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How do we end this trend from destroying zoomers. The eboy stuff was a million times better than this

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This is all derivations of lower class latino american culture

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I see that trend much more on the east coast or in Chicago/Toronto than in "Latino" areas though. LA is much more effay and I never see this style (i wish it had a name)

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Muttmericans are so uneffay.

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For the guys it's all hype-derivative, the women you posted literally look like chongas or just white trash

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chongas are basically an imitation of black women and culture from Florida as Mexicans who are not around blacks usually act more classy in comparison due to proximity. Id say the pic is very much a black cultural thing, especially if you talk to them, they speak with black slang and ebonics, listen to rap, and wear their street fashion.

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Old Toronto itself is entirely gay culture lol, with some Portugese and Italian left

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Go jack off to underadged anime characters, faggot

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They literally just renmaded a school in Vaughn after a random somali journalist. This city is literally dead

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*renamed (fuck)

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The east end is still pretty fucking white. Its comfy going entire days without seeing nigs.

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yeah, Toronto is actually fairly nice especially closer to the lake outside the downtown.

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setthing mutt

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>Pics of amerimutts (yes including drake)

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I got tired of seeing all the chang's, so I moved further north just outside the GTA. I might just marry a white girl here and breed with her (no I'm not white)

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Toronto is basically in America. White men are all onions-boys here and the zoomers are all blacked mentally and the women physically

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Honestly, Im not planning on staying here. Im planning on marrying into a greencard to the states. This place can rot in hell for all I care. Im only 3rd generation Italian anyways, anglo canadians can deal with this shit.

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Toronto is like 60% nonwhite lol, most of it being Jaimaican, black, Somali, Chines and Indian with some Mexicans

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Poor white chicks getting knocked up by blacks who don't stick around?

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mutts ruined fashion

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Sadly it's what they want

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>mutt punching another mutt
lmao, keep seething

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Toronto has no culture

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be a relevant nation and I’ll care what your opinion is

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A seething toronto white boy made this image

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just white trying to be more black and acting like they're from the hood

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This is why we need to replace black culture with something else.

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I can’t wait to leave Canada for good.

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nope just crackers being stupid thinking it's cool to die in a drive by shooting

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Same. This country will be ruled by blacks with how much guilt the whites here have

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This. I live in a damn near exclusively hispanic part of Jersey and this is just what all the trashier ones dress like lmao

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