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i need an example picture of this haircut that wont offend my barber

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>short back and sides
the entire male cast of public enemies would work

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just show them the picture, they don't care. They're going to be looking at the hair not the uniform, retard.

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2015 called

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more inspo

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Damn I looked good when I was in boy scouts, but I was a closeted commie

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"short on the sides, scissors on the top. Heil Hitler"

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These guys foreheads look like they were cannon fodder

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"hello sir i would like a haircut that makes me look like i am in the hitler youth. my online friends have given me alternate images so you are not offended but i would still like to inform you that i want the Hitler cut. can i measure your skull?"

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Genuine Mad Lad

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This mad lad from a different angle

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just ask for a "short side part" with a 3 or 4 on the side

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