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How do I know which female shoesize will fit for me? I am male and live in Europe.

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Usually women’s shoes are 1 size below men’s. In your country there should be a men’s to women conversion chart for unisex shoes. Base it on that

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What made you become this? was it porn? was it bad life experiences? just remember that it won't make you escape from your past.
It's never too late to go back to being normal, seek help.

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A thread died for this retarded thread. What is it about this board and it's inability to google simple shit?

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wtf I'm gay now

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>legs like literal twigs

who tf is attracted to this, it just looks fragile. Like this is a severely underweight gamer physique.

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I've fucked a legal loli before and she had skinny legs, I thought it fit her look but everytime she sat on my lap her boney ass would hurt my legs

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i am technically underweight by about ten pounds. your wojak is meaningless and poorly selected. are you new to this?

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because going skelly is their substitute for femininity

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there's three kinds of trannies: mr skellington, absolute braphog bimbo, and linebacker in a dress

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Just remember: twinks are /fa/. Trannies are not.

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Just look up a conversion chart dude

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Euro sizes are the same for both sexes so just get your feet measured and hope they overlap.
Source: worked in Nordstrom shoes.

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