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Which period of human civilization was peak /fa/?

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3000 BC – c. 1100 BC, specifically the Minoans

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19th century north africa

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14th century, central Europe

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based coomer

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Mid-late Tang dynasty.

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>We WUZ tangz n shiet

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>bare breasted women's clothing

Wtf based

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1960s-1970s formal wear

1980s-1990s casual, sports, everyday

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Classic Maya period

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Pick any age of Rome. Throughout it's life span there was so much material available that all of the proper citizens just work huge ass blankets.

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Roman clothing ranged from highly pragmatic in the cases of farmers and legionaries (tunics where the centerpiece of their outfits) to lavish and comfortable with senators and other higher class citizens wearing long tunics with togas for added warmth. Worth noting as well that since Rome stretched over many different climates there are also examples of more specialized clothing. Furthermore there was influence from both migrants and conquered cultures. Interesting items of clothing that stand out that would have been accessible to Romans where the wide brimmed Greek hats, Gaulic pants, Persian mithraic outfits (which had red pointed hats, capes, and pants), bracelets, clasps, brooches, necklaces, make-up, sandals, shoes, hobnail boots, and even embroidery.

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You simply can't top Victorian England in terms of narcissim and effayness.

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If you answer anything but Rome you're not gonna make it.

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(((they))) took this from us

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Mesoamericans are basically a lost phenotype. An entire race of babes, stolen from the Earth.

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Late 18th century Hanoverian England.

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how tf do people not say 1300s (i cant google rn trust though look it up)

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Nope, go to southern mexico and there's a lot and they have great culture, Northern Mexico is where a lot of exicans are white or half native half spanish.

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12-19 is obviously the best.

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I love those split into fourths dresses that look like a deck of cards.

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Pretty much this, a lot of Mexicans are 1-3 generations removed from natives

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i really fucking miss cdmx. had a nice place in roma and spent three months eating good food and fucking hot latinas at the local clubs or off tinder. Now I'm stuck in Seattle and want to kill myself

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Fin de siecle Paris is the answer

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Every era from every culture is peak fa

All of it is good, just be handsome

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source, more?

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The 19th Century

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>Non interesting form
>Plain colors
>Gets dirty easily
>Hardly washable
>Poor use if any of embroidery

Bottom 5% of any civ that existed if not even lower

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More Persiaposting.

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