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Redpill me on Uniqlo

Is it a decent cheap alternative?

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Uniqlo is for homeless people

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I like them. They’re cheap but better quality than h&m, zara, etc. No stupid branding on their items too. I have like 6 t shirts and even more thermals and henleys from them that fit me perfectly and have lasted many years. I don’t like EVERY piece of clothing they release but as far as basics go, I’d say they're the best.

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Yeah they're p based. I mean within the not so wide margin of quality you can expect of course. My hafu gf put me on. Gave me a killer beej in the dressing room as well

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I fell off the Uniqlo bandwagon recently. The lack of branding is great, the styling is pretty good, the fits are okay, and the quality is poor. You can find better quality with more interesting/flattering fits if you look elsewhere. Won't be as cheap though.

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Uniqlo U stuff is pretty good quality for the money, including the crewnecks that everyone says "used to be better"
Hey it's fast fashion. It's cheap, not covered in branding, accessible and decent looking.
The only negative thing I can really say is the sizing which is basically fucking russian roulette so defs go in store to check if it fits

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Uniqlo is the best in its price range and has some of the best fits for basic shit.

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their supima cotton t-shirts are my favorite basic t-shirt
but they raised the price from $10 to $15 and i haven't spent a single cent on them since
fuck uniqlo
their socks suck absolute ass as well
their jeans are some of my favorites

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When I tried stuff on in Japan. Nothing fit. As it all tended to be too short or not wide enough in the shoulders.

I do have a lot of their toe socks though.

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>you will get better quality if you pay more

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that's why you should use Uniqlo for basic stuff like t-shirts and socks and not for stuff that needs to be expensive to be quality like knitwear

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They have really good basics and pretty solid cotton.
They're my personal go to for the basic t-shirt, underwear, socks or work pants (I buy the EZY line).
Not extravagant designs, but solid.

I got a couple thermals for my boyfriend in sale, he loves them. Said they're really good quality and I paid them close to nothing.

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My gf used to work for them and appareantly they treat their employees like absolute shit. Met some of her ex-colleagues there and they verified.

Haven't been inside a Uniqlo since, or any other fast-fashion store for that matter.

That said I always enjoyed their clean, basic look and honestly I haven't found a decent alternative.

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dude, they use LITERAL slave labour to make their shit. LITERAL modern day slave labour in that city in china(forgot the name).

store employees not being properly respected is the least of their problems.

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So what are some other brands or sub brands with similar prices - good quality?

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nothing, uniqlo has the best bang per buck on the planet.

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that's crazy, how hard would it be to copy their model and create an alternative, pretty fucking hard I suppose, nevermind

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Guangzhou (a city in China)?

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Yea, I think that's the one. It's pretty much almost impossible to be ethical in fashion nowadays

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no, its Xinjiang

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COS I guess? it's a bit more expensive but also higher quality

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I'm in

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>have no marketable skills so have to work in retail, walmart or fast food

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well considering their stores always have like two dozen staff in them and two or three visibly doing something - fuck 'em.

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bros when i was i was super disappointed by the quality of materials. not even good desu

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Slightly off topic, but anyone know the name of that manga that constantly shills uniqlo?

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Not cobstantly, but they mention it a little.

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What about AsColour or Everlane any experience with them?

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Ascolour hands down has the best basics

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shipping to spain is more expensive than the tee in my shopping cart, good knowing about them though

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>Gave me a killer beej in the dressing room as well
nigga nobody cares

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w2c hafu gf?

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Neck yourself

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buy cheap, get cheap.

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It's what keeps poor people poor.

Like takeaway food and cigarettes.

Just save up and buy one good piece, instead of an entire wardrobe of dogshit.

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