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This is what peak computer science performance looks like. You may not like it, but this is it.

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lemon key face

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it's not him dum dum

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i want to coom into Butterfly boipussy

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I think "tin-foil2 is mylar insulation.

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I’m not sure whether some of the questions asked were true but if they are this is some really shocking level of ignorance.RFor example in the question that asked whether Indians were still riding on elephants ,that’s absurd. https://www.essaybaron.com/home/assignment-help-services/urgent-assignment-help-instantly

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Are all Americans like this?

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lolno, faggot

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moshi moshi welcome back brothers

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sharting building...

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it's broken, can't see OP posts for threads

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>He's a computer science student

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go back, faggots

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LOL is that meant to a robot XD

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>he downloads the thumbnail

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Best cities for software engineer?

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I own a six unit complex in flyover land. It more than pays for my own rent here.

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red states are 100% faggots. you don't have more rights, you just lose different rights. not to mention the quality of life is dogshit. I'd rather live in albertastan than bumblefuck.

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How to install OptiFine 1.14.4 - it is a question that has been asked by plenty of Minecraft players despite it being actually simple.

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Am I missing something these Dell R910's 40 cores 4 cpus selling on average 500$ on ebay? Why are these so freaking cheap??

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While we're on the subject of suspiciously cheap hardware, what's up with the Xeon workstations on eBay? I just saw a system with two 6 core Intel Xeon CPUs, 128GB DDR4 ECC RAM, some decent nVidia GPU, and 4TB of storage going for $750 with a starting bid of $500.

Any reason why I shouldn't buy one of these? Yeah yeah, high power draw and loud fans, I know.

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That was exactly my response about looking these up scrap metal pricing.

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Any good recommendations for a cheap second hand storage server?

Thinking of going rackable for my next server build.

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Depends on the Xeons installed and your work load. But in my experience it was always the SAS drives that sucked down power. They're always on and raid arrays are harder to spin down than standalone drives. SSD storage means you don't need raid and you don't even need raid card either if you just want server IO performance and not massive file storage.

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reminds me of quanta ocp project i bought from china.
basically they dont need them anymore or upgrading to a whole new server, that's why they're so cheap.

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>want to make another game
>find out that one of the tools I would like to try requires Windows 10
>in 2019

Why can't this fucking thing just die? I'm not going back to the plantation.

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You've got it exactly backwards, retard. Sub-par programmers always reinvent the wheel in their basement. They produce an inferior, buggy copy of what everyone already has. The thing I want to use has native Linux support btw, dumb cunt. One of the development tool versions doesn't have a Mac version out yet. Solution is to just be patient, or use something else after I've written the base game.

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>Subpar programmers who can't even write their own tools have no business making games.
So that's the standard in Linux, then?
That's why no games?

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I need a new desk lamp you guys. I'm tired of being cooked by my fluorescent lamp.

Recommend to me the best LED desk lamp.

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I always wanted to own one of those comfy lamps with the green cover that you see in old libraries.

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Any LED bulbs that don't suck and have a high refresh rate?

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Why does this lamp remind me of black dicks?

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because you're a faggot

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How does G/Freesync react to uneven frame pacing? I know the whole point is that it's supposed to adjust, but surely if two frames are rendered super close to each other, the monitor won't be able to keep up and you'll get tearing. So for example if you had a 75hz monitor and capped at 74fps, there's nothing to say frames will actually be rendered at 13.5ms equally and maybe some will come within 2-3ms of each other. Try syncing to that, 75hz monitor.

Traditional VSync on the other hand forces a perfectly even output. Maybe not great for an online competitive FPS game but I don't see it as completely obsolete for Singleplayer games.

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It'd shit I turn it off
Gaysync is the same

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Variable refresh rate makes bad frame pacing impossible. With a fixed refresh rate, if a frame takes longer than one refresh, it will be displayed for multiple refreshes, while the next might be displayed for only one refresh. You can have one frame displayed for 33.3 ms and the next for 16.7, creating visible stuttering. With variable refresh rate, if a frame takes longer than the last to be rendered, it will simply be displayed longer, by making the time of the next refresh longer, so frametimes won't vary as wildly as with a fixed refresh.
With variable refresh rate, you can let your framerate drop below your refresh rate without getting all the stuttering that entails with a fixed refresh rate, as your framerate effectively dictates your refresh rate within a certain window, making drops less perceptible and bothersome.

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why cant this shit be legal
sometimes i just really need the boost

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How do amphetamine salts affect dopamine levels in comparison to plain ol' white trash meth?

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meth is neurotoxic, regular amphetamine is not

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Dumb laws. All psychology and psychiatry is a scam.

test 1:
I lie to my psychotherapist that I am happy.

test 2:
I am genuinely happy and tell my psychotherapist that I am happy.

If you can lie to some one who takes your money to try to brainwash you, why can't you just like to any one who wants to brainwash you?

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Where the fuck can I get another CM Xornet II mouse? I found one on Ebay but after shipping its like $300 and it's second fucking hand. I don't eant any other mouse as this one fits my hand perfectly.

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Do they even make the Xornet/II/Spawn anymore? What I did find for a decent price that looks a little bit bigger is the Cooler Master SGM-2007-KLON1 MasterMouse MM520.

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I contacted Cooler master and the said it was EOL so no they don't :(

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It is slightly bigger and apparently heavier, according to multiple redditors it's not the same but it maybe my only option.

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Rust looks like a pretty good language, right /g/?

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No, Rustranny, it doesn't.

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In the past 3 years I successfully transitioned from an open source focused Linux tech career to photojournalist (after spending 20 years in tech doing sysadmin and security shit). Now I use a MacBook and a couple cameras and that's it. I can't believe I wasted so much goddamn time drinking the cool aid about free software and richard marx stallman. Will never need to compile another kernel again or deal with open source bullshit. so long /g/ some day you'll realize there's more important shit in life than gimping yourself with co-called free as in fag software.

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fake and gay

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no you didn't, poo in the loo and go back to where you crawled from

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>compile own super optimized kernel
>compile just the programs you need to manage and edit those shitty photos
>if it werks it werks for life
20 years on Linux and you didn't even consider that as a possibility? whew

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Did you also buy a bad dragon via Amazon prime and sat on the package on arrival?
You only have yourself to blame for gimping on free software

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good or bad you have to admit brave does what it intends to
nope I hate brave in my opinion it's almost as bad as chrome or IE

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>brave does what it intends to
scam retards into using their memecoin?

>> No.72382498

i admit that brave succeeds in being a shitty chromium fork with a locked down adblocker and built-in attention-token-telemetry. i admit it, and i am not ashamed to agree with OP, in that it does what it intends to do.

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Well? What's the difficulty cut off when you're a student looking for an internship? At what level of quality should it go from being un-includable to worth including.

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Need some help /g/it's

Just ran a sfc /scannow on my new PC because I got a "error in system binary" error. It repaired almost all corrupted files except for one it seems. "failed to clear corruptiondetectedduringacr" what exactly is this? Sorry I'm not good with this kind of stuff! If y'all need any other information id be happy to provide.

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who has a door to their kitchen

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you lock your wife in there duh

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I have two

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Actually if you count the door to my balcony, I have four doors (since the doors to the balcony are double doors)

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Damn that sucks, will do though.

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>Jews convinced every white women in the west to become prostitutes in the name of freedom
>Jews can't convince the average joe that 5g is harmless
Why can't jews do things right in the year 2019?

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Because how a white population perceives some random new technology, isn't nearly as important to the Jew as subverting the family unit, and sowing rampant degeneracy and moral corruption within that population.

To beat the Jew, you must understand the Jew

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original image because why not + op is a fag

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If you want to experience a true taste of erotic love, first of all, select one best girl who can suit you as per your taste with very low price.




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Anyone still using the GOAT?

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Grossly Overrated Atrocious Trash?


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The GOAT would be the MX500... Which IS what i'm stilling using(cant load the official drivers on windows 10 without it giving tons of errors too, so windows default ones will gotta do.)

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The glorious reddit mouse is still king

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who anti led here?

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>Nauseous vs. Nauseated: Usage Guide
>Those who insist that nauseous can properly be used only to mean "causing nausea" and that its later "affected with nausea" meaning is an error for nauseated are mistaken. Current evidence shows these facts: nauseous is most frequently used to mean physically affected with nausea, usually after a linking verb such as feel or become; figurative use is quite a bit less frequent. Use of nauseous to mean "causing nausea or disgust" is much more often figurative than literal, and this use appears to be losing ground to nauseating. Nauseated is used more widely than nauseous when referring to being affected with nausea.


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Haha. Yes they make me feel sick. The light on my phone is not nice. We also have this thing on the wall that can change color and when its blue I have to look away or even leave the room. I havent checked it for flickering. Its easy to do with the phone's camera but I just cant stand that blue light even to do that.

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Me I only have leds on my backlights and car

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I'm not anti led, i'm anti installing a different management bloatware for every component i buy because although it could be a common standard, they're all aetificially fenced in so you feel pressured into buying as much as possible from the same company. And of course they're all winblows applications.
Fuck off, i want ONE industry standard framework that's lightweight, unobtrusive, and open enough to be portable to all platforms

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I hear self inflicted retardation is really hard to get over, but you might want to see an eye doctor.

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What is the best computer?

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the one /g/ hates

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A maxed out MacBook Pro. It is overpriced but no other normal consumer laptop has better specs.

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Modded T430 with quad-core CPU, upgraded thermals, FHD IPS display.

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why do they make the zippers larger?
its not like their cocks get fatter to
it should just be big boy 56% american pants
with a tiny zipper

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ThinkPad T440p with a 4c/8t i7 and 14" 1920x1080 IPS screen.
Or T540p with 15.6" 2880x1620 IPS

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I don't get it
is it x86 or 64 bit?

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x86-64 is THE name (or, arguably, AMD64). x64 is some bullshit retards started using.

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install gentoo

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Kill child process notified the police

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How to become a Hacker by using Linux and watching a series of youtube vids that are more than 10 minutes long?

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