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>that pic
Imagine being this brainwashed.

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set(CMAKE_C_FLAGS_DEBUG "-O0 -ggdb")
set(CMAKE_C_FLAGS_RELEASE "-OFast -march=native")

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Some background: I can write useful small programs, services or scripts, and I know my way around Linux, Windows and some BSDs, though I never made anything really important. Now being at some point in my life in which I have to take some decisions I'm considering programming as a career, and maybe enrolling at university for computer science. Now I'm trying to build some knowledge on my own to see if it's a feasible choice, and in the middle of this process I happen to be trying to write an implementation of the merge sort algorithm. And it's terribly hard to translate theory into code. I can't fit it into my head. So the question boils down to this: am I too retarded to program? Is it just a matter of exercise? Should I give up? I mean I am seriously afraid of being too stupid for this kind of stuff. Does it get better?

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there goes openssl

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>Thinks IPC = single core performance
>t. Brainlet

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Clover is fucking up. I can't view half of all pictures and a lot of threads arent loading. No new updates or anything. Any ideas?

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I run 1:1 parity. The only limit is my budget

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>Shared libraries are more trouble than they're worth.

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>Cool rom

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>I love windows

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If it's not in /usr/bin it's probably not installed.

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everything is botnet

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>credit cards
Are you fucking retarded? Cash can't be hacked by Poojeets on the other side of the planet and can't be stolen if you own a gun and shoot thieves. Cash is accepted everywhere. If a place doesn't accept cash, it's probably some shitty numale business run by idiots. Credit cards are a Jewish trick, and NFC is insecure trash. Why the fuck do want your money to be wirelessly accessible? Have you been huffing glue and smoking paint chips? Nigger, what in the name of fuck is wrong with you?

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If you want to continue deluding yourself, go right ahead.

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Hello /g/entlemen. Would any of you know where I can get some Windows 10 drivers for the GM45 Intel graphics? I have an old ThinkPad T400 that I want to put to good use for some Windows specific software. Currently it's running 64-bit Windows 10 LTSB just fine but the display stutters and it's not working right with VGA (external monitor is only going up to 60Hz and not 75Hz and has a low resolution). Intel is being a bunch of Jew fucks and not releasing drivers anymore.

It works great under Linux and BSD with open source drivers but I don't care to screw around with WINE and stuff, and this thing would probably shit itself if I tried to virtualize Windows 10 on it.

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There's POWER hardware but it's expensive. There's also RISC-V that's in its baby stages right now.

There's literally nothing wrong with ARM SBCs like the Raspberry Pi. Non-free graphics isn't ideal but it's not as bad is it could be. You can buy these ARM computers for $40, they're powerful enough to be used as small desktops or servers, very energy efficient, and they have decent software support. The software library isn't as huge as x86 but something like Debian ARM has several desktops with their various apps, Libre Office, Firefox, Chromium, etc. You can accomplish most basic office and web browsing tasks on these things. And they're only $40.

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Mechanical keyboards
Minimal monolith desktop case
Arch Linux
Raspberry Pi
Void Linux
PCI Passthrough Win10 VM

All worth it, I think. The only pretty useless one was the RPi but that's cheap so it doesn't matter.

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Does this mean that linux will finally get 5 different filepickers with great icon previews but 80 different themes and behaviors?

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>non removable camera
>non removable cpu
implying you would pay for a genuine battery (not ebay chink fakes) when you can just get a powerbank that works with all phones

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We're about to get mentioned
We did it >>>/pol/

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