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Roman fascist zoomercore, what can be added?

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>tucking hoodie in jeans, faggot boots
Lmao what a fucking nerd

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Not even using long socks with those boots, pathetic

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That lad probably openly gets laughed at on the streets.

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i have the same hoodie :)

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>the fucking pipe

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>implying he didn't went out just to do this photo shoot

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I dig some black metal but wearing BM merch is almost always cringe -- the only exception is if you're a teenager.

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The Burzum hoodie is too tryhard.
Honestly if you have far right/fascist ideologies and live in the western world, just keep a low profile.

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>if you have far right/fascist ideologies and live in the western world, just keep a low profile

I'm not sure it's as popular as people seem to think it is in places like Russia either, there is people still around who remember and the Russian communist party is one of the biggest parties there too after all.

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>at night
>with a sensor clearly not sensitive enough, probably used some shit phone

Also he looks fat. Maybe it's the hoodie, maybe he's just fat, either way... fat. Fatty fatty fatty.

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Indeed. I think a more manly facism dress code would suit you.

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Great aesthetic, the blind hate puts me off though

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a machete in the face

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>buzzword buzzword and buzzword

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>Roman fascist zoomercore
holy fuck you are desperate for a "thing" aren't you?

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Source on hoodie?

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I remember Roman fascists in the 70s. They were some stylish guys. I met one named Batman in '78. The way they dressed was so stylish, but I never had the confidence to try it myself. It was very expressive.

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are you even trying? get a goatmoon hoodie or something

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Bean fascist here

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not really, traditionalist original style skinheads were them, the non racist original type.

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>what can be added?
an aids ridden cock in your ass

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>what can be added?
you mean what can be removed? and that's obviously everything you illiterate scum

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lmao faggot

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Could be. Grante'd he's embarrassing nonetheless, not unlike this fag >>15915359 or yourself for that matter.

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They did it. Zoomers ruined fascism.

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Cool photo and pipe. The rest kind of sucks.

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Seething Jews and Niggers in this thread. Kek.

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whatta retard lmao

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>people read this and believe it

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OP's pic was already cringe as fuck but this is on another level

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did you even bother reading up about fascism beyond the wikipedia page?

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why be white when you can be black and have a bbc

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>posting gore on a 4channel board


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post Empire

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I'm sicilian with white skin and blu eyes,try again faggot

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you did it, brave soldiers. you defeated fascism. thank you.

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>sicilian with white skin and blu eyes

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Nah, I have a shirt for nearly every Burzum album. Got a Black Magic SS shirt, too. Nobody bats an eye or has ever said anything.

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People literally mistake me for middle/northern european but ok...

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you look like a monarchist faggot OP

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A few bullets, perhaps a bit of shrapnel.

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c*mmies still butthurt after all these years

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Keep telling yourself that bud

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Lol predictable

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Roman fascist?


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Look at all of these poor fags lol

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Why do people who always claim to be superior always loo the most degenerate.

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so this is the povver of EVROPA?

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It's a coping mechanism for their personal failures. these guys usually lost control of their lives either because they are poor, emasculated or in general repressed.

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Probably because it's accurate you dumb raiding stormfaggot.
No stormfront ridicule doesn't work either.

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do you stand up? b/c you sure stand funny!

*laugh track*

-like a fucking faggot!

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if you are super political and dress super political you are a dork who lacks any other identity

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Based and Evolapilled

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they literally did the same thing

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I wonder what our ancestors would think of plebs adopting economic and political stances as part of their identity

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I'm sure they'd be fine with unrestricted migration from the global south anon.

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I imagine commoners at most identified with particular politicians and regimes they preferred to live under, not with ideologies or economic systems themselves. Only a minority of people within political families or with actual power would have done that.
how something personally benefits or harms you is not an political ideology. It's not based on abstract ethical principles or doctrines.

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t. leftist who has not had a single victory other than legalizing whatever was popular in 1970s gay bars

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SAGE. Remember everyone to SAGE and hide /pol/ faggot threads whenever they post here

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>t. leftist who has not had a single victory other than legalizing whatever was popular in 1970s gay bars

Picture is literally (apart from pepe) a picture of the soviets defeating the nazi's at berlin, you are fucking deluded, your kind lost. Get over it.

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>posts the registered democrat

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I'm sure 1st century roman peasants identified as persian monarchists and athenian republicans

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Confederates are the opposite of fascists you idiot

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I know this is kinda hard to accept but you aren't a 1930s Russian soldier. you are a homosexual

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I dunno. Sounds cowardly to me.

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Is this that thulean guy on instagram?
I love Burzum but this is just embarrassing. Varg would agree.

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Not only is he a homosexual but Stalin would have had him swinging from a tree for it.

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>confederate ss flag
>tottenkompf with mexican charro hat
>lanky looking whiteboi

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the next minority i assault and harass will be for you commie anon

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Cope nigger

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based, heil victory

>> No.15919119

i'm sorry you can't pull off hoodies tucked into jeans anon
but yeah no OP's post is cringe

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Burzum - Filosofem is the album art

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Ah yes the "I am going to completely and totally socially isolate myself from respectable society because I cling on to braindead neo-nazi conspiracy theories and will eventually become a day drinking alcoholic who spends all day unemployed on Facebook edge posting and getting no attention outside of other isolated mentally ill neo-nazi dumpster fires" look. I'd recommend adding some maturity, introspection, self-awareness and education.

Been there, done that. And now my Burzum and M8l8th merch is shamefully hidden away where it should be.

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Holy shit just grow up and reintegrate into society already. You're not going to gain anything in life this way.

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lmao no. Fred Perry the man and Fred Perry the company wants nothing to do with you losers.

My grandfather was a fascist party member in Italy and he got a one way ticked to Buchenwald as a reward for his loyalty to the cause once his usefulness ran out. "Epic and based" fuck you.

It's because they find you creepy and skeevy anon. They'd rather not just get involved. You might as well be wearing a t-shirt that says "pedophile". They'd rather just ignore it.

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You will never be a woman

>> No.15919249

got 'em

I'm sorry she left you on read, anon.

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Nazi here.
that shit is corny as fuck stop wearing it. Pipe is larp, round glasses look dickheady, burzum merch is tryhard. (also don't tuck in a hoodie lol). Get maybe a sweatshirt instead or just a hoodie that isn't tucked in, or a t-shirt. Make it something less spergy than burzum. The "fashy" haircut also looks weird on some people so consider letting the back and sides grow out, or not, depending on whatever suits your facial aesthetics.

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>Black Magic SS shirt
did you print it?

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>rampant sexism
>british fascism was literally founded by a woman
>BUF had an extremely large amount of female members

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it's her guys, the founder of fascism.

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>founders of fascism

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you know i'm cringing

>> No.15919603

>modern day right wingers are snakes who slither in the shadows

color me surprised

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>proudly standing by hate, ignorance and violence
absolute trash tier aesthetic and virtue

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Enjoy getting bummed in prison faggot

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you can't make eye contact with a cashier let alone harrass anyone pipsqueak

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shhhhhhhh they need these courageous fools to catch the bullet for the smarter, more cowardly, wealthier, sneakier fascists.

Who's boomer day drinking uncle made this?

>> No.15919922

Just chiming in as an ex-fascist who ruined his life and has spent the past few years putting it back together. You guys have nothing to gain. Your loyalty is not going to be rewarded. Your bravery(and yes, it is brave to put yourself out there publicly even if it is for a disgusting thing like nazism) is being exploited by creepy old men who don't give a shit about you. You will be useful until you aren't, and when you aren't, you don't need to be around. Wealthy narcissists like wealthy narcissists. They don't like you. You are just a low-class pig to them. They especially don't like you because you remind them of who they actually are. Who they are without the expensive suits and 400 dollar haircuts. Not sure how useful it is to tell you this or if you'll just have to learn the hard way like I did but whatever. Your problem.

Workers of the world unite.

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>is being exploited by creepy old men
All opposition movements are completely co-opted by government for the purpose of sniffing out potential agitators

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Extremely based

>> No.15919992

You left one subhuman cult for another.

You will be culled

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>that totenkopf
Kek what a faggot

>> No.15920009

>Nazi here
Stopped reading

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>You will be culled
They've been saying that for years and yet I'm still here.
Kill me please already!

>> No.15920178

Pretty ironic since Varg hates Italians

>> No.15920601

I didn't say who will kill you though. You are dead either way

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Thanks Based God!

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>be edgy leftist zoomer
>try to kill head of state

>> No.15920805

I wonder what the late warning signs of facism are supposed to be?

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Is there a variant of national socialism that is anti-german?

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You have no idea

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picrel is outrageously sacrilegious

>> No.15920956

mods must've done pass through lol

>> No.15920992

shut the fuck up kike go back crying on twitter

>> No.15921694

You'd do much more for yourself by dressing respectably and being a person people can look up to, rather than a gigantic homofaggot who misconstrues clothing for fucking values. Do some self reflection, and maybe you'll see that your worldview has been filtered through an extremely narrow band meant to sell lifestyles to people.

>> No.15921713

That's just embarrassing

>> No.15921722

I will also add onto this and say that your choice in sweater speaks to a great irony considering Varg hates Italians. Essentially what this represents to me is a state of affairs upon which all value is reflected upon itself to be rendered void. Your clothes represent nothing more than pure reference, in which said objects of reference themselves mean nothing. You contribute to a state of affairs in which all value is rendered meaningless, existing as no more than a unit of commercial exchange. In this way you can "buy" identity, insofar as the products you buy carry symbolic association to an idea. The true comedy however is that the object of commerce supersedes the idea it represents, and is reflected upon itself, rendered Pure Simulacrum. Pure simulation, the things you wear mean nothing, and carry no value.

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looks like shit

>> No.15921777

every single thing, literally every individual element and the gestalt, in this picture is cringe, gay, tasteless, tacky and stupid. kys

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gays have way more taste than that tranny, faggot

>> No.15922326

you look like you eat cum

>> No.15922364

>"I don't like the politics so therefore this is ugly!"
>totally cool and edgy tankie posting
Pick your reply

>> No.15922381

regardless of politics tucking your hoodie in is retarded

>> No.15922408

I can tell you were bullied at school just by the pants alone

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>totally cool and edgy tankie posting

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yeah, im thinking its based

>> No.15923691

>tottenkompf with mexican charro hat
That's because i'm mexican maybe? greetingz to my nigga

>> No.15923695

how many hamburgers did you ate today? gringo pendejo

>> No.15923696

>disdain for the arts
>neatly disregards practically two-thirds of modernism

>> No.15923708

Half of the shit listed here is going in in liberal England

>> No.15923846

Yes, and?
>Disdain for human rights
Very meaningless sentence, but what's the line? If commies don't respect our right to property we won't respect their right to live.
>Identification of enemies as a unifying cause
Doesn't every ideology do this? Commies unite against the capitalists, democrats unite against despots, Islamists against non-believers.
>supremacy of the military
Kinda yeah. Violence is the supreme authority from which all other authority is derived. He who controls the military controls the land. Control the land, and you are the state.
>rampant sexism
Not neccesarily. Traditional gender roles are often present, but by no means a dislike or hatred of women.
>controlled mass media
>implying we don't have this already
>obsession with national security
Security and safety is literally one of the most basic needs of a human. It stands to reason that the country (and thus the people within) should be safe too, no?
>religion and gov
Just more traditionalism. But yeah, sometimes.
>corporate power protected.
Not neccesarily. Fuck corporate interests. Increasingly the right is on board with this.
>labor power suppressed.
No, commies suppressed.
>disdain for intellectuals and arts
Tbqh ye. Fuck the elites who control the "arts" and "intellectualism." You relativist commies should know better than anyone this shit is constructed to support power.
>crime and punsihment
Lol fuck off criminal. Stop thinking that shoplifting is a political statement.
>cronyism and corruption
No? Certainly not a feature of ideological Fascism, but often a part of "apolitical" authoritarianism like we see increasingly in the US.
>fraudulent elections.
As above, but Fascists typically don't care much for elections at all.

Pretty retarded list, and none of it is something I'd call an "early sign"

>> No.15923854

different anon but one

>> No.15923858

lol "early signs"

>> No.15924212

Who the fuck is this tomboy goddess?

>> No.15924229

It almost as if we have jobs and lives unlike antifa commies.

>> No.15924242

>Wealthy narcissists like wealthy narcissists.

Almost like they form a international clique of sorts that share a common identifier.

>> No.15924249

>some random broad in a military uniform
>not Mosley

You're retarded

>> No.15924467

Thank you pseudo-intellectual contrarian Ben Shapiro naziloid. Your comment is very smart and valuable. Please argue now as to why blue is actually red and red is actually green. It is all very impressive and very smart and I'm sure those women avoid you for unfair reasons.

>> No.15924471

Kinda ironic considering how many of you are unemployed due to your politics getting exposed.

>> No.15924538

have sex

>> No.15924561

uhh jokes on you buddy i'm unemployed because of my trash degree

>> No.15924566

Do you even listen to burzum

>> No.15924621

why are modern fascists so unfashionable?

>> No.15924656

I'm literally just correct tbqh famalam.
also grow up you fucking 12 year old I don't want to hear you projecting over how much sex I have because your porn addled coombrain is making your autogynephilia act up.

>> No.15924703

Take your meds retard

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>> No.15924731

Everybody in this thread is retarded, underage, a virgin, and cringe

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this fit was kinda /fa/ desu

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