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what core is this?

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Regretful Dadcore

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oof clinching fist and red face sais a lot holy shit.

this webm is sad poor dad

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Goatee gay bear core

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Watching your bloodline end-Core

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What WebM

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i dont have it but this >>15956135 is only focused on him :( the whole thing is sad i feel bad for him ngl

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Is he from this webm where his child comes out as trans? Shit was so depressive to watch, I feel sorry for the lad

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yeah he is very uncomfotable with what's about to happen, he's tensing and trying not to shake and cry at the madness around him.

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Plus, now in the Age of PC, parents cannot take their gender - confused kids to psychotherapy, because then the State will intervene and sue for hate crime. Makes you wonder about becoming a parent at all.

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That clenched fist. This video is the gift that keeps on giving lol.

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america is an satanic nation and the sooner yellowstone erupts the better off we'll all be

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>an satanic
para usted

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>muy interesante
¿margarita o tequila fresca?

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>my son is gay and my daughter dates black men core

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Lol how do you avoid letting this happen? I honestly think it must be something the mother influences a lot, cause they're always giddy to have destroyed their son in the webms or pictures.

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It's difficult these days to prevent it when the lgbtbbq agenda is being pushed in all forms of media that kids consume.
They've got it difficult enough growing up and trying to figure out who they are on their own and then everywhere they turn they see depictions of trans and gays as innocent victims who are special and important. The next thing you know the kids are emulating them and they believe that they're trans and gay too because let's face it, who doesn't want to be put up on a pedestal as being special?
It's no different than the white kids who emulate black culture because popular culture tells them to. Everybody wants to belong to a group, especially if that group gets special rights and privileges.

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just homeschool your kids and stop being a cuck. take their damn phone away. jesus christ.

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28 year old watch thread poster

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Just core


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Don't you think homeschool is a problem as well? I was homeschooled and here I am on 4chan. At least I'm not a tranny, but I'm a bit socially stunted. Private school is no better either. I just wish I could send my hypothetical kids to a public school where kids act normal and teachers don't talk about gay sex or politics.

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>don’t want kids to be trannies
>homeschool them

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I remember this. His daughter is adorable. Any father should be lucky to have her as a child.

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>all forms of media that kids consume.
Then you know what to protect them from. Live somewhere with a bit of outdoors and some sporting options so they're not glued to a screen all day

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you should expose your kids to degeneracy and non whites from a young age thats what my dad did and im in constant despair

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I feel bad for this dude

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This. Horrible catch-22 no-way-out for parents today who want to properly form their kids.

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>feeling sorry for this dude
no matter what way you look at it, it's ultimately his failure as a father that led to a tranny son. fuck him, he deserves it.

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>blaming media as a way of avoiding taking responsibilty yourself

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