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>mfw It's the same price of the 2015 macbook pro I bought

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>Operation Sea-Spray was a 1950 U.S. Navy secret experiment in which Serratia marcescens and Bacillus globigii bacteria were sprayed over the San Francisco Bay Area in California.
>On October 11, 1950, eleven residents checked into Stanford Hospital for very rare, serious urinary tract infections. Although ten residents recovered, one patient, Edward J. Nevin, died three weeks later. None of the other hospitals in the city reported similar spikes in cases, and all 11 victims had urinary-tract infections following medical procedures, suggesting that the source of their infections lay inside the hospital.
I don't think it was just harmless bacteria they were spraying. Very odd how this stuff affected the genital regions.

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On a scale of 1-10 how fucked am I for having intel?

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>Attacks using JavaScript.

>In addition to violating pro-cess isolation boundaries using native code, Spectre at-tacks can also be used to violate browser sandboxing, by mounting them via portable JavaScript code. We wrote a JavaScript program that successfully reads data from the address space of the browser process running it

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Because windows is societal level ransomware and once you've got it, it's extremely had to get rid of.

My work has is about 50% dev and 50% normies. The normies of course, use Windows. The dev team wants to switch to unix based but all the deploy scripts, all the internal tooling, all the documentation was built to work with Windows or using proprietary software. Switching to a unix based system would cripple us for weeks. So we are stuck with Windows and its only going to get worse because all the new things we create have to work with Windows as well.

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> be me
> 12 years old
> homeschooled turboautist
> parents sign up for program that delivers homeschooling materials
> "Here anon, pick out some extracurricular books"
> hand me catalog full of books / courses to choose from
> Mostly shit topics, finally find something interesting
> Learn to Make Websites For Mouth Breathing Retards
> book gets delivered
> It's 60 pages tops, font size is probably 36pt
> Open it up, its a book on HTML
> Load notepad on my computer, write my name using HTML
> Use HTML to turn it red (this is before CSS)
> iamagod.jpg
> Pick up a much larger HTML reference manual, follow the examples in that book
> Start lurking on forums
> Also develop an interest in porn
> Free porn sucked ass back then
> Couldnt get premium shit because I was 12
> wanted to learn to hack so I can get good porn and free vidyagames
> Start learning to program
> Become so interested in programming that parents friends give me money to to make them shit for their businesses
> Fast forward...
> I've got good money from tech, decently hot gf, awesome porn is free
> Never did learn to hack anything other than WiFi passwords
> If it wasn't for my insane porn addiction and borderline autism I would never have gotten into programming

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now that's what I call a shitpost

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Are they trying to keep people out or keep them in?

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CISM? Like maybe 10 or so.

Programming 1? Like 3 to 4 max.

Advanced app dev? 2 that were both unreliable cunts and were falling miserably.

Discrete structures?
Bitches dipped out like it wasn't even funny.

Capstone? Fucking ZERO

Made me laugh really, shit wasn't even hard, I aced the fuck out of all of it.

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>couldn't figure out how to use git

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What's something(s) that you guys would like to see in reviews which are usually passed over?

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Shit question here..
But would T-Mobile have the LG G6 in store yet?

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>tfw finally getting haskell


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Fuck, it all makes sense now.

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>My only question is, what will board partners do with all the space created by removing RAM?

More space for on-bus flash memory.

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Novice here to put it kindly. I'm doing a paper, rock, scissors game for java. Think I got the basic game working as intended. The thing is that I need to have the program initiating new rounds until either the computer or the player wins three games total.

I suppose I need to but a while loop. I improvised as I went along and now I have no idea how to do this.

Should i put it in here?

public static void main( String [] args) {

Random random = new Random();
Scanner scanner = new Scanner( System.in);
String computerChoice;
String userChoice;
String winner;

computerChoice = generateComputerChoice( random );
userChoice = getUserChoice( scanner );
winner = chooseWinner( computerChoice, userChoice);

System.out.println("You chose " + userChoice + "\nComputer chose " + computerChoice );
System.out.println(chooseWinner(computerChoice, userChoice));

I was thinking something in the lines of

while(computerChoice<3 || userChoice<3){



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Why C++, Java and Python yo?

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I feel like learning how to code or program is going to be a valuable skill set in my life. I'm 20 years old and starting work at a website hosting/dev/support company and I'm going to be learning in my free time. I eventually want to be able to hack bank accounts and shit. What basics should I start with?

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