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How accurate is this? I'd say it's pretty good advice for guys in their teens or early 20s

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Seems to me like you shouldn't wear anything on the right column unless you can pull it off, and since we're talking about your average pol browser this is good advice.

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>Casual streetwear heavily influenced by non-conformist teen & black fashion

Dont wear
>Any mature traditional western clothing

The absolute state of /pol/

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this is just how people who don't care about their clothing and buy everything from the mall dress

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Exactly, let's be real here. Most /pol/fags are teenage boys who have trouble making friends and dressing in a tradional manner would attract too much attention to them. If they were good looking, the attention would be positive. However, they most likely aren't.
Teenagers, which most /pol/fags are, typically wear street wear. The whole point of /sig/ is to make it so those losers can fit into the social scene aka get gf. A loser dressed in prep style would only be further isolated from his hypebeast peers

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everything to the left half is cringe but i practically agree with everything to the right if you didnt know anything better

especially promotional shit and women advice - it's typically out of touch relative to wherever you are

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down anybody have the infographic that tricks polfags into dressing like CWC?

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This one?

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Lmao, americans are such povvos
>dont wear collared shirts

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lmao this is southern frat boy tier

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Nobody is being tricked into actually dressing like that, you sad delusional faggot.

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Perhaps the worst fashion advice I have ever seen

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>Teenagers, which most /pol/fags are, typically wear street wear. The whole point of /sig/ is to make it so those losers can fit into the social scene aka get gf. A loser dressed in prep style would only be further isolated from his hypebeast peers
I strongly disagree my experience of dating apps like bumble and tinder show that having a unique quirk or style has a much higher acceptably rate since it illustrates a level of independent thought and extroversion as well as making you stand out from the plebs.

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i'm honestly laughing at the fact that some people on pol will take this seriously

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Seems like a good guide when you keep in mind that the average /pol/ack is either 16 or 35 and fat.
They wouldn't be able to pull off anything anyway so going for the lowest common denominator is actually a wise move.

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>pol cant figure out how to style non-athletic shoes

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It's fine, I disagree with the stuff about not wearing black, as it's a very commonly worn color in contemporary western fashion.

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Black isn’t formal if you’re wearing jeans a t shirt. It’s formal if it’s a black button shirt. Yeah great for zoomers. Never seen any teens wearing button shirts or sweaters.

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Do /pol/ browsers really use dating apps? Most of them are waiting for muh pure trad aryan waifu to drop out of the sky
>Seems like a good guide when you keep in mind that the average /pol/ack is either 16 or 35 and fat.
No 35 year old uses this website. All the older reaction types use stormfront because it isn't as filled with trolls. But yeah good advice for kids
Not wearing black is pretty idiotic. In colder climates, mostly everyone tends to wear it.

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>No 35 year old uses this website.
You'd be surprised just how many 30+ forklift drivers are on /pol/.

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When will us /pol/tards stop being oppressed and discriminated against so we can just live our lives unmolested by;
>Ummmm actually sweety, sweet summer child, I can't actually attack your arguments, so I'm just going to ask "who hurt you?" and I'm going to say that you're lonely and have no friends and not actually make any compelling arguments against national socialism. Go back to your containment board!
They hate us because they wanna be us, they're mad because the arthoe that they've been fawning over for 2 years is ignoring them again.
They're mad that us zoomer /sig/ /NSG/ niggas are more effay than they will EVER be, it's not our fault that their polyamorous girlfirends fuck us on spring break.
Us /pol/ browsers might be in chains right now, but when the ZOG machine is destroyed, we're gonna be eatin' gooood, we're gonna be kaizerz like our ancestors.
These fags that spit on us now will be under the wheel of our Mercedes while we're wearing our Hugo Boss SS uniforms.

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wearing rugby shirts and rings is voluntary celibacy

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Why do these faggots not realize (((they))) are the reason I'm unable to get a girlfriend. Let me proceed to project my cuck fantasies onto my opponents because I can't go 5 seconds without thinking about blacked. What do you mean I would be exterminated under the third reich? Weren't half those guys homosexual anyways?

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>Not using greentext to do your impression of me
>pop psychology reference about "projecting" or whatever

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I wear polo shirts and khakis to church. Otherwise I just wear a t-shirt with jeans or sweatpants. Also a hoodie

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Seething cacky wearing polfaggot

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Ice cold takes all around
Better than being a tryhard fedoratipper but I wouldn't be surprised if this is some sort of jewish trick to make /pol/tards look dumb.

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Not too terrible for prep/frat boy core, it works on most guys.

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Imagine being this unconfident you can't wear any suit out of fear of being made fun of

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>how to dress like a npc

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Fit matters. Also women give great fashion advice. Not that /fa/ knows any women.... The guide could take someone from bad to neutral.

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>Teenagers, which most /pol/fags are

Ah another "shit I just made up" intellectual poster.

Pol has one of the highest older age averages on 4chan/channel. Fa has one of the lowest. let that speak for itself. I mean that should be evident anyway that politics interest people of all ages while "fashion" is a much more smaller interest especially by young people

Oh and the autism itt, the image is a joke/satire. Jeez.

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>unironically pretending the overdressed fatso look is a communist SJW thing and not a retarded far-right channer thing

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Boots, scarves, patterns, sweaters, coats and collared shirts are not "difficult to pull off", they're all incredibly normal.

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Not if you wear them like shit. You literally cannot fuck up jeans and a tee. Meanwhile there's a lot of teenage boys wearing oversized coats and clown boots.

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Yeah as if you've never seen a slob in a stained shirt with holes in it and a pair of faded dirty jeans +autism sneakers
You can fuck up literally anything. In fact jeans plus sneakers looks like shit on 90% of dudes unless they're going for a Seinfeld look

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this is literally just an infographic of TFM forums fashion advice circa 2012. >>15652847
so yet again we’ve come to the conclusion fit matters in both size and personality. groundbreaking work here, gents.

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Source? You being 40+ and spam posting here is not proving your point

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Can't work out which one of you got baited hahahahahaha

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this is just telling you how to dress like chris chan
>cwc highschool ring

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Niggas dressing like chris chan

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>n-no u
why /pol/ shit makes you this assblasted?

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75% good advice if youre trying to look like a normal person. im left column except i wear black combat boots, and sweaters in winter

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>Hats (except baseball caps)
The faggot who made this has never experienced winter
These two are particulary retarded. I don't even wear watches and sweaters are something I put on rarely, but there is literally nothing wrong with either of them and they can really improve your look.

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