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/mu/ here

Holy shit why didnt you tell us? This is the most amazing music project to come from 4chan.

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>Holy shit why didnt you tell us? This is the most amazing music project to come from 4chan.

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chill. its good music. way better than anything /mu/ makes

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what music? link? info? wtf are you zoomers un able to communicate other than in gibberish without any fucking context
sam do be kin/gg/ of /gg/ tho

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>chill. its good music. way better than anything /mu/ makes

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someone said this was a famous person on here. thought you already knew


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thats froggo. it sucks ass

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/fa/ music:
The Berlin Trilogy, Bowie + StationToStation
The Idiot, Iggy Pop
Brian Eno.
Siouxie and The Banshees
Early NIN
New Order
Jew Levels New Devils, Polyphia
The Cure
lcd soundsystem

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what's her ig again?

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can't believe all of /mu/ huddled around one computer to post this thread

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i post on both. that dude posts on /mu/. its not exactly a /fa/ album

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normie shit isnt /fa/

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you do realize this is the most normie board right?

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>most amazing music project
their shit is so mediocre, wasted my time listening to their queer shit

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>Iggy Pop, Siouxsie, Berlin Era Bowie
Go and listen to Radiohead.

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having slightly left of center taste turns out to be the most fun though, since you still have plenty of people to enjoy it with irl.

if all you listen to is musique concrète then besides rym nobody gives a fuck. music is better shared :-)

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>music is better shared
Based and non autism music pilled

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Is that, that nasty attention whore from [email protected] who posted her nudes on /b/ all the time back in the day?

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fucking kek, my parents music tastes are more patrician than yours.
please don’t share your opinion ITT again

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how can i tell that you're a shill? It's obvious

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she looks like fiona apple haha

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no, that girl's name was Eliza or Ciara I think? she was a cancerous schizo spammer who tried to scam her orbiters with crowdfunding

froggo isn't really an attention whore in that sense, just a regular poster in WAYWT threads that doesn't bother to remove her face

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post your rym profile

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>it's a "tryhard thinks he's a superior enlightened human being because he discovered /mu/-core and maybe some entry-level avant-teen RYMcore episode"
I like weird shit as much as the next asocial internet autist, but you don't have to be so obnoxious about it

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daily reminder that lorde and diiv both used to post on 4chan,

very pedestrian taste but some of that is good so yeah sure

yeah caleb can't play on time worth shit and kina can't sing for shit in english

>t. hani

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dogshit music

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>yeah caleb can't play on time worth shit and kina can't sing for shit in english
the singing and guitar playing is great. just wish the production values were better. this is free flowing folk music not some sort of quantized dance music. no one complains that loren mazzacane connors doesnt stay on time. its the aesthetic

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>lorde and diiv both used to post on 4chan,
lol you seriously think that trash is better than this?

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>my parents music tastes are more patrician than yours
please stop posting on my board

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literally who? what's the name? Is it some 4chan edgy loud metal emo shit ?

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Caleb<3Kina - The Okayest Feeling
its quiet sad but comfy folk

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is 4chan known for loud edgy emo shit?

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A guy learned to tune his guitar and a girlwhisper singing into a phone mic? Froggo is nice, but this sounds like a coffee shop open-mic.

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fucking hell I actually remember kina from circa-2012 kinda cringy ask.fm

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kupa oraz sraka.

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yeah even middling shit like lorde and diiv is better this lmao
>free flowing folk music
>it's the aesthetic
>literal who

how far up your ass do you have to be to believe this shit hahahaha

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what's wrong with lorde?

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that she's too perfect.

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I don’t use RYM
I just couldn’t let poor anon go on thinking that bowie, siouxsie, and iggy pop are in any way not normie
hello zoomer

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woah ive matched with that guy on tinder b4

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he cute

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v cute indeed

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>I don’t use RYM
I was going to shit on you and call you a tranny despite your taste.

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