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don't give a shit about Steam on Linux but Xubuntu was my go-to
>it just werks
system for old computers. Guess it's time to look a bit more into the whole Debian thing I guess?

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Those threads aren't started by people posting their salary and how they're looking for advice on purchasing stuff otherwise they get removed. Just like yours.
Stay mad faggot!

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Evolutionary biology is not a social science, you fucking brainlet. There are however a bunch of retarded pseudosciences and social sciences that claim to be "closely related" to evolutionary biology (many even carry the term evolution in their name), such as evolutionary psychology.

>Brainlet says X isn't studied by scientists due to biases.
>/sci/lon says X is studied but brainlet can't brain enough to understand research.

As I said, illiterate.

1) Math is not a science. It is not empirical and does not rely on experiments or any of that real world shit.
2) Rigor is achieved through the proper use of logic and statistics (essentially one attempts to rule out the possibility and reduce the probability of being incorrect). These things aren't really subjective in the sense that there are standards in place because ultimately we cannot trust our senses and intuition with regards to many things.
3) He is using social science research to make assertions about hard science fields. Not only is he using shitty research to make way overpowered assertions but often times he's conflating several terms that formally mean different things (unless you're an informal layman brainlet).

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space, schmace

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you cannot reason with unreasonable people, but you can always post an animated .gif

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>Frankly if you think that's sensible then you should stay away from the internet

>my use of the interwebs is cooler than yours

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there is no set amount you tranny. the more you have the more it will use. try google for shit's sake.

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>What /g/ fads have you NOT followed?
considering amd proc's for a serious pc
wholesale hate on apple and osx
noisey clicky clack keyboards
ricing anything
taking pics of my pc or screenshots of my desktop
use phrases like "pleb tier" or "master race"
watch anime

>things i've tried because of /g/
porta pros (very happy with price:performance)
installed gentoo (no bullshit. i learned a lot and i like it as a desktop)
bought an 1150 xeon instead of i7

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