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I work in a machine shop so I need a leather boot that is waterproof and won’t look like complete shit a little roughed up.
Price range 200 - 300
Looking for something like pic related with a plain toe and complete leather upper

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austrian paratroopers, bw flyers, any combat boot, any laceless boot, literally any fucking boot you brain dead troglodyte

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Austrian paratroopers would be terrible in a machine shop. Don't recommend boots that you've never worn/ worked in before you "brain dead troglodyte"

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Look for boots with a thick sole. If you are on your feet all day you want a lot between you and the ground. I'd recommend Nick's boots but they are out of the price range and the wait can be kinda long. Redwing, Thorogood, Chippewa, and Danner are all decent options.

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