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I’ve heard women are just interested in fit basic dudes who don’t care about fashion. Is this true? How do you dress basic?

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It's a balance that you have to strike. You don't want to look like you have no self worth, and if you try too hard you end up looking like a sperg or a fag.

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where is this photo taken

which city

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if you have a personality and are decent enough looking, whatever you wear pretty much doesn't matter, for the most part.

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Most women will want to dress you like what they see at ambercrombie, tommy hilfig, old navy, ect

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I took the basic pill years ago.
Women over 25 love it (zoomer girls probably don't) because they want something they already imagined before (and they have no imagination), they want a blank canvas, they want to be the center of attention and they don't want a man more feminine than them.

Also, you can dress basic but make a difference with watches, sunglasses and perfumes.

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This cannot be pulled off unless you are attractive in the face as well. Like any and all fashion, the common denominator of "pulling it off" is being conventionally attractive. You can't just be fit and wear basic clothing that accentuates your physique.

If you pass that prerequisite, you have to find clothing that fits your physique. There is no "one size fits all", even with athletic fits and all of that. If you skip leg day, do not wear something that accentuates a lack of leg workouts. Tight <> better.

Women over 25 like this because it resonates stability; they don't want to be outshone by the man on their arm. This is truly why Prep/Ivy is the go-to style for many, many people; it's simple, it caters to athletic builds, and it doesn't go out.

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yes, it helps if your over 6 feet and a good frame and average or above average face. Only ugly dudes dress in techware to make up for their bad looks

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This. Dress how you want, that's the fucking point. Dressing because you think it'll get you anything is destined for failure.

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>This is truly why Prep/Ivy is the go-to style for many, many people; it's simple, it caters to athletic builds, and it doesn't go out.

It's not really stylish either.

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>who don’t care about fashion.
no, correction: theyre into fit dudes who dont LOOK LIKE theyre into fashion. being "into" fashion is never a good thing for a guy according to woman, it makes them seem gay and effeminate. you just need to dress well without overdoing it. you gotta look like you dont care how you dress, like you just randomly picked up a few articles of clothing on without much thought, but it all still has to be cohesive and look good. Its not easy to pull off, but thats what "basic" actually means to women.

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looks like metro line 2 in paris, i think i recognize that building in the background

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what bag is that??

what makes this such a nice picture though?

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of course, and if you can't figure this out there's no hope for you...taste is something you're born with

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It's also the reason why you pinch your pennies for second-hand clothing on Grailed that doesn't even look good.

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god i fucking love that hair
mine goes like that sometimes but doesnt stay

what kind of haircut do i ask for for that

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The difficulty for mens fashion is looking food without looking like you're trying to look good.

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just show them the picture autist

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semplicemente vestare con la sprezzatura

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zoomers will never understand this

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Okay so what would that look like besides jeans and a t shirt

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Who fucking cares pee pee head

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No one gives a shit about your Nike or gucci or Armani coat. Dress cos you like it and don’t give a fuck what anyone thinks.

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Some women like guys dressed up in outlandish ways, some like guys in basic clothes, many don’t care as long as you’re clean and groomed. That said, I’ve had threesomes and public sex on nights out wearing a button down plaid shirt and jeans

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>basic pill
>blank canvas vs. centre of attention
>not to be outshone by man on her arm
Why do men have to reduce their /fa/ expression to basic and drab color schemes and styles to please the egos of women's desire for all the attention? The aesthetic of male fashion wasn't always this way historically. Comments.

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I don't recognise the train interior though. I don't remember pull down seats on that train. At least not ones that face inwards like that.

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>>not to be outshone by man on her arm
because anyone who actually says this is a literal fedora wearing virgin.

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It's in Berlin

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>many don’t care as long as you’re clean and groomed
also not an ass or desperate for pussy

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No girl has said that ever I promise, having a taste in style is good imo

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Basic clothes on a fit body > anything that is posted on this board. There is a reason why /fit/ consider /fa/ it’s rival, since most skinnyfats here should spend time in the gym, instead of in front of the mirror with their faggy clothes

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There's a shitton of women out there anon lol, do you really think they all have the same taste? There's plenty of punk/goth/alternative/etc dudes that are doing fine.

If the majority of women care about basic clothes, I guess it just comes down to how much you care about that fact. If you want to wear basic clothes, even if it's just to attract more women, go for it. If you want to wear a more unorthodox fashion style, that alone definitely won't stop women from being attracted to you.

Honestly just dress for yourself and do whatever you can to attain good physical/mental health and you'll be fine.

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1) women are attracted to a universal pattern of attractive men with some minor variation

2) within that selection they gravitate to the men that are available in their environment

3) of those men they prefer those with similar taste in style / belong to the same subculture

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No train and seat like that in Paris

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100% berlin
recognize the Sbahn train interior + buildings but can't remember where exactly they are

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>public sex
stop subjecting people to your fetishes.

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Probably BRLN, pretty sure I saw these buildings when riding the S-Bahn. Also the interior/pattern on the seats is pretty characteristic

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Most women want a guy to be their support, the secondary character in a social scenario. They are insecure about the relation perception in the eyes of the bystanders so they prefer to be the star of the show. Fuck them, get the drip and flex on them

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Because /fa/ is a board of insecure virgins, some closeted. Please for the love of god just wear what you want. Women honestly care more about basic hygiene than basic clothes.

If he washes his ass, brush your teeth, and possess half a personality I’m sure she’ll talk to him.

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/fa/ tries to compensate for their autism with clothes and /fit/ tries to compensate for their autism with lifting. same shit

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Honestly, like, self-expressionism is what defines u and your image and first impression. U don't have to fit in, the key is to pull of your outfit and be confident and secure about it. Don't fucking think "wow I'm rocking avant-garde so people will think im weird", do it and be proud of it. I learned to love the look of people, either in the good or bad way, but if u're confident about it people will notice it, and that's the most important thing. Since I started being secure about my look, i noticed people started paying me compliments on my look and my style, just be u and be proud of yourself

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