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Who said florals aren’t masculine?

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this is so faggy

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corny af

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Nice ironic pic OP. Waistcoat from 1820 is a bit snug. Better use those tailor's scissors. :/

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Fruitcake care

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he looks like such a faggot. I still don't get why this one dude is obsessed with posting him here all the time.

oh wait its literal faggots

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looks pretty good but it's too antique, it's like seeing a renaissance faire or something.

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Go for it. But you’d look like picrel

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OTT floral patterns like this are not masculine, and probably never were. This is total parody of early 19th century Upper-class man or a dandy, for whom this type of effeminate style was more normal at that time period. Not for real rugged men of country peasantry or labour guy classes.

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That man is literally married to another man and makes these clothes for a living.

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nobody cares

he's a degenerate faggot

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You can be homo and masculine, what's your point?

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All i see is a nice piece of boypussy

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That waistcoat is looks shitly made

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he's doing it more for show than actual quality craftsmanship

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Then whats the point in doing something if it isnt done well? The craftsmanship on that fit is actually shocking allmost joke worthy as this faggot boasts about making his own couture but its some absolute dogshit pieces stapled and selotaped together bit of frilly napkin and mommys lace knickers with grannys curtain wooooooo

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Are you going to show us a masculine picture?

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True, but this guy isn't.

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What are his name and location?

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Faggot mc faggot britbong degenerate

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pinsent tailoring

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Is he located in Jermyn Street?

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masculinity is kinda gay you know
gay men are attracted to really masculine men bro it’s pretty gay

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Florals aren’t masculine. The only masculine outfit is with a pair of raw Japanese denim, a full grain leather belt with vintaged belt buckle, crepe sole Red Wing boots, a starched white t shirt tucked in, and a Carhartt duck canvas jacket. Be sure to wear a decent Carhartt beanie and a Hamilton field mechanical watch on an OD NATO strap

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Pinsent is located in Brighton.
•18th century noble manliness

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Regency dandy next to 18th century gentleman's silk brocade dressing gown/banyan.

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Obviously Pinsent does the majority of his couture projects on a bespoke basis,, and often for cinema and dramatic productions. Bravo Pinsent.

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