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>floating action button in the bottom right
>even on desktop-sized layout
>falling for the material design meme
>still not getting it right

At least its not a fucking hamburger menu.

But are the contents of that menu worth being under your thumb at all times when viewing on mobile? Probably not if its an article site. Probably best putting it somewhere else.

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>go to watch a tutorial on pluralsight
>work pays for this account so we can learn
>guy doing the video has an indian accent

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you do not include a file with main in it in C++ lmfao

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>And it needs manual configuration (Apache),
You have to configure your webserver manually? How awful.

>with almost non-existent benefits (less than 1/10 of a second for full page).
Optimizing page load time is good for UX and SEO. If 100ms is not a significant portion of your page load time, and you're content with pageloads that take several seconds, you should drink bleach. That 100ms I assume is also on your desktop with a stable connection, not a shitty mobile device running on shitty mobile network, which now make up the bulk of web browsing traffic.

>The benefit is also present only the first time you load page, because any sane browser will cache JS and CSS.
The initial page load is the most important one, because if it takes too long your users will fuck off and go somewhere else. 53% of mobile users bounce from pages that take longer than 3 seconds to load. Plus best practices when working with HTTP/1.1 are to inline and concatenate files together and use sprite pages to use as few connections as possible, meaning if you change one little thing you have to invalidate all of your caches and download those assets again.

>Nginx doesn't support HTTP/2 fully in free version
It has for over a year.

>HTTP/1.1 already supported gzip compression
You can minify the request body in HTTP/1.1, you can't minify the headers, which are carrying around all of your web app's state in the form of long session cookies that get added to every request header.

>There are no other features worth mentioning, that would be present during normal web usage, not only extremely pathological cases.
The web is entirely pathological. The page you're looking at has done 72 HTTP requests (using HTTP/1.1, thanks Hiro), and that's not many. HTTP/1.x was designed to move simple hypertext documents around, not support web applications.

tl;dr: you have your head up your ass and people like you are why the modern web sucks.

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>if you build a computer from a bucket of sand and iron

is this seriously what you believe to be the equivalent of partitioning a hard drive, generating some locale files, and downloading a boot loader? Why do you so desperately need to have opinions on things you know nothing about?

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>implying there isn't a big difference between "coding" and "programing"

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>not using dev or nightly

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>My girlfriend (@littlemisswilde) and I are both social media nerds. People are always asking us "where's the hashtag key?" or "how do I do a hashtag on my computer?" We thought it was finally time to do something about it!

>social media nerds


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it is compatible with an MBP. I used it with one. My 2006 MBP could output 2560x1440 via DVI, pretty schway.

Basically you need at minimum a 6450 card to run it .. and it needs DVI cannot use HDMI to DVI cable IIRC.

Cheap, no OSD, shitty stand .. but it's the same LG panels they use in those expensive iMacs (I saw the serial number after disassembling it to put a new stand in).

Anyway .. what's a good value GPU that would run all three? Or maybe buy two average ones? idk.

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People complain about bloated drivers and large file downloads, and when they cut out support for old hardware to reduce bloat, people whine about that.

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>MTBF whatever that is
>Not using google to search basic acronyms

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Holy shit, is this thread for real?

I didn't even realize people could be so retarded as to actually want to get rid of systemd.

Systemd is literally the best thing that has ever happened to linux.

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>playing vidya
>on wifi
Is this nigger for real?

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>deats by Dr. Bre

Enjoy your mudcannons little anime girl

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You shouldn't have.

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>not chiseling your code onto tablets with rocks

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>doing any work on OSX

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>ITT: in this thread

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> My First Boybutt
> Codename: Dragon (Part 1)

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>will old stuff look old in the future?

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>neither does a PC with Windows

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