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my first stick n poke on my foot

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>oh anon what does your tattoo mean
>i have a fern on my desk i'm really fond of

>oh anon what does your tattoo mean?
>only real /fa/ people hang dry, losers use a drying machine


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"Why do you have time to get a tattoo of laundry, but still have me wash your clothes?!" - Anon's mom

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I got Corona Chan during the lockdown

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lmao fucking based, bottom text is gay though

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reminds me of Junji Ito

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it is

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satanic thread

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faggot post

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can you imagine taking off a dudes shirt and seeing that around his bellybutton?!

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god every single one of these are fucking terrible

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>wahhhh this thread sucks
>doesn't post anything

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everything else is cringe but the cat

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I want my first tattoo to be a total blackout. No patterns, no nothing. Just a total black limb.

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Image size:
1200 × 1600
No other sizes of this image found.

thats quite cool ngl

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They look shit and are extremely high maintenance and there is no way of getting rid of it. Just don't.

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im just gonna get BOTTOM TEXT IS GAY in thug black letters across my belly

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bro you know you can get it way cleaner right just keep going over the lines dude, take a few hours then you good for a long time.

tattoos can be so dogshit depending on the person these days, im a skinny dude covered in bad self done tattoos while my gf is pure tattoo free and beautiful and thinks im hot af this is the best core fuck you all

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thought so too, thank you

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You really need to get fucked, you're so thirsty

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All of these are suicide-tier. I'm starting to be generally against tattoos.

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Damn I want to get BOTTOM TEXT on my lower belly now. The only thing is, would people who see it assume it means im a gay bottom?

I mean i am but I dont want people to know that.

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Why would you?
Unless it's like 100% body, it looks ugly.
Better do some blackwork of geometric shapes.

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I'll probably get this. Not sure if I'll get it in such a job killing position. And I'll probably wait until 2021 because I don't want aaaanything permanently on my body that will remind me of 2020 or that I can point to and say yeah I got that in 2020. Fuck 2020

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>can you imagine taking off a dudes shirt

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>im here to apply for ebt

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def def. going to redo this. was hunched over for hours and my back gave out

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said this here before in response to this image,
good design concepts and well laid out but the childish/cartoony aesthetic just looks fucking retarded

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looks ok but how are you gonna feel about this in a couple years?

everybody will have forgotton about this already just like ebola chan or bowsette

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Tattoo anons, is $7-9k for a half-sleeve a rip-off? It's $200-250 hourly for 25-30 hours of work, and I'd tip 15-20% on top of that.

Money is no issue, I'm just curious if in getting ripped off. I love this artists work though and I wouldn't get anyone else's. I was looking for an artist I liked for 2-3 years prior to this and this guys's wait-list is up to a year. He has ~10k followers on Instagram. This is my first tat btw.

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get it really low, right above your dick, so that most of the people who see it will probably know you're a bottom anyway

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wouldn't say it's a rip-off, if the person is really talented and respected. but you could def get a great sleeve for half that price... so, it's up to you to decide if it's worth the money

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i really like this kind of tattoo placement, but i have hairy arms. would it look weird? would i have to shave constantly to maintain the look?

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it depends on how hairy where talking about here, and the color of the hair (the more dark, the more it would make it harder to see the tattoo). But unless you're REALLY hairy, i'd say you wouldn't have to actually shave your arms.

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>also cbt

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Thats fucking disgusting

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Tattoos used to be cool, man

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Cool. And you could always repaint him black if you change your mind.

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unfortunate placement but very cool piecs

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thinking of getting lenin portrait on my neck. would that be offensive to some people?

also, is it possible to still get an offensive tattoo? What would that be? (other than the obvious - swastika, white power etc)

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>Never seen Leon
>Makes a dumb comment about something they know nothing about

Wew lad

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anybody have a bigger picture?

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Every single tattoo in this thread is fucking stupid and just goes to show how childish people who get tattoos are

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Any Scott Pilgrim inspo tats?

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GeT ofF mY LAwN ! >:(

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that would be effay, but you would have to already have a secure job prospect, because that shit WILL deter job interviewers instantly.

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So far, needs 1-1.5 session to finish and clean up.

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yeah do that Fukkboi, and get your Head ripped of by Sergey and Ivan.

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lol bite it cro mag

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i hope for your sake this is just some good bait

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it's a dumb trend that's already passed, it looks awful also it will start to patch after only a couple of years

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Who's the portrait of?

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No please, get more silly doodles on your body. You looks so tough and cool

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does anyone have that photo of just the torso, white shirt, tattoos, maybe an apple? i like it's vibes but can't find it

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no fucking way

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Tattoos on dyel look so shit from far away

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Pretty cringe bro,
Speaking of memes
I would consider a smug pepe tat on my buttcheek or something tho

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Btw tattoo ink is carcinogenic and accumulates in your body's lymph nodes

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yeah you're fucking retarded
t. had a half sleeve covered up

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The real lesson learned from this thread is that in order to stand out and not look like a normalfag redditor, who jumped on the tattoo bandwagon, you need to take the face tatpill. It's the only way to look deviant and hearkens back to when tats were still taboo and not something everyone and their mother had. You forgo potential job oppurtunities but that won't matter if your resume is good enough and plus it fits with the whole recklessness idea of getting tattoos anyway. Take the facetatpill before it becomes normalized and everyone has it.

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Thoughts on barcode tattoos?

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As all the other replies have stated how dumb this is, i should also point out if it's you're first tattoo you probably want to get something much small to ease you in. Also getting a full blacked out sleeve would take probably 2X the amount of time than a normal sleeve would and you'd probably have to do it in 2-3 trips to complete.

>> No.15319724

Half true. Black ink is carbon based, no issues there. Coloured inks have metallic particles indeed, but: the study I've seen on the topic concluded that white ink specifically had a reaction with the tattoo needle and the particles of that metal were found in lymph nodes, but couldn't say if it was harmful or not. As for the ink itself, I am open to reading studies that correlate strongly tattoo ink and cancer, because if that is true ink manufacturers will be mass sued.

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Very 2002

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Do not get them. You'll regret it.

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>if it's you're first tattoo you probably want to get something much small to ease you in
This is correct
>getting a full blacked out sleeve would take probably 2X the amount of time than a normal sleeve would
Not really, unless your tattoo guy is a literal monkey he can blast your arm black while watching a movie
But if you're the kind of retard who asks 4chinz if he should black out virgin skin you shouldn't get tattoos at all

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is that good or bad

>> No.15319948

thirsty?? im just trying to create a narrative so people realize getting dumb tattoos will affect your life in a negative way

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you're fucking retarded

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So bad for your lymphatic system. Don’t do it.

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mark of the beast. (and a lame one at that. at least get a QR code)

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You'll regret it in the first week

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I want a tattoo of piccolo fucking vegeta in the ass

>> No.15320720

>Not really, unless your tattoo guy is a literal monkey he can blast your arm black while watching a movie
Not true at all. Doing proper blackouts is super hard and you´ve got to see an artist that specialises in that, or else you´l have an uneven, patchy mess of a blackout.

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I used to have chuck tattooed on me

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every girl i've fucked since i left my last gf has had a tattoo. And all of them have been somehow flawed. The more tattoos the sluttier too. I dont look at girls who have tattooos the same way, if a girl is stupid enough to fuck me I've lost all credibility towards them I'm sorry.

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>t. blackout specialist (300$/h)

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foot tattoos are for women. no one wants to see that nasty shit.

>> No.15320864

so dumb. does he think niggers are gonna have his back in jail?

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i think if you get one it should at least be able to scan for a specific item. i saw a mixed race kid who had one for a packet of oreos

you could get the barcode of a book you connected with

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undertale community gets more cringe with each passing day desu

>> No.15321102

based and redpilled

>> No.15321125

Based pedo

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Gardenias hold a lot of symbolic value to me, I know flowers are shit on a lot on this board, I want it generally around the forearm, thoughts?

>> No.15321216

>acting like leon is some obscure movie

t. gigacel

>> No.15321316

Yeah that's a shitty tattoo, wear a floral shirt if you like flowers you queer

>> No.15321332

if woman, go for it.
if man, don't unless homosex.

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weird tail

>> No.15321771

why are post 2000 anarchists such faggots

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Need to finish this coverup once the quarantine is over.

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>no gods no masters
always funny

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the part below the arms is made to look womanly

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What do you guys think about commemorating 2020 with something like this

>> No.15322128

Don't listen to the other two, do what you like. But at the same time, think about it long and hard as I feel like it will be your first rodeo. One thing to remember: fine line tattoos will degrade relatively more than traditional ones. At the same time, they are easier to laser or cover up later.
Whatever the choice is, find a tattooer who does what you are looking for and in a style you prefer. And thirdly, do spend the money on it, it is likely a lifetime choice, don't try to cut costs and corners. If you don't have enough, just set the money aside and wait. If you need some SOS money you will have it, or if you have enough youll have a quality tattoo.
Good luck.

>> No.15322161

>Don't listen to the other two, do what you like.
He's getting a tattoo of a gardenia you fucking queer
Also nice posts, reads like the fucking r/tattoos sticky
He's still getting a tattoo of a flower like holy fuck get a skull, a cross or the devil but not a fucking flower
How can you sit for x hours having someone ink some gay ass tattoo like that, knowing that the guy is mentally facepalming and only doing it for the money

>> No.15322209

But much like art, tattoos are subjective. They did say gardenia has a symbolic value to them, its better to get something they think they like, rather than something that is judged as manly by others.
If a tattoo is stronger than the personality, there is a huge problem. One does not need a gritty image to be manly, and in fact a tattoo like that won't make them one either.
Also roses are probably one of the most common images in tattooing, what is the difference, both are plants. Yet one has a meaning for them, the other doesn't.

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>> No.15322267

Sounds like someone is insecure about their masculinity LOL

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does he have good tattoos?

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is this cringe

>> No.15322918

if you have to ask then yes it is.

>> No.15322932

only acceptable if its ur pet that died

>> No.15322936

I support this but logically and financially its a little risky bro, I wouldn't get that on my face though. For money making reasons ofc. Fuck all these racists on 4chan.

>> No.15322940

people like you make being racist worth it

>> No.15322943

lol, hope you find some meaning in your life man.

>> No.15322948

you too my naive friend

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File: 23 KB, 258x288, hnnnng.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Mom passed, want my first tatt to be something dedicated to her but I have no idea what to get. Any suggestions?

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bump 1 of you fucks has to have it

>> No.15323229

I feel like dates are too generic, most def dont get roman numerals. what did your mom do in her spare time? any objects you could associate with her?

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>> No.15323259

a transparent coffin with the body inside

>> No.15323408

idk man. its better left as a memory and shouldn't be permanently inked to your skin

>> No.15323416

genuinely beautiful

>> No.15323676

something will come up in 2021 and it will look dated very quickly

>> No.15323724

>y-you're i-insecure
lmao gb2r
I have tits and I suck dicks you fucking faggot

>> No.15323728

It's a great picture but the placement makes it look like the gorgon is looking at his ear.

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File: 146 KB, 858x1280, photo_2020-06-16_13-04-18.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Got this finished after the corona lockdown. First session got the line.

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File: 71 KB, 720x1280, photo_2020-06-16_13-04-12.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

also got this small piece done

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My friend just got a joy division tattoo done recently

>> No.15324301

Even if it isn't the fact you have to ask already gives you the answer

>> No.15324303

A-list celebs never do

>> No.15324312

So much of this is internet poisoned memecore

>> No.15324502

your other tats are meh but this one rules

>> No.15324570

tits or gtfo

>> No.15324785

is that bruce campbell?

>> No.15324790

looks like his arms and torso are bare, he's a fuckwit and the artist who did this is trash.

>> No.15325773

>gets full blackout tattoo
>can’t get blood drawn safely in an emergency
>can’t see the skin cancer creeping up your arm
>black people assault you because they think you’re appropriating their “culture”
>people see it as the equivalent of blackface, hope you weren’t planning to ever move up in your career, ever.
Do it bitch boi

>> No.15325841
File: 107 KB, 390x233, 1200px-TLoZ_Series_Royal_Crest_Artwork.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I want a hyrule royal crest tattoo but I don't want it in black I want gold yellow
Problem is, nobody does gold yellow, so ink ideas?

>> No.15325850

hell yeah lets see it

>> No.15325867

Dear god don't get the most used nerd tattoo

>> No.15325877
File: 2.17 MB, 1497x1967, eexeterrtat.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

mirror in the way
ego in the way

>> No.15325897

I've been thinking about tattoos designs on and off since I was 10 ish. That one is the only thing that i don't think 'I would've regretted that' 6 months later

>> No.15326251

a realistic pic of your dead mom right on your forehead

>> No.15326259

extremely based

>> No.15326268
File: 117 KB, 610x900, linderhof-atlas-bob-phillips.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

tattoos are low iq and everyone knows it

>> No.15326293

>last two are about black people
wonder what boards you like

>> No.15326355

I fucking hate tattoos.

>> No.15326451

do you not know what it’s tail looks like?

>> No.15326454

spam the brightness button on that keyboard to get rid of the yellow light if you dont have to keyboard plugged in

>> No.15326568

There is a reason for that, mate.
Bright ink (yellow for example) will look pale on the day you get tattood, but in 3 weeks it will be practically invisible. Try drawing on a piece of paper with yellow for reference. You need an outline, mate.

>> No.15326576

Hmmm I'm South Asian so maybe that changes things? I'm fairly light skin but tan really easily and besides, I want it on my upper back so it's only visible when I'm on the beach anyways

>> No.15326583

Yeah its gonna fade bro

>> No.15326587

It really isn't about skin tone in this case. Tattoos fade a lot after healing immediately and then over time exposed to the sun (so do use sunscreen at all times if you want to preserve it as much as possible). Try googling yellow tattoos, all will have outlines for the same reason, it will blend with your skin and be unreadable from mere meters away. If you want to display it, then your only option is to have an outline in some way.

>> No.15326591

Thanks for the advice bros, I'll look out

>> No.15326618
File: 9 KB, 262x192, index.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm thinking of getting this on my upper triceps that would be just barely visible when I wear short sleeves (my job requires it)

>> No.15326806
File: 271 KB, 2000x2000, valknut.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

based anglo-saxon boar of strength

>> No.15327006

now I want to stick n poke
>no dogs
>no hamsters
on my leg

>> No.15327028

I'm not even anglo. I'm slavic but I appreciate proto-european culture

>> No.15327145


>> No.15327228

fuck off nigger lover

>> No.15327236

>Thoughts on barcode tattoos?

only good if its on the back of the neck and you have a shaved head and wear suits everywhere

>> No.15327238

get her face tatted on your face so you can remember her every time you look in the mirror bro

>> No.15327386

dont lmao

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>> No.15327503

fully drained

>> No.15327597

Draaain gaaaang

>> No.15327872

>can’t get blood drawn safely in an emergency
??? Are you retarded?
You feel the vein, not see it you absolute fucking mong
That poster is stupid for wanting a blackout but you're worse for having retarded reasons to do so

>> No.15327897

based drain bros

>> No.15327944

Fucking atrocious, anon

>> No.15327957

Kind of like it and I’m a furfag so...

>> No.15328173

Bye sweetie

>> No.15328222

accurate and based

>> No.15328721



>> No.15329265

Drain Gang, GTB, you know we go psyyycho

>> No.15329690

hope you get killed by some polish skinheads you fucking faggot

>> No.15329701

its okay arthoe-tier
pure shit
kys arthoe tier
looks nice
disgusting soundcloud rapper tier
no comment
it looks cool because they earned them these tattoos had very deep meaning to russian prisoners now it really dosent matter most vory v zakone died they dont really exist as a subculture anymore
dont do it
looks like something a low level criminal or a bodybuilder would tattoo

>> No.15330173

implying that it's my tattoo, kys faggot.

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