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Recently bought some replica m43 pants that are pretty great, however a lot the tunics, shirts and coats you find on militaria websites look so sterile and plain, essentially something you'd wear for a costume, were can I find stuff that looks a lot more authentic?

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I think the way to go if you want to avoid the military aesthetic is to wear pants like these without a military top. Consider civilian pattern jackets.

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Asking you guys and the /fa/scists. Looking for a coat like this old military great coat, but only hip length. Not a peacoat, though. These coats are cut different. They come in at the waist and the collar sits closer to the neck than a peacoat. I also like the epaulets. I wouldn't mind if the buttons were not brass. I do like that the threads are a splotch of different colored earth tone threads, seemingly in no particular pattern. Any leads you folks can give are appreciated.

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I don't love the color or lack of epaulets, but it's definitely the right length, and comes in a bit at the waist. Thanks, anon.

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balmain used to sell a green melton wool peacoat that looked like a greatcoat that lost its legs. peak 2012.

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Yeah I remember being in college in 2010-2012, me and this kid who was an audio engineering major would get all drunk and praise double-breasted wool coats, and be like "ladies love this shit!", because back then they did.
i posted this shit in the other thread, it's fire.

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Dye it, and have a tailor add epaulets. Np

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What's a good website t get pants similar to those on the bottom left?

I cannot find some decent ones for the life of me

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At the front makes pretty decent stuff but expensive and with limited supply, I heard. Other than that for these kinds of tunic, perfect fit is crucial and then you'll have to break it in. I've seen people burn off the nap of the fabric to make it look a bit more worn.

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