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Being environmentally conscious is effay.
Pic related, but there are also other eco-friendly effay brands.

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Vague claim of “eco friendly”, charges $300 for a jacket made in China.

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Nothing vague about it kid.
They make things of recycled materials, organic cotton, hemp, tencel etc. and have integrated their whole supply chain so they’re not shipping materials all over the world burning fossil fuels.

Also, they sell jackets for much more than $300.

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Environmentalism is a marketing gimmick. So is recycling.

When you make plastic items you melt pellets down and shove them into a mold with a special press or machine.

The Chinese convinced Americans that they will buy garbage off americans to recycle it. And showed proof of concept tossing in shredded plastics into new Injection pulls however they just threw the trash into the ocean and charged Americans for the pleasure.

All environmental causes are for marketing reasons. Global warming etc.

You know the best way to stop global warming? Kill a ton of humans...like 2/3 of them and destroy the food production required to maintain them

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> Recycled materials


>Organic cotton/ hemp


> Integrated supply lines

All companies do this to save on shipping costs.

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>moves all its production to China
Fuck this brand.

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thats called green washing and you fell for it hook line and sinker! still made in china

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All environmental causes are for marketing reasons. Global warming
ok now you are just being another infowars kook. there are legitimate environmental concerns that need to be addressed. but i agree businesses do not give a shit about dealing with them, or benefitting us or the environment

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I can buy a third party organic certification for as little as $500. My brother was importing foods for his first llc and bought tons of certifications for his side hustle. He was selling his foods in Sprout's grocery stores all around.

Usda organic is a little harder but not very difficult. You actually need a farm/plant for that

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If you guys want I can make my small llc india pgs organic certified, 1% for the planet certified and rainforest alliance certified

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You clearly haven’t looked up anything about the production processes, you’re just spewing gibberish from /pol/.

Organic cotton and hemp use way less resources, and hemp is carbon-negative.

Not to mention hemp is lighter and more durable.
Anyway keep seething, dummy.

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Something about companies trying not to destroy the planet really bugs the poltards.
Same with Patagonia. They moved to more sustainable materials and a bunch of polcels had a meltdown.
If you want to kill the planet there’s plenty of other products you can buy.

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Idiots like you seriously want me to go get an ffl07, start producing stripped ar-15 lowers off a ghost gunner....and pay for all the bullshit you liberals love.

Certified fair trade, 1% for the planet, rainforest alliance, carbon neutral, gmo free ar-15 lowers

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^ This autist is having a meltdown lol.

Personally I’m glad to see so many fashion companies taking initiative to source sustainable materials. Hemp especially.

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What made you think I’m liberal? I believe in firms competing to provide higher-quality products for consumers, which is what eco-friendly brands do. That’s the beauty of capitalism: being eco-friendly is good for business.

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sieg is fat and retarded, ignore him

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I don't mind companies trying to use recycled materials nor new technical fabrics.
But all of these eco-friendly brands kinda give me a bad smell by charging a bunch of money for their clothes and still being made in china and similar countries, seems like all of them are green washing.
Honestly, if you're really concern about being eco-friendly, just go vintage or buy directly from small local manufactures.

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Check out story mfg. The clothes can get a bit too hippie for most, but they are probably the most sustainable producer there is. Fabrics are hand loomed in india, in the same location they are hand-died with natural dyes local to the area, sewn by local craftsmen and packaged with paper made from recycled cotton. Fucking expensive thought, but i guess it has to be if you do every single thing in the most inefficient and sustainable way possible.

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cringe reddit brand

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>environmentally conscious
Marketing shit to make you spend $80+ on a white t-shirt. Peak consoomer just like Marvel movies. It reminds me when Everlane was the hype and all they did was show a picture of the chinese factory their clothes came from. Absolutely nothing else but everyone, including /fa/ was like DAMN THIS IS SOME ETHICAL CLOTHING

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Everlane’s actually good. They use recycled fibers, organic cotton, hemp, other sustainable materials.
Nothing greenwashed about that.

If you really wanted, you could always argue that *something else* is even more sustainable, but everlane’s still a big improvement over mall brands and fast fashion.

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ugh way to rip off the grateful dead, stop commercializing something you dont know anything about

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I picked that picture randomly, seemed like a cool jacket. They have quite a distinct style themselves, not everything looks like that. All fashion is just copying ideas though, so idc

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What are some other brands with similar styles and quality? I have 2 heavy bag tees and love them but they're always fucking out in the 2 colors I want

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Look around on Huckberry. Wellen has hemp tees and stuff like the heavy bag tee. They’re a few bucks less too.

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Nothing green or environmentally conscious about buying new. Buy used or admit you're larping

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The most environmentally conscious thing you can do is minimize buying new. Instead of spending $300 on some eco-gimick, just buy something from the thrift store or used on ebay.

Stop falling for these environmentalist memes to justify consooming

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Actually when you buy something new you’re supporting the farmers who grew the sustainable product and you’re letting companies know they should invest in more sustainable supply chains.
The fallacy you’re spamming is that there’s always some more eco-friendly alternative (I.e. not buying anything, used or new). But it ignores that voting with your wallet actually influences production lines and what’s available in stores long-term. If you can only think in such histrionic extremes I guess you should do the most sustainable thing and kill yourself.
It’s not a gimmick no matter how much you try to force that meme. Sustainable fabrics use less resources and are better for the environment.

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>Organic cotton
I don't see how being organic makes cotton use any less than the normal shit ton of water. Cotton isn't a good textile for environmentally friendly garments.

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I'll pushback a bit. Buying new and then wearing for decades is perfectly fine, but no one here is going to wear the same thing they were wearing last year, let along ten or twenty years ago.

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i don't care about being environmentally conscious, but i only buy used clothes because every retail website is plastered with niggers and i hate niggers I WANT ALL NIGGERS TO DIE VERY SOON
everybody in this thread can choke on my shit, esp the faggot op

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>implying thrift stores aren't also plastered with black people

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I buy a lot of things second hand but I’m still glad companies are making things with more eco-friendly materials.
Some new products are better for the environment than others.

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Fallacy. These are more eco-friendly materials but organic cotton’s still a big improvement over stuff that’s not covered in shittons of pesticides and chemicals. And that’s only one of many materials.

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Fallacy. These are more eco-friendly materials but organic cotton’s still a big improvement over stuff that’s covered in shittons of pesticides and chemicals. And that’s only one of many materials.

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I buy things to last for life
I also buy environmentally conscious stuff every time.
You’re a moron

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uh, you ok bro?

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Being conscious in general is reddit-tier faggotry.

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Hahahahaha faggot
What a good eco-responsable consoomer you are

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Speak for yourself zoomer

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>He dresses like a nazi? Wow, he’s so put together and masculine lol

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You almost could have been taken seriously, if you knew how to spell “responsible”.

/pol/tards always give themselves away by displaying their lack of education.

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Yeah I guess that's true. Somebody has to make something new for there to be something used to buy, so you should encourage efficient manufacturing.

Wearing new styles does not require purchasing entirely new wardrobes. You are beyond help.

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Holy shit, you're the same guy who posted a Instagram-filter picture of yourself posing in an East German border guard uniform in the other thread and tried to pass it off as a "proud german soldier in 1944"

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actually a based post op gj

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I just got a hemp denim shirt from Jungmaven.
To me, hemp denim is the best fabric. Sturdy but light. I wish they would have used contrast stitching and/or corozo buttons though. I don’t like these blue buttons. I may buy some Corozos and sew them in.

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I am not.

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