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FACT: diet has little to nothing to do with acne

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most of the time it does

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sounds like hambeast mental gymnastics.

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Have another slice, tubbs.

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>I changed my diet and still have acne
>Time to go back to eating trash again

Die fatty.

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I remember growing up being told that chocolate and sugar and other shit lead to my oily skin and acne.
What a fucking lie that turned out to be

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I eat like shit and i dont have acne, probably because im not fat

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wtf does acne have to do with being fat lol?

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why doesnt she pop all that?

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Bukowski wasn't fat, you idiots

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I tried everything and nothing worked. My doctor then told me to try cutting diary for a few months and my face cleared up completely. Try this if you aren't white.

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There are different types of acne.

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i dont believe that
i only ever get acne when ive been eating sweets too much

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dumb shit, im using couple of things for skincare and nothing works like a diet

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Irreverent fact lmao gtfo

A slightly more relevant thing to say is for you to admit that diet has little to do with acne.

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N >>15803098 N
E >>15803098 E
U >>15803098 U

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you fucking fuck you fuckinh guck ffuck jUST STOP EATING SHIT spreading your fucking lies you fat

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this works for me too and i am white :)

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I want to don a face mask and goggled and pop those suckers

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>never have acne
>eat a bunch of chocolate biscuits
>get acne for the next few days

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What even causes acne?
Looks like a bacterial infection.
Can't you just wash your face with hydrogen peroxide or something?

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I stopped eating added sugar and my acne reduced drastically.

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Some acne is caused by diet some is not
How is that irrelevant? Do I have to literally spell everything out for you dimwits?
Fucking stress can cause breakouts and bodily Imbalance and hormones def fuck with your skin. But I can tell you for sure what you put in your body does too.

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I have no science/statistics to back this up (not that I really need it) but people with acne generally are mucky people. Start looking after yourself and you won’t have gunk building up in your pores you greasy mong.

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this is short term spots. goes away and your skin is fine.

acne is different

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popping them leaves scars

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Not popping them leaves scars too
I think the bigger issue is spreading the gunk to surrounding pores

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>people don't see the real me, right, they just see my acne problem
>they think I eat too many cho-co-late bars, or I no wash my face
>I tried any thing, many things but just nothing works
>my brother says I'll grow out of it, but, I don't think so


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Mucky and have overeaten sugar, but no acne. So............ genetic pre-disposition?

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this >>15803019
also, it depends on what kind you have
you're probably a fat fuck tho so

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I've only seen acne this bad on poor, ugly people with terrible lifestyles, like gamers.

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fun fact that may not be a fact at all: I've noticed girls with acne are usually VERY horny, probably a hormonal thing.

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maybe because they are unwilling to shill to dermatologists to get $10 worth of treatment for $1000.

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Fun fact: Cum is great for skin, girls with acne know this instinctively.

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This is useless hippy crap. Don't let vegans and vegetarians brainwash you, go see a doctor or get a healthier lifestyle first.

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Don't know about that, I eat like shit and never had acne. I'm on my mid twenties, so don't think that I'm an early teen.

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>Don't let science help you!

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you're an acne ridden vegan freak, cope more

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I don't have acne because I don't consume tortured animals.

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i had annoying backne and got on isotretinoin (accutane's replacement) for like six months and now I hardly ever have breakouts

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Look, fat, you want to check my shape? Let’s do push-ups together. Let’s run.

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Enjoy your disgusting face.

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correct. it's just androgens from puberty

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Neither do I and I love eggs, beef and fish.

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fuck those look like some good poppers

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I had acne until I started washing my face with head and shoulders. Nothing else seemed to work.

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oh yeah? Geez I wonder why my forehead and back look like a warzone after I slam chocolate

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>Nothing but water
>lots of sun, ocean swimming
Don't bother with all those washes and creams and shit, it causes your body to over produce the oils when youre constantly removing them.

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Stress most likely. It's not related to diet or the choco. Humans are pattern seeking and often make mistakes.

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does butter count as dairy for this purpose? It doesn't have a lot of lactose or milk proteins

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I stopped having anything with a single milk product in it for 3 months and no more acne

It comes back if I have anything with milk in it.

I love milk but I love looking how I love to look more

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carbcuck delusion
eat raw liver

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absolutely the same thing in my case, tru dat

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>people still think dairy is causing their acne


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I'm 24, skinny, eat healthy, don't eat dairy, etc. and I still get fairly regular, mild acne. I take good care of my skin, I use tretinoin cream and moisturize. At this point I think the only solution is accutane.

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for me it was fast carbs and excess sugar that caused my acne
insulin spikes and the hormones fuck up your skin

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Start eating dairy, sleep more, wake up earlier, get enough sun, daily exercise.

Those are some options but it's perfectly fine to go on accutane or something like that right away too, it's not a last option.

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I just stopped having acne after I was 19 or so.

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fuck off, I sleep 8 hours a day. I used to eat dairy and it made literally no difference. I've been trying to cure my acne for years.

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Sounds like a cope for shitty diet, you probably fat

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Fact: get a facial peel. Do whatever dumb bullshit your dermatologist recommends until they give you a facial peel.
Problem solved.

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Not even memeing. I wash my face in the shower with head and shoulders. Something about it keeps my skin dry without hurting it.
When I was 21 I was trying all kinds of random products and didn’t have any success.

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it takes many weeks to notice results from changed diet and hygiene routines

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I had little breakouts here and there going through high school, but clean and clear and cheap drugstore medicines would resolve them in just a couple days.

>22 now
Had lingering bad acne for over a year at this point. Tried just about every topical medication I could find. I wonder if wearing a mask for 40+ hours a week has made it harder to keep my face clear?

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Diet matters but hormones matter more. Get on an anti-aromatizer like arimidex.

Protip: inject exogenous testosterone simultaneously for insane gains with minimal sides

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Ah yes. Writing in your diary makes your body think you're a teenage girl and therefor you get more acne. It all makes sense, burn the books.

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deep emotional issues that comes out physically. you need an outlet, either music, art, boxing, or talk therapy

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LOL this was such a sad commercial as a kid. then they had the updated version when he got rid of it.

>cho-co-late bars


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haha i forgot to buy milk for a couple weeks and my skin cleared up, started drinking milk again and yep, two big ones just the next day... fucks sake i can't even eat my porridge, life is pain

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i cut dairy and now my acne is gone

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That's true but you're not gonna convince any of the perfect people larpers here, they're braindead

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you really shouldn't be really tons of heavy dairy on a daily basis anyway. but if your face is exploding after having a pizza once in a while or something i'm sorry you're a freak

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If youre a young male its most likely hair. A lot of people just think their pores become oils; no those pores have hair in them some hard to see others easy. Because youll be growing facial hair there's nothing you can do.

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Oh and dont razor shave, keep stubble; it'll go away

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Glad you found something that works it’s just that washing your face wish dandruff shampoo doesn’t sit well with me

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You posted this in another thread. That isn't normal, you're just a freak.

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>Cut sugar and dairy
>Acne fucking gone

I really wish I was told about this as a kid.

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>dont razor shave
underage b8

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Also make sure to take Vitamin E everyday. May not be game changer but it may make a noticeable improvement in skin quality.

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>I have no science/statistics to back this up (not that I really need it)

You’re positioning your general observations evidencing your confirmation bias as fact

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FACT: you will never be a woman

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Your skin and intestinal tract are shaped like a Klein bottle. You can reach any point of your guts by starting at any point of your skin. When your inner skin is inflamed, it will show on your outer parts.

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how do you measure health of your gut? what can I do to directly improve my gut? I cook all my meals, low sugar/carb/dairy diet and 7-8 hours sleep everyday. I feel great and my skin mostly looks great besides a random cyst or two I get on my forehead.

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>chugging down a gallon of coke before going to sleep is perfectly fine

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I take cyproterone and estradiol and so I have a mostly stable levels of T and E and I haven't had acne in 4 years, before then I'd get it a lot and it was so bad it left scarring
I've binge eaten for months at a time, to the point of not feeling hungry anymore and having my stomach be sore and yet it didn't change anything
Other stuff is cleansing my face every day, moisturising, either heavy or light moisturiser is fine, sometimes I use a BHA exfoliator

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Oh, also I don't drink milk but I do eat cheese and yoghurt

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diet might have something to do with getting it in the first place but if it's already there changing diet wont make it go away ime
if you have acne just go to a dermatologist, all the homebrew or otc shit does not work and is a waste of time/money
few weeks of antibiotics followed by 6 weeks low dosage isotretinoin (accutane) have removed all inflammation, pimples and blackheads from my skin
picrel is before/after

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I say so confidently from experience.

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General tips if you have light to medium acne, try cutting dairy/high sugar foods and drinking 2 litres a day for like 1 or 2 weeks, for most it will clear up acne. (Side note for autismos who don't understand hygenie plays a role: wash your fucking face with a damp clothe from time to time.) For young men, it may be facial hair related. Other times it can be medical related and you should go visit your dermatologist.

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I looked like a fucking monster, switched to a vegan diet and now have near flawless skin. I don't say it works for everyone but it sure as fuck did for me

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i want to pop their shit so bad. their skin is basically just a layer of pus, like a pastry

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it's not just diet, it's quality of water, too. I've spoken to several burgers studying in my country who lost their acne a few months after moving over without mentioning a diet change. Our water isn't amazing but jesus burger water is awful- even i use filters as water locally reeks of chlorine.

>> No.15809015

how to fix burger water?

>> No.15809016

oil pulling will promote a healthy gut biome

>> No.15809018

>how do you measure health of your gut?

By looking at your skin. This is why vanity is so important, looks mirror physical health.

I have a condition where all things acidic are highly irritating for my gut so you won't catch me drinking juices, alcohol, too much chocolate, mustards or curries.

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absolute bollocks

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actually, i've been eating vegan through november and my acne reduced quite a bit.
But fuck it i like my chicken and salmon too much to give it up.
i'd completely stay away from dairy too if non-whey protons didn't taste like ass.

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use a proper water filter - we have one by "Berkey" that filters fuckin everything, our tap water has bits and reeks of chlorine, but out of the filter boy its totally odourless, used to hate water but now drink p much nothing else.

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>stop eating candy, chocolate, milk and sodas, start drinking water and juices
>clean skin

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Yeah, thinking I've got some condition. I'm 7 months into Accutane and skin is still not clear. Ordering a 23andme to see if I'm predisposed to some condition and need a weird diet tailored to my body.

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Man, I want to argue with this. I really do. But when I was 15 I had acne. I tried everything and thought I was doing relatively well because it was only minor. Now I'm 23 and I can do whatever I want and I don't get acne.

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It's almost like a facial deformity. makes me feel sick looking at it.

Sorry for you pizza faces but I have never had anything like this and I can't not be truthful. It's very gross. Yuk.

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it hurts :(

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Do it while it's still on early stage (little pop), in result all my face is clean of acne scar

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i dunno, i rarely had an acne since my teen's until now.
My mother and lil bro does have acne issues but not my dad, i guess it's just genetic related

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this, always pop them as soon as they appear and clean the area well. Retinol/vit A helps with scars, but use at night or paired with a good sun protector

>> No.15810049

Since everyone is sharing their own personal experiences: I used to eat like shit during my entire childhood and never had any acne, then at 18 I went vegetarian, still no acne, 2 years later (now) out of nowhere I'm having the worst acne of my life without making any change in my diet.
Most of the time it's genetic and hormonal

>> No.15810055

also, I want to note that I don't drink anything with sugar, I don't eat chocolate very often
I drink milk, eat eggs, and always cook my own shit, never go out to eat, almost never have shitty food like pizza etc unless my friends order it when we chill
food is mostly unrelated to acne, except for stuff that has a very high amount of sugar

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I did EVERYTHING I could to fight acne. Even went and got prescribed every topical and antibiotic under the sun.

One year of accutane and now I'm completely acne-free

>> No.15810529

follow matt blackburn on instagram to learn about diet to fix your skin. also take MSM sulfur.

>> No.15810651

Would this also count for yogurt?

>> No.15811556

I'm 26 and I still get a fairly large amount of acne despite being extremely careful. Anyone grow out of getting acne in their late 20s? I'm still holding out hope that my skin will completely clear up.

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take the oat pill

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Who has taken the OAT pill?

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How often do you all put on fresh pillow cases?

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