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Why do mothers subject their children to this godawful haircut
Do they want their boys to look like 35 year old A/C repairmen?

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outdoor/hiking clothes are the coolest clothes you can buy.Better than that faggy skate shop crap

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Yeah but if you live in the suburbs or the city wearing outdoor hiking clothes doesnt make any sense.

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The jackets are cool though

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It depends

there's plenty of suff out there that's usable and practical in day to day life (expecially if you like to stay quite warm) without looking like a fool in an urban setting. Of course, being it technical gear it's quite pricey.
- Roa
- Salomon
- Some (not all) Columbia and Patagucci shit
and some other shit I can't quite recall now. (And Arc'teryx if you're filthy rich)

the trick is to stick to non-extreme weather stuff. Fuck outta here with waterproof pants, pile and all that noise. Some nice comfy cargos, workpants or even corduroy pants will work. For the uppers, some knit sweater or shit like that and a nice non pretentious puffer jacket or windbreaker. Slap on a watch cap/beanie and you got yourself decent hikercore starter pack.

Also, check Decathlon out. They've got some sick shit with little branding for cheap, and if you actually go hiking you know that it's functional and won't fail you.

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Also don't wear hiking shoes if you don't actually go hiking, the lack of dirt on them WILL be noticeable and you WILL look like a clown. Stick to boots.

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These look sicc

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I generally prefer tactical clothes and workwear. Outdoor brands tend to have really terrible colors.

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>Outdoor brands tend to have really terrible colors.

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Look what we have here, more plastic chink made shit?

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You can't tell me this colour scheme isnt fa

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Specialized clothes need to be designed with bright and contrasting colours, as a safety feature in case you get lost or suffer an accident in areas with hostile weather, they are not designed for you to blend in with nature

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this. cityfags BTFO, leave the outdoors and hiking to us country folk and keep your fucking chinese virus away from our pristine lands you filthy overpopulated vermin

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>"hiking" a trail with your gay boyfriend to get sodomized in the asshole -core

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Why are you people like this?

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>turns everything into a race debate
you outed yourself. this is a rural vs. metropolitan debate faggot, we don't need your street-shitting filth here in the countryside

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>chinese virus

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Why gatekeep?

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roa isnt' remotely technical, they're fashion boots inspired by the aesthetic
Arc'teryx isn't unusually expensive as a brand, it's just that their high end can be

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those are tourist clothes, not outdoor

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