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Where do I have to shop to get all of the essentials for a Neofolk wardrobe? I really like the style.

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I believe most of the clothes in that pic are from Universal Works and Frank Leder. Olive Clothing was also a thing in these threads.

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Just look at this.

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If I saw anyone wearing this in public I'd assume they were either:
1) taking part in some historical reenactment, or
2) a massive tryhard faggot

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Anyone else have more of this collages? i really like them

it's not even old clothing your dilating wound is just bleeding because you automatically assumed people who dress like that are muh evil natzees and it offends you, cope

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I didn't assume anything faggot, this is just not current period clothing. But the fact that you associate it with Nazis is telling.
Stop historical LARPing like a tryhard faggot and wear modern clothes.

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This approach seems to be predicated on the idea that it's more important to avoid censure from people you have little in common with than to attract people who would actually share your interests. Basically "why don't you just conform to what everybody else is doing", which is a criticism you can also apply to contemporary styles with any actual character, no?

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not neofolk

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You need to realize /fa/ is just underage kids living in some flyover state who want to play pretend nazi without anybody calling them out on in.

If they had any confidence they'd just wear actual neofolk pieces and not try to downplay the connotations.

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Olive clothing...anyone confirm quality of the materials in terms of their trousers?

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why do these people always have such narrow shoulders? it's obvious these people have never split a log in their lives

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That's not wholly true. I'm a regular dude, I just really enjoy this aesthetic.

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Be warned about olive clothing, after a bit of online sleuthing I found out that most of their stuff is dropshipped from China, by reverse image searching them on taobao I could find them for on average 1/5 of the price. Made this just now to warn people.

Never buy from any "British" brand you can't find much about and has no real story of a history or any actual designers (and I mean NAMES AND FACES)

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See >>15095645

From what I've read of the trousers online, the "wool" begins to pill very quickly, and personally a jumper I ,regrettably, bought from them also felt like it was beginning to fall apart within a week.

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Neofolk niggas post jackboots but never actually are going to own a pair because they are pretty archaic by now

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I'm also interested in the neofolk aesthetic, what are some essential pieces of this look?

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the varg larpers in this thread are fuckin embarassing. go back to /pol/

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I think the Heinrich Harrer cosplay is also a bit of a reaction to the 'stick some runes on it and call it neofolk' approach of a few years ago. From the tacky to the nondescript. Harris Tweed though? Maybe Loden...

Good to know. I thought the prices seemed quite low for what it is/was meant to be. If something seems too good to be true etc etc.

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thanks for proving my point, tranny
also why are you so desperate about fitting in modern fashion standards? you know very well that pretty much everyone is disgusted by your mere sight

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retard tranny

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god, chill. I'm a liberal as fuck dude, and even I can let dudes wear some fucking wool pants without shouting '/pol/!'. Maybe wait until one of them posts a swastika or some shit, geez

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absolute retard

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Thought as much. Fuck.

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Based. You can't change the retards who call themselves racist or nazi because they want to fit in with the incels from the cambodian whale wrestling forum anyway.

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I don't think you actually read what you're replying to.

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not neofolk

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You're honestly retarded if you buy something made from 50 percent polyester at 100 dollars. You're all such fashion victims holy shit. Don't buy from expensive brands and expect quality; know what quality is and buy it from the lowest bidder. But I suppose you wouldn't know the difference.

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Can you even call yourself neo-folk if you don't go mushroom hunting?

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>Warning people about a shit brand = buying from and supporting a shit brand

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Pic I took today

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cant see anything

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How many times did you walk away from your tripod thinking 'i cant wait to post this. I'm so neofolk.' I bet youre the guy everyone in your shitty village thinks is batty when you walk around like this. Go sheer a sheep or something and be of more value.

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not neofolk

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You're fine. I only laugh at the idiots who buy synthetic shit at twenty times its value and cry when it breaks within a week.

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Looks good

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kill yourself

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knoch looks like Shia Laboeuf height

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cool picture but you cant see the outfit at all

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Yes I did. He's liberal, so am I, and he doesn't complain about people dressing like nazis, so do I

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A few years ago there were Nazis on /fa/ but it was subtle. Like an Iron Guard t-shirt in a t-shirt thread.
At some point people, possibly from leftypol, started coming on /fa/ and making retarded "nazi fashion" threads. You could tell it was never real nazis: remember /pol/ and /fa/ lived side by side for years and those threads probably only started around the time Trump became a serious contender.
Since then the other thing you see is "just dress how you want" all the time which never would have happened on old /fa/: people knew that not all fits are equal and there's no point looking like a retard.
I'll grant that I don't know if all these nazi threads today are just psy-ops. I think actual retards from /pol/ started joining in with them eventually.

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nice try igor but knoch is taller than you

ps: stay irrelevant

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Good looking out

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Why would leftists create fascist fashion threads you fucking idiot?

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Pretty simple answer is to easier identify the fascists, or something like that

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isn't knoch like a turk or some shit? his brother looks like young stallone

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where are his shoulder

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He was half or quarter bosnian. Nothing wrong with that.

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not his brother

igor, call an ambulance your asshole is leaking

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It's funny to see people make up shit about knoch when he's one of the few people I've actually interacted with in person.

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confirmed never to have worn a military pack

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Wait, so herr urst is a midget?

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cool it igor you wouldn't want people to like knoch more than they already do

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w2c everything

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you really need to stop this igor. people are starting to notice your shizophrenia more and more. you'll end up being ignored

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Relax fella

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you mean just collages, or are grids ok?

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So like just get a pair of dark wool trousers, an earthtone ragg wool sweater, maybe a solid earthtone wool flannel, and some leather shoes or combat boots. Some sortve wool jacket or maybe an old leather military jacket. Too bad it's Corona time. All this could be had at thrift if it wasn't.

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In the summer time just get some linen button ups, cotton trousers, and maybe tees all in earth tones.

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Virgin Manlet

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Is this the Mournes?

>> No.15099953

That's right!

>> No.15099954

pseud confirmed

>> No.15099957

Is h a good artist? I only know he does seamstress work.

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that's not what this kind of work is called. he owns a factory

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>he owns a factory

daddy's money, daddy paved the way for the mediocrity to indulge in his gay hobby professionally
whose merit? karma?

>> No.15099985

He's been posting extensively about his operation on the neofolk discord. I've asked him about every detail because I'm interested in making my own designs as well. He's paid for the machines by making and selling clothing for the last six years.

Really igor, get a grip. Get a job and make something of yourself other than a shitposting faggot.

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>daddy's money

you live in government free housing, no job, no future prospects nothing

>> No.15099994

go run around naked in the forest on speed while listening to death in june. you will get to feel like a pathethic forestfag like your ancestors

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>Get a job and make something of yourself other than a shitposting faggot.

you're such a comical pompous piece of shit homosexual lol why would you call me igor?
get a life

>> No.15100011

>Get a job and make something of yourself

You are this guy

>> No.15100014

protip, he was a fraud and a parasite living off other people's money

>> No.15100015

pro tip for igor:

it's visible at all times

>> No.15100016

You are a genetical dead end igor. Eat more of your free pizzas and jerk off to tranny porn.

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get a life

>> No.15100020

Ok igor, see you in a few hours when you've gone through most threads of the board to post some irrelevant drivel. Remember to order your pizza,

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neofolk doesn't just mean whatever knoch wears

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Right. It just means to wear what Knoch wears but look like shit.

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google neofolk
wtf is this trash lol

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go to https://twitter.com/igorgutman

and take a look at this subhuman

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Igor is harbinger

>> No.15100054

igor is a homosexual jew drug addicted shizophrenic

>> No.15100060

Incorrect, sir. Not homosexual, not drug addicted in many years, not schizophrenic.

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And hundreds more of your manic phase shizo posts. Not even counting the hundreds more when you take off your trip.

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>manic phase

I don't get manic. And I see nothing wrong with that link lol

>> No.15100080

ok shizo stay delusional

post the garbage your shove down your throat again, maybe somebody will remember you for your abnormal behaviour in some youtube vid with 500 views in a few years

>> No.15100101

mad alcoholic

>> No.15100105

I know you are Igor, you keep telling everybody.

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Are you referring to pizza? But even with all that pizza Igor still look better than your weak faggot ass. Imagine if Igor wasn't balding.

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Igor, you REALLY need to start understanding how this works. You can SEE your posting even if you take off your trip. Fucking retard.

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>> No.15100118

There are 35 unique posters. Calm your tits ))

>> No.15100121

lmao you are even more retarded than I thought.

The tracker doesn't update just because you take your trip off.

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Are you this insane? You think everybody should only post one post in a given thread?

>> No.15100126

holy fuuuuck no wonder you always cry about wanting to go back before the internet again

>> No.15100129

Igor please. I kinda liked you being the underdog who still makes it through live even though he's down on his luck but this shit is so obvious it's not even funny anymore. Finding your twitter really didn't help either.

>> No.15100502

Igor ruins every thread he touches

>> No.15100543

Fuck I miss home

>> No.15100649

>Nazi larping

>> No.15100658

id on pants?

>> No.15100762

You either look like a chad or you look like a fucking nerd that was bullied hard in HS with this style, there's no point in between

>> No.15100771

you personally always look like a faggot though js

>> No.15100786

If I went to that performance as a mixed guy would they kick my ass?

>> No.15100802

you'd be the token ethnic dude they could use to pretend they're an open and accepting multicultural scene

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>Olive Clothing categorizes their pants as "legwear"

I fucking hate hipsters

>> No.15101480

>just thrifted a red and grey wool button up
So comfy, been waiting for a renaissance. Wonder if it's the roaring 20's kicking in.

>> No.15101484

>drop crotch and tuck boots make legs look super short
>no broad shoulders/chest
>all this excessive rolled shit as accessories

poor execution

>> No.15101746

>no idea about anything in the picture

poor comment

>> No.15102940

Redpill me on Igor. Why is he such a fag?

>> No.15102944


he's a 5'8 jew, gay, shizo, bald, living in government housing, no job, ultra neet, no gf, no sex live, jerks off to transexuals, shit posts almost 24/7 on several image boards

>> No.15103007

Literally any charity/vintage shop

>> No.15103036

I really like that jacket.

>> No.15103225

Pathetic cope

>> No.15103929

Link to neo folk discord?

>> No.15104356


>> No.15104368

Varusteleka obviously, like 5 years ago though

>> No.15104372

>this is just not current period clothing
lol, welcome to postmodernity, faggot

>> No.15104378

Pretty sure there was a black guy performing at last Erntereigen festival

>> No.15104382

cool pic

how can you tell?

>> No.15104420

Neofolk is military clothing from ww2 and before. Mostly german. Because that's what the scene is built on. That's the visuals the music alludes to.

It's fact.

>> No.15104539

>It's fact.
I am not necessarily a regular but I have been to enough neofolk concerts and have enough friends who are more heavily involved with the scene to know that it's not. I have seen all kinds of rare camo from all periods, old-timey (early 20th century) menswear and girls in black latex to know that visual styles associated with neofolk are more diverse than you make them out to be.

>> No.15104570

its not just german, more alpine

>> No.15104581

Italians are not alpine

>> No.15104606

look at a map

>> No.15104614

I know, but there is nothing particularly alpine about the fascist style of dress, which is what I was trying to get at.

>> No.15104655


token friend who goes to the goth thing

>> No.15104730

lol what

>> No.15104732


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>> No.15106157

kys dumb fuck

>> No.15106320

I mean, you're clearly wrong though.

>> No.15106344

Nope. You are. See any of the pics posted itt of actual neofolk bands or concerts. It's all milsurp.

>> No.15106501

See, this is how I know you have never been to a concert and have no contact with the scene at all.

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>> No.15106548

This pic is only here to show: even Death In June, the one (1!) neofolk band that typically performs in camouflage doesn't do so exclusively and when they do, they do not limit themselves to German WW2 patterns.

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Now, obviously milsurp is part of the aesthetic, axis and northern European milsurp especially, but black shirts are much more central. The visual aesthetic associated ith neofolk is about inegrating early 20th century European gentlemanly, fascist and folky styles with modern gothic and arguably hipster aesthetics. Knoch is part of that, fucking hipster that he is, but at a concert most of his outfits would be seen as overdoing it.

This is a photo by lefty "investigative" journalists btw, trying to make neofolkers look as much as neonazis as possible. Pretty sure there are only few milsurp pieces even here and the band certainly isn't wearing any.

>> No.15106578

not neofolk

>> No.15106580

Knoch isn't part of anything neofolk you idiot.


>> No.15106587

these look so fucking gay holy shit

>> No.15106648

>Douglas P. is openly gay,[1] and says that "being gay is fundamental to Death in June". His literary influences include Yukio Mishima and Jean Genet, whom he admires "not only because their work was brilliant but that they were also gay. It adds so much."

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Falangists were peak A E S T H E T I C

>> No.15106951
File: 53 KB, 960x480, di6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Except he totally is, he is literally the centerpiece of these threads.


>> No.15107023

Except he doesn't listen to neofolk nor does he partake in the 'scene'

>> No.15107109

lol bottom left guy

>> No.15107206

No one implied that - although: "Neofolk sucks and is a shitty genre" is a common judgement among avid neofolk listeners.

>> No.15107254

Neofolk is shit and knoch wants nothing to do with it

>> No.15107315

well, he should start dressing accordingly.

>> No.15107330

so you are saying knoch dresses like neofolk? nice backpaddlin faggot

>> No.15107341

When did I say anything else?

>> No.15107408

Got a pair of Universal Works pants and they're good.

>> No.15107843

poast pic of u in them i wanna see how they fit

>> No.15108441

>on the neofolk discord
lmao this thread is gold

>> No.15108445

cringe comment

>> No.15109394

There is a Japanese(?) brand I stumbled across on /fa/ a few years back. It was an ad-campaign with blond youngish boys(&girls?) in farm like, woolen clothing in earthtones, the pictures were taken in the mountains.
If I remember correctly they were holding shepherd's crooks or something of the likes.

It's not Kapital, Visvim, Blackmeans, ...
pretty unknown brand.

(It was maye called something like Truve, Thul, could also start with a different letter, but it was a very short name).

Help would be appreciated.

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File: 1.05 MB, 1795x1729, me 2016 hanging around.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

tldr w2c comfy well fitting 100% wool pants
not overpriced

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absolutely terrible

>> No.15109436


>> No.15109441

holy fuck you look tiny and gay no fucking wonder you're so angry all the time

>> No.15109446

>imagine being 50 years old
>still dressing better than most people on a fashion forum

>> No.15109449

and what's most important is that Igor spends nothing on his clothes while looking better than everyone

>> No.15109450

discord trannies seething

>> No.15109454

twink bitches on suicide watch

>> No.15109455

you look like a drugged aids victim

>> No.15109459

Igor, please see

>> No.15109511

Can you be neofolk without being racist?

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>> No.15109588


>> No.15109673


>> No.15109759


>> No.15109761


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>> No.15109807

You're already racist.

>> No.15109841


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is that fucking jerma

>> No.15109866

faceblindness is a symptom of autism

>> No.15109927

fucking berri uqam

>> No.15109929

I got the Aston Pants which are their slimmest fit although they're still not slim. They're the only ones that are long enough for me.

>> No.15110074

I remember seeing these before but I can't remember either

>> No.15110287

Eww, knock became so ugly with age. That poor fool.

>> No.15110347

ok igor. still looks better than you

>> No.15110381
File: 105 KB, 378x571, 20200329_094021.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what the fuck are these prices, those pants are like $20 max. at any other store

>> No.15110741

that's not it, unfortunatelly
odd, I wonder if we think of the same thing

>> No.15110766

not neofolk

>> No.15110800

you're wrong and probably a milsurp nazi

>> No.15110804
File: 161 KB, 1024x1536, TROVE AW 2011 1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah, not Beaugan. But I think I found it. I thought you'd be referring to some of the more grounded mori male styles and dug up from that folder TROVE AW 2011 fits.
They still do some pretty cool fits last i've seen in the 2019 seasons.

>> No.15110807
File: 178 KB, 1024x1536, TROVE AW 2011 2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.15110808
File: 154 KB, 1024x1536, TROVE AW 2011 3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.15110812
File: 146 KB, 1024x1536, TROVE AW 2011 4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.15110815
File: 135 KB, 1024x1536, TROVE AW 2011 5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

More at https://coromo.jp/look/trove-2011aw-look

>> No.15110823

not neofolk

>> No.15110862

Post neofolk then retard

>> No.15110868

all neofolk

>> No.15110885

dude he dresses exactly like Douglas P. Even if he hates the music there's no way to deny that he fits it to a tee.

>> No.15110911

That would mean though that all the other garbage but the knoch fits itt are NOT neofolk

>> No.15110941
File: 843 KB, 1920x1080, risti.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

neofolk is more than just Douglas P. but that doesn't mean that Douglas P isn't neofolk

>> No.15110944

milsurp neofolk > scared kids dirty hippy folk pretending to be nazi

>> No.15110945
File: 66 KB, 450x600, hooded.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.15110946

>Douglas P

he just throws random militaria together with a lot of it being german ww2

knoch almost exclusively wears full uniforms by now

>> No.15110949

how is this an argument for>>15110911
or against my point

>> No.15110952

I'm saying Douglas P might be wearing some items that Knoch wears but not that they dress the same way.

You honestly need to either go back to the discord or kill yourself at this point.

>> No.15110960
File: 74 KB, 385x500, snibber.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm not>>15110885
but yeah I'd say that Knoch can be used as inspo, but isn't neofolk himself

>> No.15110966

Knoch is more neofolk than 80% in this thread.

>> No.15110989

>these threads
>a representation of neofolk

>> No.15111012

neofolk is garbage

>> No.15111024

why are you here then faggot?

>> No.15111079

this neofolk things just seems like something akin to a ww2 solider uniform, or rather, an officer uniform

>> No.15111127

Shut the fuck up

>> No.15111148

to shit on retards like you

I bet you're a 'gamer' too

>> No.15111157

nice Mickey Mouse gloves

>> No.15111175

What's up incel?

>> No.15111256

YES, this is it! Thank you so much

>> No.15112185

For the autists arguing:
Should we call the aesthetic that some people refer to as neofolk but isn't death in june cosplay something else to soothe your tism or can we just let them coexist because everyone understands what's being discussed

>> No.15112315

That looks less neofolk and more like a character in a Wes Anderson movie imo

>> No.15112418

Epic thread

>> No.15112995
File: 48 KB, 460x554, 1577926165091.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Where to cop bottom left trousers or something similar pls friends?

>> No.15113057

Just call this shit neovolk or neofolk no one gives a fuck about fat bald man and their faggy metal songs about random wars they weren't around in and glorify, oops, I mean "really do justice and actually respect if you listen to the lyrics"

>> No.15113678

oh fuck, i was always on the fence about ordering from them but never checked out my cart. good one anon.

>> No.15113689
File: 74 KB, 1024x1024, based_jacket.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If based and not an uberfaggot you will look into pic related

>> No.15113691
File: 505 KB, 3203x4311, 22126selfweavewhite.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

w2c similar shirts in the US? uniqlo and muji fit like shit and I don't want to pay international shipping

>> No.15113693

not neofolk

>> No.15113695

Its a good fucking jacket

>> No.15113701

looks cheap china made

>> No.15113713

It may not cost a 2 month's paycheck but even the cheapest knockoff of this jacket will outlast both your life and your aged, worm infested husk inside a coffin.

>> No.15113717

ok faggot sit down

it still looks cheap

>> No.15113718

... And it'll outlast your shitty, 1000 dollar designer boots.

>> No.15113720

Don't own those. I buy quality. Have fun with your shitty second hand china made M65 that smells of boomer cum, kid

>> No.15113730

Boomers don't buy the ones from china, retard.

>> No.15113759

Why're you claiming a shitty chink knockoff will last just because the jacket it's based on does? Do you not understand what a knockoff is?

>> No.15114480

not neofolk

>> No.15114493

funny zoomer unfunny joke

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