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Long coat inspo thread

Coats must hit below the waist at mid thigh at least

No parkas

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this interests me. :)

why no parkas tho?

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Pairing with less formal clothing is encouraged

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the thread would be flooded with parkas and """techninja"""

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Parkas have a different aesthetic to what I have in mind with this thread

I'm thinking of things with the same kind of look as wool topcoats

I think we have had enough parka posts on /fa/


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how about yes parkas no memewear? :)
like parkas in fits like >>8501894 would be encouraged and parkas in fits with fabric that is 86% jizzproof wouldnt.

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jesus christ that fit is awful

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Yeah it's just a product photo of the coat

I don't dig the styling either, I was mainly posting it because that coat looks really comfy with that toweling fabric.

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>fabric that is 86% jizzproof

i have an idea.

is anybody interested in predistressed condom pants?

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that whole collection was full of goat outerwear

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u guys r all faguts

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the ann d boots look beautiful

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they just the black nubuck hi's I tink

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thats mean

i'm gonna stop shitposting in this thread tho and post some pics after my run, l8r guys :)

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hope ur run lasts 5eva

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y r u so mean 2 me? :(

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just motiv8n

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Is this bai?

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you wear bombers and anoraks i bet

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im dying

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rip in piece

remember when moot went to /fa/?

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I wonder if Kev knows how often this photo is reposted.

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Is that gay moot?

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He could not possibly look anymore homosexual.

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I need long coat like that, overcoat kinda style, like >>8502358 here

black, minimalistic, long

any recs?

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acne, apc

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Thanks for the inspo dumps.

I was wondering, could a navy blue long coat work if one wears predominately blueish denim? Mostly darker shades of course.

How about a dark charcoal grey?

I just feel that if I cop the blue coat I'd be swamped with too much blue, but I can't really envisage the storm grey working well either.

Can the right choice of shirt/sweater break up the colors sufficiently enough?

Any opinions?

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imo yes, i've done denim dark navy trench and navy sweater with grey boots, was a winner. breaking it up with white grey or even the right shade of red would also work nicely.

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yes blue would work but grey would work better prolly. but the blue coat would look better with black jeans/trousers, and right shirt/sweater would definitely help. :)

i'm actually considering buying one of these coats but my friend has one and i dont really wanna jack his steeze you know the feel?

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So, they're coming back?

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if you're brave the right shade of brown works with navy very well as well. depends on you're colouring though, warm shades don't work on everyone up top.

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fuck what anyone says, this was rafs best dip dye

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Interesting. Thanks for the responses.

I'm in the motions of buying some new sweaters and cardigans, prolly cop some new shoes too besides the coat.

Trying to buy items of sufficient quality that will last me for at least the next decade, so I want to get the colors right.

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looking good

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Do you mean brown for the coat, or for the other tops?

I can do darker browns, but the lighter they get they worse they look on me.

Don't think I've come across any brown coats to be honest (and the brownish cashmere sweaters I've seen haven't been too pleasing tbh)

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are you having a stroke

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5'10 here. Can I pull long coats off?

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i think you have to be like 5'8+ so you should be fine. :)

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Well Kanye is quite short so if he can I'm sure I can, thank you very much, man. I'll keep lurking so keep posting!

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yeah but he has a good physique and broad shoulders so keep that in mind when you wear things that are "harder to pull off". no probs tho man, i'd keep posting but i dont have any other pics.


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I know this probably goes on /fit/ but do you know of any specific exercises to train my upper body speciffically that area?

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looked through them, nothing

any more recs for clean long coat?

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is this picture stretched

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i'm going to get a lot shit for this, but this personally works for me
lots of pushups (i personally do 3 sets of 40)
situps (one set of 40, one set of 30)
then i do a lot scoliosis stretching exercices because my back suxxxx hxc. pushups and situps are good for you but you need i'd recommend you to read the fit sticky because i dont know enough about this and youre gonna need more exercises. so that takes me about 30-40 minutes a day and i make sure i do it every day. routine is key here basically. diet is also p important, fit sticky explains this very well, you should eat lo-fat meat, veggies and fruit, because its really hard to get fat on that shit. gl man :)

bro, you werent looking very hard, were you? :)

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Hey, I actually have scoliosis too and do my exercises. Thank you very much, you are a cool trip.

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>Hey, I actually have scoliosis too and do my exercises. Thank you very much, you are a cool trip.
> I actually have scoliosis too

thanks bro, were gonna make it i fucking promise no matter how much our shitty backs are trying to stop us :)

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military press, power clean, bench press

this is terrible advice (although its good that you do your scoliosis exercises)

>> No.8502917

I meant nothing I liked my positive niqqa :^)

>> No.8502936

you need a pull exercise bro or you'll look like an uneven stroke victim

just do pullups

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woah this is dope

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>this is terrible advice
expected that

ill look into that :)

what didnt you like about that one? 'cause i really liked it :)

maybe i should like post a body pic sometime and ask how badly deformed it is?

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tbh i'm a huge fan of different shades of blue in one outfit

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isn't that redundant

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maybe not long enough

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can't really tell what this thumbnail is

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w2c dis coat

>> No.8503078

cac is dis le mott

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lol wow this is fucking terrible

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Dark brown coat was what I meant.

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Gonna buy this shit. Lets hope I can turn it into something nice. I think it's from Eastern germany

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I hope you know your NVA size code otherwise that shit won't fit.

>> No.8506066

No fucking idea. I'm waiting the vendor to send me Shoulder measurements. I have 50cm shoulders and 184cm height. The height part fits.

>> No.8507029

looks like an art teacher smock

>> No.8507067


There, in case the guy can't measure for shit.

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Thanks anons.But the guy seems a bit weird through our emails refusing to give accurate info off where to pick and wants to receive full payment before shipping+shipping. I'll try to find one I can get without shipping or buy something off on ebay or find a overcoat/greatcoat/peacoat/coat coat/ in a mall or someshit, my dad wants to give me an expensive fancy CK shit that costs like 400$...
But my quest for a coat in south america continues! It's amazing to see how americans sell stuff cheap I almost laugh at ebay at those prices.. It's fuckign cheaper to buy something in ebay+absurd shippig+absurd 60% tax than getting a product here. I may also look at some bazars later.

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I know a ysl when Is ee one

>> No.8507599

Well yeah, the chelseas are a dead giveaway.

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>mfw stained pants cleaning pool
>mfw it's effay

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Sorry, that doesn't look good. It looks like you stained your pants.

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and annorexia and lack of originality

>> No.8507693

that too
but it seems to work for them

>> No.8507702

>but it seems to work for them
sometimes, ill give them that

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w2c boots similar to this or >>8502457

>> No.8508080

here ya go


>> No.8508141

Wtc boots?

>> No.8508170

more info for scoliosis exercise ?

>> No.8508221

go to the physiotherapist and he'll tell u what to do. :)

>> No.8508248

the thing is I was visitin a class where me and some other people with back issues were doing some exercise, I recorded it all on audio but I've accidentaly deleted it and stopped doing exercises

>> No.8508290

w2c coat, it's exactly what I've been looking for

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are macs allowed

>> No.8510437

Anyone know w2c these jeans?

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