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/fa/ approved smartphones? Smartwatches too while we're at it.
Obviously the purple iPhone 11 is a go.

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>Phones are fashion accessories too
Only if you're poor

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Yeah, always get fresh iphone to make sure your selfies are high quality. Of course chink phones have good cameras but they would probably die in few months and big brands price their products similar as Apple

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>phones are fashion accessories too

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Chink phones have good cameras if you want your face smoothed to the point that you look like a painting.

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>Smartwatches too
literally can't be effay

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I thank god for iPhone's. I used to have to guess who was a fucking retarded insecure consoomer that has no sense of taste or individuality. Now all i have to do is look at who owns iPhones.

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It's a meme now but the iphone 5 was the last good looking iphone. Everything since is just awkward looking, and anything larger than the 6 is too big. That said I have an 8 and will likely stick with iphones for a while since it's what all my friends have and makes everything easier.

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great contribution, doofus.

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Everything pre iPhone 8/X is ugly as fuck.

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Can we all agree that the OnePlus 7 Pro is a good contender?

-beatiful all screen display
-good build quality
-asthetic and non intruding camera bump on the back

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Sony xperia 2019-2020 is the only answer. Fuck apple. Fuck samshit. Fuck Chinese phones.

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Not with that ugly skin, no.

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Fuck off Igor

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This makes me feel really comfy
triggering and dabbing

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Nah fuck off, mahagony best skin

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it's as cringy as wooden shades

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phone bumpers are petty shit

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phone skins, whatever they are called, they are lame

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it's the equivalent of Soviet people keeping plastic on the TV remote control

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reminder that 70% of us economy is consoom

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>smart phones

Like me stop you right there. We are at the point in which all technology will be sued for evil so if you want the gov snooping on you and tracking you, go ahead.

I use a dumb phone. It makes calls. It's a phone. If I want to go online I use a pc because I am not an ant starring at a little cell phone screen.

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>smart phones

Like me stop you right there. We are at the point in which all technology will be used for evil so if you want the gov snooping on you and tracking you, go ahead.

I use a dumb phone. It makes calls. It's a phone. If I want to go online I use a pc because I am not an ant starring at a little cell phone screen.

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I use a smartphone because it's easier with the touch screen, flip phones are cool but really inconvenient. As for apps, I lost interest in games and whatnot like a few months after I got my first smartphone. But I'm not easily entertained.

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Do you wear wooden shoes? A wooden belt? Wooden watch strap? No? Then why a wooden phone skin?

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It's not a bumper lmao

So what you're saying is I should get a leather skin? Ordering right now

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only valid contribution in this thread so far.
looks surprisingly nice with the print and edges around the back camera

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>So what you're saying is I should get a leather skin? Ordering right now
Yeah a leather skin would look a lot better.

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Any phone with more than one camera hole is automatically disgusting and repulsive because it looks diseased.

My vote goes for the Moto G7 Power. The blue one.

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>because it looks diseased
You've got some weird hole phobia, mate.

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Come on, dude. They still look objectively shit with that many holes.

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Looks fine to me.

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Then you got some weird hole fetish, checkmayte

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Doesn't everyone?

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s-shut up

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Currently still own an iphone 4. The thing is build like a truck and just won't break. However, it isn't supported anymore by the latest updates, so I'm in the market for a new phone.

The thing is, the current phone market looks ridiculous to me. Everything is humongous to the point that they might as well advertise it as an ipad mini.

Any recommendations out there for phones on the smaller size? I don't need my phone to do a lot. Just internet, calling, whatsapp, and a nice camera would be nice.

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iPhone SE or the upcoming iPhone SE2?

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I've got the iPhone 8. Pretty much an iPhone 4's aesthetic in the size of an iPhone 6. But the SE2 should be launching in a month or so. And there's a huge difference between an iPhone 6/7/8 and an iPad mini. It's one third of the area.

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As someone with an iPhone, I actually prefer Signal, and only use iMessage/standard texts as an absolute last resort.

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not being able to attract people without being forced to use the same shitty phone as them is not fa

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I've been told this but I've also had sex with 3 girls in 2020 with my android and like 7 in 2019 so I think it's your game and not your phone

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Makes me actually happy that I own an android, it's like a cheap thot repellent

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god tier if it wasn't for meme 21:9
if these were 16:9 they would be peak aesthetic

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I entirely disagree. It sacrificed functionality only to blindly follow several trends, Oneplus phones used to have understated elegance, this just looks cheap and tacky.

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>pre iPhone 8/X is ugly as fuck
The X is disgusting. Also the 8 literally looks like a 6 lol aside from the body material

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Sorry but, imagine not just buying the phone for the utility of it. I agree some phones are more effay than others, but a phone is a gadget above all else. Same goes for smartwatches. You can buy something ridiculous like the Hermes/Apple Watch but if you really wanted a watch as a fashion accessory, you'd buy something like a Breitling or idk. (Having an Apple Watch is super useful, however.) Oh and Airpods, the dumbest status symbol of all. Lol

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even with the weird aspect ratio, do gotta say that this is the most effay phone out rn. and korean phones are garbage, samsung is shit, and chinese stuff is cheap spying hardware. iPhones still good tho
this hit home so hard, because i never really realised how much of a trope this was
facts tho

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Smartphones will never be /fa/

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>you'd buy something like a Breitling
An AW with a nice band looks better to me than a Breitling, but maybe that's because I'm a zoomer.

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Lmao I wonder what girls think of my fucked up pixel that got run over by a car covered in cracks and an exposed circuit board

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Iphone 5S/SE, Sony Xperia Z5 Compact

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