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>will I just be a stupid faggot for life?
We ALL will be stupid fagoots for life

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>tfw no flawless headphone

Even if there is one how much would I have to spend? Honestly I might be willing to spend more than 200.

Otherwise, I think I'll just get the 598s, I hate the idea of switching between multiple headphones and I am pretty sure they will be an improvement over the Samsons in all aspects.

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I just don't see a point in switching to T-Mobile when I get unlimited talk, unlimited text, 2.5GB of data for under $40 a month on AT&T. I actually use voice minutes, I'm on wifi a majority of the time.

>on wifi the majority of the time
>why have a hotspot
Work pays for it so if I can't get on wifi I can still get online. Verizon provides me with 5GB 4G LTE data for $39.99 and work pays.

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>computer science
>it's not about computers
>it's not a science

fucking got baited in to this shit

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>buy weather station with internet bridge to upload internet online
>manufacturer's service is totally horrible HTML5 shit with horrible Android and iPhone apps horribly written in web containers
>uploads only to weather underground, and uploads are restricted to once every thirty minutes
>have to buy travel router, flash it with alternative firmware, and stick it in between the manufacturer device to sniff its web traffic
>now it updates data to weather underground every five seconds, others every minute
why /g/, just why? The internet bridge doesn't even have a UI to configure, it just spams the info every 5 seconds to the manufacturer's website via HTTP post. There are zero options. It's a dumb box to plug in.

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LG G2 with an Xperia Z2 Tablet

Fuck my parents. They had ONE job for Christmas, and that was to get me an iPhone 6, like I asked for.

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>on time warner
>15mbps/1mbps is $80/mo
>had these speeds in 2001 for $50 when I was on cablevision
>latency/ping is horrible
>refuses to give a DOCSIS 3 rental modem for connection stability
>if you bring your own, they won't patch the firmware, making it a brick when it runs into bugs other cablecos would patch
>refuses to run new cable when the current barely meets the extreme ranges of he spec
>good 4-5 seconds per channel change
>channel surfing literally is not a thing

>comcast wants to merge with this company
>300GB data caps
>when I had comcast my cable worked literally half the time
if the merger goes through I am sure somebody is going to lose their shit and go postal or something
two of the worst companies in the US want to merge for 75% marketshare

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>a friendly

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>Efukt. (nsfw)

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