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>ctrl + f
>no brown girl appreciation thread
Last one lasted a whole month. Let’s make it two months baby

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you could've started with this instead of shitting up the white girl thread you swarthy monkey

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You do realize these have been common for a while now and only /pol/ fags have tried to make white girl threads right? How bout you lurk moar tourist?

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>muh /pol/
lmao, again, why didn't you start up this thread instead of trying to hijack another? fucking coolie

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what does this have to do with fashion at all

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Lol no one hijacked shit I’m telling you that these brown girl threads are common here for a while and that everytime a /pol/ tard tries to make a white girl thread it will just get shit up to oblivion because this board just got tired of them.

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Thread for brown girl inspo and models

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>it will just get shit up to oblivion because this board just got tired of them
it'll get shit up because it makes ethnics seethe

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Cute med girl.
>will make ethnics seethe
Stormfaggots cant appreciate their girls without having some sort of racist ideology to back it up. We just love brown girls here

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wasn't anything stormfaggy about that thread though, but they still felt the need to shit it up apparently

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reported both threads for being off topic

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This woman is a goddess and I am not worthy of sniffing her panties.

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There always is even if it isn’t said outright. All you have to do is post a non white and instant seething and racism ensues. That’s how you know that it’s a /pol/ tard or some brown white fetishist every time

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Desi girls are cute

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>All you have to do is post a non white and instant seething and racism ensues
the whole point of the thread is to post white girls though, like this one is for brown girls, by posting non-whites you're just being obnoxious

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>just to post white girls
>has a ton of stormfaggot replies mentioning hitler
Maybe it wasn’t the point but it definitely attracts that specific crowd

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based khergits
>has a ton of stormfaggot replies mentioning hitler
there was one m8

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>post the ideal human
>multiple mentions of Hitler
>shlomoberg replies
>calling brown girls shit skins
>calling people ethnic rats

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>post the ideal human
perennial beauty doesn't lie, still that kind of shit gets said about asian and brown girls too in these types of threads so take it as you will
>multiple mentions of Hitler
only once positively
>shlomoberg replies
>calling brown girls shit skins
some white bloke got called a shitskin
>calling people ethnic rats
yeah won't deny, that was me

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Mexican girls with more nativer blood then white are qts.

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White women are only held up as standards of beauty via political and ideological means. Imagine needing propaganda and shame to keep your own men from running off

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I hope I'm not the only one that likes both the brown girl and white girl threads.

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>White women are only held up as standards of beauty via political and ideological means
they've been the standard of beauty for a few millennia now without political and ideological means because they are
>Imagine needing propaganda and shame to keep your own men from running off

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>standard of beauty for a few millenia
You have no concept of world history whatsoever. You probably unironically think that western civilization singlehandedly carried history
British colonial propaganda for starters

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Your whole post is a cope.


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Why not make this shit on /s/? This is a hidden fap thread that's barely hidden.

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>western civilization singlehandedly carried history
when it comes to standards of beauty, yeah
yeah fair enough, can't blame the men in that case lmao

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It’s a real historical document retard
>forcing everyone to adopt the standards of western society
>making nasty white women the ideal women and furiously punishing or shaming anyone who doesn’t conform
Do white women really???

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now you're just coming off as bitter, I like brown girls too but white women have always been the ideal and coomquistadors wanting to get it on with hues won't change that

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>white women have been the ideal coomquistadors

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I’m black. I like white girls and latinas and MENA girls, just not black girls. :)

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ask me how I know you have an excess of melanin

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I’m sorry you have to literally castrate your libido just so you don’t have to face the reality that white girls are unappealing sexually lol
>what?!? Nice bodies are for niggers!!! Who cares about titties and ass anyways!

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>Nasty white women
>White women aren't attractive because they don't have gross oversized asses
You sound resentful, Anon. How about some coffee and a vanilla slice to cheer you up?

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>Who cares about titties and ass anyways
everyone, niggers take it to excess

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>I like ass
>white women don’t have any
>”haha your mad that white women don’t have ass”
What’s the mental gymnastics here?

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>this is what Connor and Trevor mean when they say she’s hella thick

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>seppo redneck strawman
yeah you're a nigger

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German girls at beach

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Vs Brazilian girls at beach

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Amazing beaches and beautiful women everywhere... I’d be laughing in joy too anon

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dogshit country full of dogshit people
>but they got big booty bitches n shieeet

>> No.15972846

They have
>beautiful beaches
>beautiful nature
>amazing food
>good music
>beautiful culture
>beautiful historical sights
Don’t you /pol/fags brag about “muh faustian spirit” all the time? How is it that a n*gger lover like me can appreciate life while the superior race is bitter and hateful while playing HOI4?

>> No.15972861

yeah just be careful you don't wander out of bounds and get stuffed in a barrel

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Tell me how I know you have never left your room in your gated suburban community
>a non first world country???? B-but that’s dangerous!!!
And to think wypipo used to be conquerers and shiet

>> No.15972875

>all these strawmans
cope, brazils known for it's beautiful beaches second and it's violence first

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Jesus wypipo are so fragile lmao

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so are niggers it seems, can't talk about white beauty without "ayoooo naaaah we haz big hips n shieeet", their desperation to topple beauty standards is funny but more often than not obnoxious

>> No.15972903

I mean one little statistical graph triggered tons of replies so I wouldn’t say that it’s just obnoxious to you guys

>> No.15972916

it was the fourth or fifth pic that seething pavement ape had posted, so yeah mate, it got replies because it was obnoxious

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>I-I swear we don’t care
Lol at stormfaggots defending their disgusting white women
>tfw I have a date to fuck a big booty Latina tonight

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>Lol at stormfaggots defending their disgusting white women
lol at swarthoids defending theirs
>I have a date to fuck a big booty Latina tonight
nice larp, if not enjoy your date brah

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Nice thread OP

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we got too cocky brown girl bros...

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oh no no no...

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what the fuck is wrong with black women?

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you got so triggered by these threads that you looked up std statistics and screenshot them for the sole intention of posting them here? time to go outside

>> No.15973351

cope, if you ever leave your basement remember to have protection

>> No.15973358

>time to go outside
>no you

>> No.15973365

just some friendly advice, that is if you can even manage to find an ethnic girl willing to fuck you in the first place

>> No.15973366

Nothing he’s just cherry picking data. I could easily cherry pick data about how whites overdose on heroin the most or how they have the highest usage of psychoactive medication. In reality it’s just that lower class people fuck a lot and a lot of black people just happen to be lower class

>> No.15973370

>cherry picking data
cope, I'd say enjoy your STDs but that would imply you actually get any action

>> No.15973380

You sound like Meadow Soprano.

>> No.15973383

If we’re going by that logic I guess every white girl is a bpd opiate addicted whore

>> No.15973386

and yet your still far less likely to catch anything from them, odd isn't it

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>what 0 pussy does to a mf

>> No.15973409

cope, fetishizing girls that have a 40 something percent chance to give you a life long incurable STD is exactly what 0 pussy does to a mf

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Anything is better than dealing with a wh*te woman

>> No.15973424

i'm sure your GP will understand

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>noooo le race mixing
My kids will be cute:)

>> No.15973466

Only discord trannies make the brown girl threads. It's two sides of the same coin.
These threads are all made by third parties trying to shit up the board, and the evidence is very clear: no one who regularly posts on /fa/ is attracted to women.

>> No.15973467

GP (general practitioner), as long as you don't fuck black girls you'll be alright though

>> No.15973468

>discord trannies
Holy shit go back

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I’ll just stay away from the ratchet ones then. Still gonna fuck some kweens tho...

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fucking hell

these "people"

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Where's the based Sameera poster when you need him?

>> No.15974320

Oh really? Watch this.

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Lol I love when wypipo do the whole “black man sensitive to racial slurs” as if they aren’t confirming the white fragility criticism. It’s like getting roasted and punching the person roasting you while saying “who’s mad now???” Your the one taking it to 100

>> No.15974753

the cumskin psyche is fragile and weak

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Seething doesn't cure inceldom.

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