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Yo /fa/ where can I cop this look?

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Unironically w2c this sweatshirt?

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in the cringe store

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uh... why are her eyelids so long

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steal it or dont bother

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more like cop this gook

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who is this i desparately neeed to know
and w2c combat liberalism poster

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Lmao y’all with the two story houses and pools in your backyard talk about “eat the rich” You’re gonna be the appetizer lmao

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You're never going to do anything, because you're a little subservient faggot with the muscle mass of a 7 year old girl.

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Reading comprehension 404 not found

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That sentence was comprehended perfectly. If you wished to say something else then you should have structured it better.

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some juche twitter chick that used to be a liberal that got popular the last few days for saying that anne frank was a Becky and "fuck Anne Frank".

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>ignores the fact that speech is 70% not what’s being said but how it’s being said
>takes text posted on an anonymous image board and construes it to what he assumes


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at the virgin store

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She looks like she fucks white guys.

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I've been looking I can't fucking find it

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She's by no means a liberal she supports North Korea and follows Maoist doctrine

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>westerner supporting CCP/DPRK
lmao ok
this is what happens when people get radicalized on twitter and are completely detached from the real world
anyway, question still stands:
w2c combat liberalism essay poster???

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>anne frank was a Becky

What does that even mean

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To be fair she is actually Korean

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w2c CCP work jacket

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white woman who is unaware of her privilege or prejudice :-)

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at the 'I want a cool online persona.... hmm I think I will pick something weird' store

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More like competitor for white D, as with every other chink engaging in anti-white college rhetoric

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Printful. Just slap some graphics on a Gildan long sleeve

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what's the @?

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She literally does. In college she was a whore for white dick, I'm guessing she went full commie after none of the fratbros put a ring on her.

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imagine her smell

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She didn't say Anne Frank was a becky, the head of the organization she's a prominent member of did.

Black Hammer (the org in question) is shitty for a lot of reasons but this whole thing that's been tearing up the Left internet for days now is much ado about nothing... dude just posted in a melodramatic way like "fuck Anne Frank, because we were told by white run schools to feel sympathy for her and not for Black victims of genocide," which however vulgar and however flawed his analysis (he holds that a Jew in 1940s Europe was white, which is just obviously false) is like an understandable sentiment.

Anyway, OP, the look in #1 is easy. Cut up tshirt, ovesize black jeans held up with a wide punky belt, True Religion briefs, random jewelry, Glock, Little Red Book.

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I'm opposed to all states including the DPRK, but you have to admit... it's more than a little deranged the way the US acts towards the DPRK, and is actually a good example of the way that imperialist action actually shores up power structures everywhere.

Like, the US is still, like seventy years later, officially at war with the DPRK. It has nukes. Of course North Korea is going to try to get nukes! Wtf wouldn't it?!

Like, no state should exist, no one should have nukes, everyone fucked up last century making them a thing, but if *anyone* should have nukes it's someone literally at war with someone with more nukes than anyone else.

As far as "Combat Liberalism," even people who aren't Maoists drool over that text but imo it's still shitty. It has an inhuman and frankly unstrategic view of sociality, and it's premised on the idea that unity and discipline are the key strengths of revolutionary social activity, which is I mean par for the course for M-Ls and all kinds of people who look at politics as winning a war/election/what have you (I could call them something here but...) but is imo foundationally wrong. Literally one of the points is "not snitching when someone says something counterrevolutionary!"

Its good points are just like obvious, borderline tautological: yes, obviously, being sloppy or half-hearted in your work is bad! A liberal would say the same thing about doing liberalism!

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If only anyone gave a fuck about what you have to say

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who types all this shit out

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the only people who dress up and act like that grew up in the suburbs with no hardships, they view everything from a sheltered perspective and think they're gonna change the world. At the end of the day, they're going to work, have a family, and tell their kids that they were cool or something

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korean women were a mistake

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what is she going to do with the gun?

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samefag, also wtf is wrong with you that you act like a few hundreds words is a lot to "type out"

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Holy fuck you're gay.

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i just want everyone to know this is some female who says theyre a they/them for absolutely no reason other than edginess named juche_couture who got permabanned off twitter cause she said "fuck anne frank" and then they went and lurked her old tweets (mind u shes a DPRK supporter) and found she had been a racist teenager like most of these egregious pivots in politics are.

u want qt actually dress well commies listen to red scare

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Idk why you would waste your time being a fucking internet maoist when you could be a chad maoist body builder

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my man
I dunno about OP's aesthetic but Juche looked cooler back in the day. Pic related

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>for absolutely no reason other than edginess

1) No, I'm not super familiar with their work, but they're clear about trans feels in it
2) implying edginess is a bad reason to do something

>who got permabanned off twitter

Dude you can check their account is up, it's just locked

>she said "fuck anne frank"

No, Gazi said "fuck anne frank," I'm sure Suh backed him up because that's how fucking ~democatic centralist~ cults work, but idk how this story is getting twisted this way when I'm sure /fa/ would rather hate on a black gay YouTuber than someone who is just an Influencer but Tankie

>actually dress well commies listen to red scare

Red Scare aren't commies, they're reactionary SocDem lightweights. "Dress well," eh, standard Dimes Square looks, nothing to say much about. Tbc Suh's style is standard e-person with Tankie symbolism thrown all over it and there is also nothing much to say about it.

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i'd like to address your points with the fact that every state has a divine right to exist and nukes are the physical manifestation of legitimacy

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>every state has a divine right to exist

Also, if there is a god, they created every person just as much as the next, and in whatever infinite perfection exist as infinitely beyond all of us, the idea of some sovereign being closer to them because they enact violence is like the biggest world-historical gaslighting ever.

>nukes are the physical manifestation of legitimacy

To the extent they guarantee the monopoly on violence, sure, but like fuck that, and also the only reason they are such is because someone went and made them in the first place. Which was a literally catastrophic idea: creating the ability to make our species extinct at the push of a button? Come on!

Also, arguably, air power plays a more immediate role in establishing and maintaining the monopoly on violence.

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Race doesn't matter. Westerner is westerner.
I'd bet money on her not being a first generation immigrant.

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at the gay store
>he holds that a Jew in 1940s Europe was white, which is just obviously false
dear god are you fucking retarded
>I'm opposed to all states including the DPRK
literal autism
states are natural
>To the extent they guarantee the monopoly on violence
that's blatantly not true
>the ability to make our species extinct at the push of a button?
t-that's also not true
pretend its a cock
nothing chad about being a retard

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>still believes in air superiority while dissing the mandate of heaven

not fashionable in the slightest

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of being a Chinese WTM with a bb gun?

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>US is still, like seventy years later, officially at war with the DPRK
the ROK is also still at war with the DPRK you retard, they didn't recognize the armistice.

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>covered in jewelry and prominently displaying brand name underwear

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