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what postmodern marxist philosopher is the most effay?

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philosophy is for ugly people

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i disagree

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his aesthetic really caters to his audience kek

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>Be me
>ever since I was a kid, be told that I was goodlooking
>my mom's friends would always say "Anon is so cute"
>Go into middle school. Start hearing "Anon is so cute" from girls in my class.
>Go to high school, and start hearing "Anon is so hot."
>Start having tons of sex that my dick feels like it's going to fall off because of all the sex and dick sucking that I'm getting
>Get into college.
>Same kind of treatment from the girls
>Sophmore year, decide to commit to philosophy
>no girls want to fuck me
>no girls want to even talk to me
>no one calls me 'handsome/hot/cute
>Spagetti enter my pockets
>TFW the moment i committed to philosophy i became ugly.

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kill yourself

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>his audience
autistic neo nazi 4channers

he's the only "philosopher" they understand, they need someone using comic book movies to explain poststructuralist theory, academic language would only confuse and frighten them

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okay, tranny

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When he speaks it sounds like flatulence


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The only use of post modern philosophy is to help write schizoid encyclopedic novels like Gravity's Rainbow and Infinite Jest.
Other than that is nothing more than a psy-ops designed to undermine your sanity.

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are you seriously saying that Zizek appeals to nazis?
Uhhh kinda based ngl senpai get shiggy with it

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kek, massively underrated

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The dead ones, thankfully there's a lot to choose from :^)

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>designed to undermine your sanity
yeah thats quite a good summary of GR, i like wallace but not enough to slog through that particular tome... he's great in interviews and with his short stories and essays.

btw if you're interested in the history of pynchon and why he is so keen to avoid the public eye may i suggest this podcast and starting from the beginning
may be harmful to your preconceptions of the united states

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he's the neoliberals marxist

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I don't know anything about this guy but holy fuck he has great taste in movies.

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I got you, senpai.

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The ones in mass graves

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>>Spagetti enter my pockets
kek underrated post

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pick one

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Your raids are trash.

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"postmodern marxist" in the OP was a dead giveaway the thread would consist of teens with no knowledge of academics

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