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What happened to it? Even going back a bit to 5 years ago, this board was full of life and good advice. All that is left is nothing more than a hollow shell of what it once was. Empty and deserted of all the users that once roamed here.

What will this board be like in another 5 years?

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well a lot of people are in a lockdown right now so theres no point in dressing terribly well
that and the board is full of morons obsessed with whatever cringecore and underage spastics

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4chan in general has been on a downhill slope since 2016

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I haven't browsed regularly since 2016 and it's as healthy now as it used to be back then

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pffff hahaha

It's not.

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Cecil unironically shitted all over everything, his presence is enough to decay any and every ambient he's in, physical or otherwise. Hell, he even made me MISS Igor.

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quads don't lie

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What, have I pushed the right buttons somewhere?

I'm admittedly a newfag, been here since 2018, but still can still see the clear quality drop of this dumpster fire.

Before you had two to three inspo threads up filled with interesting stuff, at least one cringe thread (not to be confused with the prep and clockwork threads), some basic advice here and there for newcomers and other occasional interesting discussion. Now it's all coom and braap, hot takes reddit moments, absurdly deranged namefags (not to be mistaken for the commonly deranged namefags) and such.

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Igor is far, FAR worse than Cecil. Cecil doesn't take his trip of to samefag. Cecil isn't homosexual or a jew either

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considering joining a facebook group or looking up how discord works, at least there would be more to see

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le joos

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I think because it is full of 30+ year old burn out geeks who couldn't get into Discords and under 18 Zoomer retards with no idea and who never leave the house. People in between have all gone to much better platforms.

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casemods left

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>5 years ago, this board was full of life and good advice
it was a bit more active but it was all cringe palewave lunarcore rick sneakerhead kind of shit
the fact of the matter is all those users grew up and either left or are dressing like grown men now, which is shown by a more active TIP, a new /sprezz/ and occasional country-core threads. Which is a good thing.

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wow he got fucking doxxed lmao

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I haven't been here since 2012.
Same as it was then... mostly.
Just no more people asking about Hitler youth haircuts or thrasher tops.

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all the good users graduated to reddit

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THIS GUY!! Hahaha. Exposed as the Seattle night prowler. Wearing makeup and going out at night exposing himself to young girls.

He has been arrested!!

This board will go to shit if he does not get released.

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A lot of people are sick of wearing sweats and are putting together their best fits just to go to the store
Cecil might be antagonistic but he's okay when no one's arguing with him. Igor was a menace that would instantly derail or kill any thread he posted in and his weird samefag schizo posts were annoying to read. Me! Offers opinions and advice that range from mediocre to outright shitty, and while the anons that shit up every thread antagonizing her are annoying, I can't help but feel she's so annoying she deserves it.

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It's the quarantine, people didn't have much self awareness to begin with and now we have forcibly severed all social ties rendering fashion pointless

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>A lot of people are sick of wearing sweats and are putting together their best fits just to go to the store
Well I wish people here were like people wherever you are then because I have never seen everyone look so slovenly and lazily dressed and they were never great to begin with.
Plus people are fatter than ever.

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This. Igor is an unironic schizo. he would constantly fill the catalog with threads about hideous coats that he was too poor to buy. I hope he's finally drank himself to death

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Cecil is actually a pretty cool guy. He's super friendly and overall nice when you talk to him like a human. What do some of you expect when you just throw shit at him? For him to be nice back? He just gives back what you give.

>inb4 some bullshit about me being cecil

Igor was/is just mental core. You can't get any coherent words from him. Me is just a stupid dipshit. Boring sassy teenager like. Sieg is alright.

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Y'all remember Birthday? Wonder what happened to him

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i have his nudes saved. super hot

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People grew up and left. The people who cared about fashion outgrew this board and the generations that followed don't use forums and image boards anymore. Everything has moved to social media.

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Truth has been spoken.

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kek imagine defending trips
>sieg is alright
pretty pathetic

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zoomer core/instagram fashion took over. there are people here who unironically think pic related is effay.

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I actually miss Rvsscandy a lot, even though I would constantly make fun of him
but this place hasn't been the same since gamergate anyway

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I only come here for the watch threads and shitposting opportunities.
But I can tell you the reason for the decline of every board, not just /fa/. We don't have any moderation apart from keeping blue boards free from nsfw content. You can post anything here with "is it/he/she effay?" and it's allowed no matter how off topic it is. Add to it how the mods and jannies treat every board like their personal little safe spaces, removing on topic posts and threads they don't like and using bans for petty personal shit.
And unlike Moot, gookmoot doesn't really care about anything that happens so long as he's making money and selling your info.
The only reason this place still exists is because it's protected by glow in the darks from competition so they can contain you and gather info on you. If there were real free market competition 4chan wouldn't last six months.

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how is that grown men fashion? i've never seen anyone wear anything in tip or sprezz or countrycore
men dont dress that formal anymore period. nobody does. you could wear streetwear forever

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>What will this board be like in another 5 years?

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>men dont dress that formal anymore period. nobody does. you could wear streetwear forever

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This is exactly what I mean.
This thread is completely off topic but it'll stay up until page 10. Reporting it does nothing.

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Irreparable damage from /pol/ and /r9k/ being popular for so long. Every popular hobby board is going through the same thing, the shit posts and retarded posters have completely buried the very, very few people who really do the hobbies on a deeper-than-surface level

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its true you cant even wear loafers today and get away with it. people were like 'why are you so dressed up why so fancy you think you're better than me meet me out back faggot'
im not even kidding

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igors still tweeting a lot, i think he lost his tripcode or something or just stopped posting here.

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yeah instagram legitimately ruined fashion, not just niche internet boards but even like legitimate storied houses with real design pedigree now are just competing with everyone else for a viral jacket or whatever

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Look another faggot redditor who thinks making this place just like reddit is an improvement.
You faggots are the cancer that ruined 4chan. This place was best when no one gave a fuck about being politically correct, before you faggots started spamming cuck shit and tranny shit. And then you snowflakes flooded in from reddit and tumblr and demanded to be catered to. The old days of calling someone a faggot and moving on were gone, and now you get triggered and everything you don't like has to be sent to /pol/ to protect your precious little safe space.
And the anons who actually contributed good content start getting pushed out to make room for faggots like you, and now half or more of the threads are the same coomer, tranny and cuck shit being posted over and over again.
If you can't handle being exposed to opinions you don't like then maybe you should have stayed on reddit where they already cater to sensitive little snowflakes like you

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4chan jumped the shark - counterculture changes as time progresses and now the majority of 4chan users that have been here since the beginning are older than 30

/pol/ was legit the beginning of the end for 4chan, the board was a containment plan that failed, so I guess 2016 was the downward spiral

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I'm 72
Been here since the profile about undesirables on Fox news

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>/pol/ was legit the beginning of the end for 4chan, the board was a containment plan that failed, so I guess 2016 was the downward spiral

>allowing all points of view, which is counter to political correctness and pro-free speech for all opinions, is bad
>allowing only the left wing point of view, which is politically correctness, restricting speech and putting everything you don't like into a "containment board" will improve content
You're fucking retarded.

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No one talked about political correcteness you fucking idiot.
We are talking about /pol/posting being the main style of low quality shitposting in this site; which as always, tends to leak to the other boards.

You fucking /pol/tards are seriously fragile, aren't you? As soon as someone mentions the problem you jump in front making thousands of excuses for your shitty board. Faggot.

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>its true you cant even wear loafers today and get away with it. people were like 'why are you so dressed up why so fancy you think you're better than me meet me out back faggot'
>im not even kidding
are you american?

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what led you to /fa/ lol

we can make it cool, just post quality content. this is one of the last places that isn't algorithm based. people just crave (you)'s too much here

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flyover state

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Why not contribute and make the board what you want it to be. Lead by example and teach others, instead of complaining.

>> No.15921247

post them

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That's not a graduation, that's a de-evolution.

>> No.15921259

evolution has no direction

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it's a regression to comfy-everyone-play-nice-or-get-downvoted-or-banned land

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2012 or whenever /pol/ was created*

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I've been here since 2007 and that's bullshit. /fa/ has never been anything more than a Julius thinspo circlejerk. If you don't come here to shitpost, you should reevaluate.

#RIP jalland

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the ugly ALL CAPS natsoc beaner?
lol how do you lose a trip
lol cringe b8

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Every couple months wer have this thread and nothing happens because mods and jannies are shit and don't care. Getting rid of coomer and weird /pol/ shit is all I want but then /fa/ would be dead.

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rei is cute not ugly

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Nope. major metropolitan city in important state.

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>This thread is completely off topic
each board is allowed a meta thread

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This place is dead because it has no tripfags anymore compared to 2007-2012. No personality, no expertise, no trolls, just a bunch of people talking past each other

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True. When I wear my penny loafers the "who the fuck does this guy think he is?!" vibes are tangible lmao.

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4chan has sucked since the beginning

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>no tripfags

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/fa/ is not a state. It’s the world.

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once moot left it all changed. I still love you guys.

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yeah /mu/ is in a very similar way

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Go outside

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I, Me !1n6WugqKa6, am a prison whore and a slut for horsecum. I eat cum from all sentient beings. I get high by snorting sand. I drink mouthwash as an alcoholic beverage. I give the best advice on /fa/. I am beautiful and intelligent. You will not bully me into sucking your manclit.

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>its true you cant even wear loafers today and get away with it. people were like 'why are you so dressed up why so fancy you think you're better than me meet me out back faggot'
>im not even kidding

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filthy American scum

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what's it like being not only obviously poor, but also not tall, not fit, and not intimidating?

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yeah I agree and I can only see the board going downhill, it’s been hijacked and coopted by people who just want to shitpost. if you’re going to shitpost just go to /b/, right? at least the was the impression i had originally. no real subculture can exist with the confines of the internet.

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this is so shockingly inaccurate

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Fuck your fuckhole

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he's bald and makes shitty art now lmao

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