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If I like the Uniqlo look, what other 2-3 stores do I look out for?

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american apparel

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Is there a cheaper uniqlo that still retains that uniqlo minimalism?
I cant afford shoes. Will their slippers work as my only shoes

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if you can't afford uniqlo you need to stop thinking about fashion and start thinking about earning more money.

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getting NPC energy from this post

>>15065457 based

>>15065483 Uniqlo should be affordable enough for anyone to buy from there, unless you're legit 15 years of age
what do you do for a living

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Gap/Old Navy with some select choices can do it for the same price bracket. It beats digging through thrift for used clothing.

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THey make clothes ?

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COS and Muji

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also all these scandinavian minimalism high-quality basics brands that used to be memed here like ACNE or CP Projects

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... you can't afford uniqlo? 90% of clothes in uniqlo are under $15

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wish they shipped to US damn it

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>it beats digging through thrift for used clothing
it really fucking doesn’t, fast fashion is cancer for the culture and your wardrobe

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>the uniqlo look
that’s a bruh moment and a half

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Journal Standard
United Arrows

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arket is way more expensive but great
bought this jacket from there years ago, bonkers quality

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thrift fashion is beyond garbage
off yourself

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Im unemployed

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You don't know how to thrift

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Fast fashion is literal garbage. Most of the stuff sold at the gap just ends up at in the trash or at the thrift store or charity shop anyway. Why do you want to contribute to so much waste?

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bro you’re literally advocating for old navy, reconsider your life

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get a job, seriously, doesn't it feel awful to do nothing?

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Old navy is laughably bad. None of the pieces in that pic are salvageable. Gap is boomercore.

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arket aka greenwashed h&m

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im unemployable

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no excuses, there's always shit they need people to do. You can read and write, there are jobs that need no other qualification than that. No fucking excuses from you, lazy slacker

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I dont know how to drive and no license and no way to pay for a car in an area where it is mandatory and all jobs demand the employee has a license.

I went to college and got good grades. Full scholarship. I tried hard all my life and i still ended up living like this.

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What'd you go to college for anon

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We live in 2020. You can literally rent those shitty bicycles and live through working for Glovo or Uber eats in them. And you don’t really need cars to commute to your workplace, there is a thing called public transportation, and even in my rural-suburb area it is available.

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>public transport
Straight up no. Ironically being more ruralish seems to give you better public transport here.
Its not about my ability to go to work(which i have none) its that jobs straight up will NOT take you if you have no license. Especially the unskilled jobs ive been desperate for. This comes from experience.

I dont do app shit. 2020 is shit. I cant work out that stuff and honestly id likely get shot trying to do it. (Frequent shootings just up the street from me)
It doesnt matter. College is a meme

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What are you doing on a fashion driven board? Your brokeass doesn't belong here, this community is all about following the latest trends, copping exclusive collections, etc. You can't do any of that. Just shop at Walmart no one is gonna give a single fuck how your bummy ass dresses. Just leave

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Recently discovered Arket as well, I'm surprised no-one talks about it much. Very based

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why are you so mean

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dude… seriously? OP ignore this guy

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>Ironically being more ruralish seems to give you better public transport here.
More reason for you to stop bitching.
> Its not about my ability to go to work(which i have none) its that jobs straight up will NOT take you if you have no license. Especially the unskilled jobs ive been desperate for.
You don’t need a license for working at a grocery store, as a waiter, nor as a sales assistant or as a labourer in a amazon warehouse.
The answer is that your personality is probably so aversive that no one stands being around you for more than 30 seconds. If that is so, you could have the best credentials in the world and you will remain unemployed.
Just last week I turned down a job proposition in college, and I’m not even on STEM.

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>you dont need a license to do this
Yes you do. Why are you straight up ignoring what I am saying. I have tried. I have been denied specifically for not having a license.
>more reason for you to stop bitching
Uh, no? Because I'm not rural.

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why would you ever buy uniqlo when you can just thrift for better quality while being cheaper

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>im unemployable

volunteer at a thrift shop. puts you in the vicinity of cheap clothes, gives you training in being a retail slave, gives you something to put on your resume that you can say you were doing rather than blank-facing the interviewer when he asks.

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>fashion culture

Way to gatekeep cringelord

You're literally buying people's ragged, used clothing they farted and sweated in. You're wearing someone else's human slime.

Hey genius, how do you think the clothes got into the thrift stores to begin with? What difference does it make? None whatsoever. Quit lying to yourselves you hypocrites- like you never bought any cheap, fast fashion.

Another gatekeeping asshat. As to what? More expensive brands so you can larp as a rich person? Like anyone can even tell.

As to what? Actual boomer clothes from the thrift store? Please, spare me.

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no those brands are bad because they fit like shit and look awful

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They're actually one of the few brands who have consistency in their fit- also one of the few who offer "slim" fitment.

Others, even today, fit boomer-tier where everything has to be baggy or loose. Clothing gets torn up or worn-out, they're literally made to be disposed later. You also help places get on their feet like Bangladesh and Vietnam by purchasing these clothing.

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There is no argument to be had because you have no understanding of reality.

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what the fuck does that even mean

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Compared to what, really? Your objective, ~superior~ understanding of reality? Lets be real- quit lying to yourselves like you only buy four-figure, pricetag luxury fashion for your everyday fits. Everyone buys fast fashion like Gap and Old Navy or Uniqlo- yes, even my rich self-made, baller friends. That's how they got rich, by buying cheaper things.

Stop being fake. OP was asking for budget-friendly brands, not Paris catwalk Thom Browne clothing.

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how the fuck is thom browne the first thing you think of lmfao irrelevant ass

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Others, even today, fit boomer-tier where everything has to be baggy or loose.
you mean like uniqlo lol

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the fact that you think there’s nothing in between looking like a sexcore old navy npc and your understanding of runway fashion is telling

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>not posting ideas for OP
>regurgitating bs

Gap/Old Navy > Uniqlo

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are you a /fit/ crossposter or just looking for (you)s?

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>implying any of those stores have an actual personality you can compare

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>needing (muh fash) to have personality to convey my own

Fashionnova/F21 liars. Ya'll be the type to see your homie wearing the exact same denim jacket you got on clearance. Posting like you only wear expensive fits when we all know you just buy base-model like everyone else does.

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fashion nova and forever 21 are literally no different from those 3 tho? and no one ever implied they were?

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why do you assume is someone doesn’t wanna look like one type of npc they wanna look like another barely distinct type of npc
why do you assume personal style=expensive clothes
have you ever seen clothes that don’t come from a mall or the front page of instagram

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>everyone else is an NPC logic
>everyone who doesn't ((know)) and isnt ((woke)) about my fashion sense is an NPC

That thinking in and of itself is bot status. You can create decent fit by mixing and matching parts from those cheaper brands (Fashionnova/Gap/F21/Uniqlo). They are copies of higher-end fashion that changes every season. At the least, you can keep your everyday fit relevant by keeping your shopping with fast-fashion frequent. Compared to people who still hold on to memes like lunarcore, normcore or cyberpunk/digital nomad. It really does beat shopping thrift store for used goods, but I suppose if you are really in need for a budget, thrift-store shopping can suffice if you are smart with what you purchase.

Much rather advise to purchase fast-fashion over thrift store though.

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consistency and “holding onto memes” while still developing on them in your own way is preferable to being a trendhopping faggot

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Not involved in this but i actually try to dress npc core as much as possible. I want to be completely conforming while still looking ok. I dress exclusively in uniqlo basics

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I personally really like olive and beams plus, but I only get beams plus and other japanese brands on grailed because they're used so they're cheaper.

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this guy gets it

If you dress too outwardly you are deemed a social outcast automatically. You kinda have to conform, but only enough to fit in. But at the same time, you don't want to be too much like an NPC. Wolf in sheep clothing mindset

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What I learned from this thread: Everyone in here dresses like their name is Jake, Alex, or John.

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is this like a weird twitter meme

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you're a pussy if you dress to fit in

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its not about dressing to fit in i want to dress my personality IE no personality

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No it just means everyone here likes to dress like normie NPCs with absolutely no personality who are afraid of standing out in any sort of way and want to live their life in mediocrity.

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i mean yeah. thats what we are man. again its not a fear of standing out its just embracing the lack of personality

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Me too, more or less. The only time I really want to stray from Uniqlo is pants. I want a higher-rise and I don't want slim fit.

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Not to whom you were replying but what good is dressing to *not* fit in? I don't have something to "say" with my clothes. I just want to look good and respectable and only stray from that when something tickles my autistic fancy.

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massimo duti

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>If I like the Uniqlo look, what other 2-3 stores do I look out for?
target and wal-mart

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the fact that your parents named you Polonius or something doesn't make you special
there' probably many Jakes out there more effay than you

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if you live in a real city where everyone is dressed in 4 different color palettes at the same time and thrifts or just in general wears ruined clothing
wearing uniqlo would actually make you really special

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I wear both uniqlo and thrift, don't see what the big deal is - it's perfect to mix uniqlo basics with some more interesting / higher quality thrifted finds

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thrift and buy stuff from ebay/depop

it's tough anon but at some point, you have to stop making excuses

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Yes this is Polonius, fuck you Jake.

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Every fucking fashion victim in my city wears Uniqlo with "thrift and some high end pieces"

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Thrifting here is just buying used fast fashion

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you've got to have good spots, go to a richer neighbourhood or something

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Wearing an old person's clothing doesnt make you cool or interesting

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very far from true

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op if you can afford 4chan you have everything you need in order to, with efforts, get a job.

bad excuses imo

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neither does fast fashion or talking shit on 4chan

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>afford 4chan

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is it possible you're retarded and when they asked for your license, you said you don't have one but all they wanted was an ID?

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No. They want a license

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>a device that can access the internet

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Neither of these things are expensive. In fact they can be free

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yea, but if you have the access you can make money, and by making money you can make more money.
of course it doesn't work without a lot of effort put into it.

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i dont follow your logic

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Move to another place.

>but I cant becau-

Shut the fuck up. You went to college, right? Ok then, stop crying and get it together, baby. Ain't nobody gonna help you but you. Now get out there and put work in, nothing is for free.

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on what money

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even by just doing opinion surveys on the internet you can make money. OP has no excuse being "unemployable"

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dude please just write out your entire point and method in one post. i am getting tired of the 20 questions here

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is uniqlo the best cheap store out there? or is there better cheaper

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Cheaper for the same quality? Nah

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I wore pleated brown wool pants and a tweed blazer today to work. I don't need to, I just want to. Everybody seems to dig it. I did have a chav kid shout something at me

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you're a troll but people like you really do exist. When I'm in power the work shy are all going against the wall.

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>.25 cents per hour
yeah no, I mean maybe op can do a hostile takeover of a trap house and start moving product, I'm in mergers and acquisitions so I don't know how that works.
Anyhow, let's not stoop to uniglo's level, whatever this is, and let's up our game to some elegance. thenkssss.

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>you're a troll
I genuinely cant figure out how to get a job

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