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Post some neofolk inspo

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Need ID on trousers, shirt, socks pls

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Trousers are form Universal Works, not sure about the shirt or socks. Shirt looks very similar to the m21 Czechoslovakian army shirt except for the collar is a little different.

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Thank you

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Damn i can't afford that. Anything similar that isn't more than 60$?

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I'd look around milsurp shops. Like the shirt for example, I got one for like £5, you can find some good trousers for cheap too. You can also get decent quality reproduction ww2 full wool trousers for under $60 on some websites. Great thing about neofolk is it can be as cheap or expensive as you want.

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Got got it. You know any black boots under 100-150$ that aren't shit? I'm just getting back into fashion

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The ones in the picture are Austrian army boots which I got used but in a great condition for just under 40$ in a online milsurp store. Surplus is your friend for buying non shit, cheap boots. If you are willing to spend a bit more, look at getting a pair of Solovairs, they would last you a lifetime and save money in the long run if you take care of them.

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Military surplus is gonna be your best bet. Etsy has a surprising amount

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I really like this aesthetic despite it being very foreign to my culture
t. spic

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Forgot to add the pic lol

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Can these be considered neovolk? They look kind of comfy and I love memeshit with chunky lugged soles like this

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Too formal. If you couldn't walk through a woods in them, then it's a no. Try dark academia.

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Just fascism and applicable to all peoples. fascism is not generally German national socialism. Most nations under communism it is a foreign entity to them that has devised the system.

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What I meant by "foreign to my culture" is that in the pictures I looked they often used european-ish symbols like runes, the black sun, and some other symbols like pic related

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Formal? Jesus Christ they have commando soles. Lurk more.

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That's the mathematic non-equality symbol. You should be able to guess what it means in this context.

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That men aren't created equally?

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what are some neofolk joggers /track pants ???

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>Be your pic
>Get called racist anyway
>Normies still think you're autistic
>Can't fit in with the right either, since you have to hate them to clarify that you're not racist
>Get beat up by both skinheads and antifa
>Cry alone in the corner

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source on those top right trousers? they look so damn comfy.

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They're from Universal works, I don't think they currently sell those exact trousers on their website anymore, they do have very similar ones though.

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urban youths think all whites are Caucasian.

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The new Harrison Ford film looks pretty effay

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>the sole means it isn't formal!!!111!

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is the winchester 1894 neofolk?

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really like this

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Russian and UK Neovolk looks fine to me, not so German

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God you sound retarded.

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Neither Russian nor Brits are neofolk.

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Looks pretty cool, what boots are those?

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iirc south african

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10ks dude

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Is Pan's Labyrinth considered neofolk?

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No, the spanish civil war is neofolk, childish escapism is not.

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>pans labyrinth
>childish escapism


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No, you're not cool killing animals for fun.

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Does this count?

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is it worthwhile to read the bhagavad gita?

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>american vietnam style

Are you dumb?

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Why go in a fucking neofolk thread if

1.) You're afraid of anything formal whatsoever
2.) You think people can only wear boots. What the fuck do you think people were wearing on their feet until 1980?

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i kill animals for food you mentally ill faggot.

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a pebble-grain or alpine grain will work far better for a blucher, is the traditional finish for something like this worn outdoors, and will look more "neofolk"

ignore the retards.

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you took down a moose with what, 30-30???

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they're either WW2 US combat service boots, or copies made by an allied power (france did it for example) or a civilian copy

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They're SADF boots with ww2 gaiters on top

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yes. i only have 3 guns.
a 22, a 30-30, and a 12 gauge.
is the browning sa-22 neofolk?

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hell yes, very cool

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is sun and steel neofolk?
what are some neofolk books?

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That's a good point, I hadn't considered other grains of leather

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There could be arguments for and against Mishima.

I'd say Neofolk books are:
- Jünger: Der Waldgang
- Evola: Rivolta contro il mondo moderno
- Evola: Cavalcare la tigre
- Dhammapadam
- Bhagavad Gita
- Hamsun: Markens Grøde

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I want a neofolk gf to go on hikes and farmers' markets together. I want to knit socks and scarves and make home-cooked meals with her and fuck her hairy pussy at night when we listen to Death in June or just the rain.

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Hiking is Neofolk.

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Mumins & Diy are Neofolk

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all you need is an AK-47 and you're ready to join the Khmer Rouge.

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Anti-intellectualism is anti-neofolk.

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Seems like everyone influential is either gay or schizo.

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or both

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Being a gay schizo is Neofolk.

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Mumins are Neofolk.

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Nudism is Neofolk

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Eating non-processed food is neofolk.

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it seems that way to you because you're mentally ill

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Being mentally ill and making up your own religion is Neofolk.

Wir rufen deine Wölfe
und rufen deinen Speer!
Wir rufen alle zwölfe
vom Himmel zu uns her!

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You're both but still not neofolk

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Of course it is, bravo

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Are dickies 874s neofolk?
Wool has shit tier abrasion resistance.
Being a sarcastic faggot is not very neofolk.

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what are some neofolk rubber boots?

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kys kike

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im canadian of siberian descent.
you kys.

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>hurr if i just change the soles on formal shoes it works...

They are formal. The sole does not change that. Having formal shoes with casual soles is like smart casual with a suit jacket and jeans. It does not work. Lurk more.

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xtratufs are the best I've ever owned

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Where's the line drawn between neofolk and plain milsurp exactly?

>> No.15060355

I'm not sure most neofolk types can afford CCP boots.

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Literally this describes my gf but she doesn’t dress Neofolk

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literal kike

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Neofolk is about re-awakening local traditions, rejecting the modern world, consumerism and americanized mass-culture.

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I'm very jealous. How did you get her?

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neofolk is rare unique pre 1945 items
milsurp is whatever 1980s soviet and US trash you can get

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is being barefoot neofolk too?

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Retard whats the point in neofolk if you’re scared of anything formal, fuck off back to /r/streetwear you mutt. Don’t tell him to lurk more, you’ve only been posting here a couple of months as far as I see, the first posts from you I remember is schizo tier mutt-white nationalism drive

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What does she dress like?

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>Neofolk is about re-awakening local traditions, rejecting the modern world, consumerism and americanized mass-culture.

>base entire identity around functional outdoor wear with a 1940s aesthetic
>seek validation through obscure internet meme fashion
>spend money on vintage items to get your LARP outfit just right for a selfie

You guys are fucking faggots.
t. actual fascist.

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It's larp.

>> No.15061130

all fashion is larp

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Does this mean spics can be neofolk too?

>> No.15061138

Nope. It's Europe only.

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There is a split in the neofolk community. One is eurocentric and to some degree also nazi, the other is open-minded to the notion of non-euro neofolk, although it is a new development. Check out antifascistneofolk dot com

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I'm not sarcastic you cringy kid, i have read that book 3 times and I respect anyone who mentions it. Fuck off from this board

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What would be an example of non-euro neofolk?

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fuck off

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neo vagina

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but i have foreskin.
are snow shoes neofolk?

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I'll stay jealous of Picard's endless drip for the rest of my life.

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what is the most neoflk breed of sheep?

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are icelandic goats neofolk?

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Monkeyspeak in not allowed in neofolk.

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W2C Trouserssss ahhhh!

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why is bhagavad gita neofolk?
seems like faggy vegan shit.

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What about beer?

>> No.15062257

A majority of artists within the neofolk genre focus on archaic, cultural and literary references. Local traditions and indigenous beliefs tend to be portrayed heavily as well as esoteric and historical topics.

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(((grains))) are not neofolk.
neither is the (((manufacturing, distribution, and sale))) of alcoholic beverages.
making your own mead, cider, and wine is extremely neofolk in my opinion.

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What would summer neofolk look like? If it's even a thing.

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What are the highest quality combat boots around $500? Are Dehner boots any good?

I might get custom White's Bounty Hunters and customize them to look like combat boots

>> No.15062707

Why would you do that when you can get great combat boots for less than $100

>> No.15062896

It's just a luxury thing at this point. I have some surplus boots but they get too uncomfortable after extended wear and the upper is looking not too good anymore.

I just want a similar look but a higher quality.

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lennon boots

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security team in corridor.webp

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Tik tok using, passive aggressive cunt, i demand an apology from you.

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What are some neofolk shoes that aren't boots?

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loving this

>> No.15063585

Has anyone actually bought boots from this company yet? Are they any good?

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Based but pic rel is even more based

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does flecktarn count as neofolk because it looks very similar to the ww2 camo used by the bundeswehr

>> No.15063956

depends how you style it, personally the flecktarn clothes are too modern of a style (not the camo, but the cut/pattern of jacket/trousers)

>> No.15063981
File: 53 KB, 700x700, original-german-army-waterproof-flecktarn_jacket-6249-a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this is true I got a goretex parka and I will admit it does look quite modern
I'm not going for a neofolk look tho it just fits my taste and is very practical
picrelated is my parka its become my go to jacket as winter becomes warmer

>> No.15064266

Theoretically can't Neofolk be dirt cheap? If you're trying to emulate what a peasant from the 19th century would look like, wouldn't that consist of mostly scrap and falling-apart clothing? Why spend $200 on a pair of boots when you could spend $10?

>> No.15064272

You understood nothing.

>> No.15064318

does anyone have tips, inspo or infographics for dressing neofolk as a female?

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The essence of this philosophy is quality over quantity, quality means old world looms, materials, hand sewing, natural dyes. This cost way beyond fast fashion level prices... Look at the prices on a Paul harnden coat(old british looms), hand sewn button holes, etc, on a Geoffrey b small blazer.. Or even a Visvim hand dyed anything... Quality, soul, love, attention to details, cost money

>> No.15064500

buy vintage

>> No.15064538

Not yet, but I promise I’ll make some infographics.

>> No.15064541

Back in the day, every piece of clothing was an investment. If not money, then time. But it was made to be used by you, adapted to your body and functional needs. It was a personal piece, not something soulless produced by slave labour for the profit of capitalists.

>> No.15064691

love the gloves

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Learn how to comb and spin wool.
Then learn how to knit, weave and sew by hand.
Supporting the (((textile industry))) is not neofolk.

>> No.15064945

not an argument

>> No.15065013

Indian streetshitter trash

>> No.15065195

Fuck off faggot

>> No.15065202

Neofolk is innately transgressive and anti-American you cannot be Antifa and neofolk. Even Jérôme Reuter caved in with his new album.

>> No.15065297

Red wing postman's are the best for the look. They have their origin in very Blue collar work

>> No.15066253

Neofolk clothing is pretty well defined but what does neofolk interior design look like?

>> No.15066294

plastered or not log or plank walls, homemade or locally handmade simple furniture, wood floors, a spinning wheel and/or related devices, a wood burning stove, no synthetic materials of any kind, no gas or electricity

>> No.15066353

that's americana as fuck bro, i'm talking raw denim and iron rangers americana. get a mauser or enfield

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>> No.15066682
File: 488 KB, 1180x1920, tumblr_pf9upgSp3X1rvhwhbo1_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.15066685
File: 50 KB, 494x650, 1555128488206.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.15066691
File: 208 KB, 740x1024, 740full-in-gowan-ring.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.15066698
File: 556 KB, 1500x1234, The-Fram-in-Antarctica-copy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.15066704
File: 66 KB, 404x599, 1378561122-0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.15066708
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I really like this. All of it.
Any links or suppliers you can personally recommend?
Also I'm 195cm (6,5) and finding proper fitting clothes is hard enough as it is, is it accommodated for within this niche?

>> No.15066731
File: 3.50 MB, 1028x1580, 1581215729906.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

take the deep-ecology or Eco-fascist pill with neo-folk or otherwise you faggots are nothing but larpers

>> No.15066752
File: 63 KB, 640x304, 1579089389137.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>that picture

>> No.15066758

My man. All I want is to ramble around the woods while basking in spring's warm sun. Grant to me, a light to see.

>> No.15066760
File: 39 KB, 559x560, 1559830522017.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I just picked a random from my harddrive. Only one that was slightly fitting

>> No.15066763

another hot tip is tapping into weird folk instagram.


>> No.15066790

you're all larpers regardless of wearing nazi uniforms or not

your fake nature love and eco friendly seclusionist bullshit is just as larpy

>> No.15066810

Is this near Hofgeismar? I recognize the hole in the asphalt.

>> No.15066812

I had a crush on a Kurd girl looking like her when I was in school. I hope she is doing well :(

>> No.15066816

>no Savitri Devi
>no Pentti Linkola
I'm surprised how non-edgy this post is.

>> No.15066835

>People are enjoying hobbies
>Better call 'em larpers

You're a bitter little boy.

>> No.15066937

because it's a leftist ecology chart

>> No.15066963

and here we have another stockholm syndrome technophile

>> No.15067140


>> No.15067201
File: 626 KB, 1120x1534, 9E25A5BD-4585-4534-AD04-743632D26A10.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what is the most neofolk breed of sheep?
sorry you’re such a faggot, must suck to be a disgusting sodomite.
why did he have a crush on a kurd or why hope shes doing well? maybe because shes not a dirty fucking kike?

>> No.15067316
File: 302 KB, 1080x811, faroesheep.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Faroese, of course. Making me homesick.

>> No.15067350

Agreed, nothing is made to last anymore. Back in the day you bought a jacket that would last you for 10-20 years and when it was ruined you did everything you could to fix it.

>> No.15067369

touchy subject

>> No.15067722

Faroese and Icelandic sheep are the best.
Góðan dag to all my island bros.

>> No.15067879

Guten Tag ;3

>> No.15067942

Looks good. How y’all are you and what’s your waist x inseam?

>> No.15067944

*how tall
Yikes. Exposed as a phone poster with autocorrect

>> No.15067948

>polyester sleeve lining

man why do they have to fuck up perfection with sweat-trap sleeves?

>> No.15067952

Kind of annoyed with that too. But comparatively Unversal Works isn't that expensive. I think they are just cutting costs to make their stuff somewhat affordable.

>> No.15067956

i've got a jacket with blanket-lined sleeves and it slips on and off just fine.
copped another blanket-lined jacket and it's got shitty polyester sleeves.
i'm actually thinking about having it sent out to have those removed and replaced because they're so shit.
good prices on the UW but those jackets would be better even unlined, i reckon.

>> No.15067977

need IDs on the coat, trousers and shoes
looks so comfy

>> No.15068091

What are some neo folk shoes to wear since I can’t go everywhere in cavalry boots?

>> No.15068116

either you commit to the style or you don't

>> No.15068123

roman sandals, and i say it unironically
maybe with linen pants instead of wool or rather a gentle poncho over a linen shirt
hard to pull off, i've been straining my brain with this lately

>> No.15068160

What’s an all purpose neofolk coat?

>> No.15068261

Anyone know some natural material, traditionally designed shorts that aren't faggy /tip/ shit or boomer khaki shorts? Preferably under $60

>> No.15068268

Varusteleka currently has some surplus wool coats that look breddy gud, but I don't know if that'd fit into "all purpose." If that's the case you can just get some other euro military parka with a removable liner

>> No.15068344

So neofolk is just being a loner hippy with a stick up your ass? Sounds pretty solid

>> No.15068369


>> No.15068400

>a loner hippy with knoch's dick up your ass

>> No.15068497

lmao knoch doesn't listen to neofolk. he's the first one to tell you that it's shit

>> No.15068723
File: 80 KB, 548x432, sessions042.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

he can say he hates it but he dresses like Doogie to a T lol

>> No.15068829

yeah because douglas is a skinny pretty boy and not a fat gay

>> No.15068934

what if I publicly adhere to that pic but am privately fully racist etc?

>> No.15068974

Too folk bruder. Neofolk is very much inspired by the fashion of the interbellum, WWII and the immediate post-war along with some industrialism sprinkled in. Linen and sandals are for hippies.

For summer inspo, look towards the Afrika Korps and alpinism.

>> No.15069076

Is it just americans that don't get what neofolk is? Why do they all think it's peasant and medieval forest clothing

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