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how can I look more gender-neutral/feminine but still look relatively casual and male overall.
Any advice on how can dress and style my hair to pull that look without looking like a complete faggot or tranny?

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>Wants to look like a tranny faggot
>But not a complete tranny faggot.
Turn back while you still have a chance.

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>how can I look more gender-neutral/feminine
>but still look relatively casual and male overall
You can't have both. Unless the rest of you already looks feminine, attempts at getting feminine-looking hair will result in looking like He-man at best or a fucked up incel at worst. MTF's make their entire look revolve around looking as feminine as possible, and look at how that usually ends up.

t. tried to go for the look in the OP and ended up looking like picrelated. Actually, now that I look at the filename, this is exactly what I was going for lmao. I'm too tall and my shoulders are too wide to really pull that look off, I guess God really wanted me to be a chad. The hair I had looked alright sometimes, but I could never figure out what hair care routine to go with because all the conditioners that I kept trying kept making my hair look greasy. I ended up cutting it for reasons but now I'm trying to grow it back

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If you wanna look androgynous then you gotta stop being scared of looking androgynous

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Philtube's a literal tranny bruh.

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> how can dress and style my hair to pull that look without looking like a complete faggot or tranny?

either you man up or you kill yourself

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I am not afraid of looking androgynous.
I just don't want people to know that I am trying

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His coming out video with the Doctor Who style transformation is unintentionally the funniest fucking thing I've seen today. You could've fooled me he was a member of Channel Awesome.

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Don't fall for tranny aesthetics.

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Why would you want to? Trolling for /fa/ attention only i hope....

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>Bohemian intellectual Assange
Assange somehow does pull off his whole intellectual Bohemian persona with his build, hair, demeanor and accent. He doesn't come off as androgynous though, just softly masuline -- and intellectual Bohemian.

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Just accept that you're a faggot and or tranny.
I like Trapcode

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Your mind has already been poisoned

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Just do the boymodercore of longer hair + hoodies
There's no advice for specific hairstyles we can do without seeing you, if you do plain shoulder length at worst you'll just look like a dude with long hair and not a failed tranny

If it was intended to be serious you could bet it would be be pompous theatre shit for the entire duration of the video instead of just 75% of it

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Don’t see gender

See the limitless of the self

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>at worst you'll just look like a dude with long hair and not a failed tranny

This is exactly what I want, to look a bit feminine without risking looking like a failed tranny

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Depends how skinny you are, either way, get form fitting stuff and make sure to stay clean shaven.

Keep care of your skin as well, or else you'll just look like that one kid in High School that nobody liked because he smelled weird and you were pretty sure he fucked a cat and killed it.

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Is it possible past 25? I'm skinny and my frame is femmy (not tall, thin waist, long legs, thin shoulders). People mostly confuse my age and assume I'm not even legal unless I show ID or wearing a beard. I think it has to do more with the clothes I wear tho. In any case it doesn't bother me, but I want to have more androgynous looks.

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Is it possible to what? Take care of your skin? be clean shaven? Be skinny?

All of them are possible, but everyone ages differently, if you age and start looking more masculine and can't control it, you gotta embrace it, you can always go the a masculine androdgynous thing.

But the whole thing with looking feminine and androdgynous as a guy is looking younger, essentially, that's gonna come with drawbacks.

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What's up with the upsurge in faggots on /fa/ recently?

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>without looking like a complete faggot or tranny?
The homophobia is unnecessary, ma'am.
We all know you're a disgusting tranny.

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I thought the terms "faggot" and "tranny" where normalized on 4chan more than 10 years ago!
It just feels weird to say gay or trans here, sorry ma'am

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nosejob, clean shaven, medium lenght hair, skincare

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Why do faggots love theatrical shit so much. Is it because they spend their life assume a role, pretending they arent disgusting freaks?

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Because you kill us if we don't play the "straight" role all the time.
Try to keep up.

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To some extent age is a meme, it's all about how you look like, I know 30yo femboy twinks with blessed genetics
If you don't know if you can pull it off just look in a mirror lol

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>Is it because they spend their life assume a role, pretending they arent disgusting freaks?
Last pt video more or less admits it's the case lol

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go be a tranny faggot somewhere else

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have a clean shave and ideally no hyperpigmentation on your face, you should be young and pretty if you want it to really work tho

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