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>Just bring a picture of what you want and show it to the barber bro

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this will be the beautiful result of the recent nazi LARP threads

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I had long hair a week ago, I showed the barber a picture of my hair from a year ago where it was at its ideal length, my own fucking hair, and asked for that, where it was probably about 5 inches long. I left with it cut down to a 3. Fuck barbers man.

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>go to supercuts
>get a shit haircut
wow who saw that coming
go to a real stylist

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Imagine not cutting your own hair lmao

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based pederast monk core

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this nigga crying though?

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he’s manipulating girls who love manly tear-shedding soft bois into sympathizing with him

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Yeah because this is the sad boy aesthetic

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Nah, the nazi haircut isn't that hard to do and mowt barbers know about it.
It will be the reverse : an okay haircut on that guy

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What is a real stylist? How do you find a good one?
I started going to a place that charges twice the 'normal' rates and it's amazing how much better it is. However a 'stylist' it is not.

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>go to Barber run by boomers
>FOX News is playing on TV
that's why I stopped going to barbers and switched to Salons ran by woman or gays

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glad you realized the straight man is less attuned to aesthetics than pussies and cocksuckers. they know their shit

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Go to young ethnic barbers retard not boomers, and don't ever let women cut your hair. barbers like 360jeezy and chris bossio do cuts like your pic on the daily. I personally think the haircut is horrendous even the one on left but you do you


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Till he died, I went to an old WW2 vet's barber shop, and he only did ONE style of haircut, but DAMN did it look good.
Boomer took over, and he can't even get ONE haircut right... it's a 7/10 on his best day. Not hideous, but definitely not quality work.

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How do I ask for a Nazi haircut? What if the person cutting my hair is a leftist and fucks it up on purpose and calls me a chud

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Don’t call it a nazi haircut and just bring a photo of someone not looking like a nazi.
If you tip well most hairstylists are going to take to long to question what your into.

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this won't happen

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ask for an undercut

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Dude on the left looks retarded with it top honestly

Hitler youth cuts are pretty forgiving as far as haircuts go, plenty of people walk around with them looking like total idiots and nobody bats an eye.

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