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post some revolutionari and communist inspo

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What core is this?

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Are those Fascists?

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What a tool. I bet he drinks tap water.

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Life is so short mane

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Let me guess; this photos were taken in the US, right?

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The goodest goy

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What the fuck, I want to believe the moon landings were staged now

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> imagine being so American that liberals and communist are the same thing
Why are Americans so retarded when it comes to politics?

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On the other side of the aisle people will call someone a "Nazi" just for being in shape and dressing more formally than usual, right?
I don't mean to say they all do it that is just a thing that can happen.
But here is the thing: they are right for a given value of right.
Someone who is in shape and formally dressed may not be a racist or give a single shit about National Socialism but they know that guy is their enemy because he's probably not applauding them for being morbidly obese cross-dressing mental patients.

Calling people liberals and commies is largely the same thing. It doesn't really matter if they are card-carrying commies. The person saying that can see that this is their enemy and is opposed to the things they value.

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Easy :)
have fun in the transgender bathroom and fuck off back to >>>/lgbt/

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No its not retard. Liberalism as a political ideology are people who believe in the Free market, "democracy" and negative freedom. This is the actual definition of the word, look it up. Every US president since FDR has been a liberal, both republican and democrat. Despite this, Americans are so fucking stupid that they started using liberal as a synonym for "left".

Now you have liberals calling other liberals “liberals” because they are fucking stupid and can’t hold more then two concepts in their head at once. Communists, don't believe in the free market, "democracy" and follow in positive freedom. Saying they are the same thing is fucking stupid.

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I have a boomer on fb spamming articles with all that shit. I don't know if to laugh or cry at the constant double think and hypocrisy.

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Zizek kek

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the issue is that there are different flavors of enemies. Nazis may very well be your enemies as well if you value your well-being, so by your logic you can also call commies nazis

actually that doesn't sound like a bad idea

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