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>reverse a list
>count the number of nodes of a binary tree

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>comparing amps based on non existing non audible differences entirely imaginary rather than on measurements

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Oh Lord!

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