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Post grids and starterpacks, whatever the style.

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>fag flag
>wehrmacht uniform

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>failing this hard

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Death in June core ?

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What are those shoes

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>Being a pleb
>Not knowing Death In June
Deport yourself to Leddit normalnigger

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Still unable to ID anything on this pic

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>consoomer mentality

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Thats finnish ya dork

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Where can I find that sweater? It looks good anon

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neofolk is trash

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Id on those boots?

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backpack is universal works x barbour 2016 collab pretty much unavailable everywhere except 1 scuffed on one ebay

top left jacket and the grey pants are universal works

link to bottom left brown trousers(i've heard they look shit irl though so be careful); https://www.oliveclothing.com/men/legwear/p-oliveunique-20171206-001-chestnut-menswear-volk-trouser-chestnut

shoes bottom left look like 1461 mono docs

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You're trash

Thanks lad i guess all i can do is get a similar-looking bag somewhere else

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I've been looking for a bit and havent really found one i like.

if you find one post it in there pls and thx

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thanks. any id on the sweater etc in the middle?

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some stuff i made for that one thread

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Visvim core

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id on bag?

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why do people post uniforms? someone show me examples of people in public wearing uniforms as casual attire

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NVA Sturmgepack.

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ID on pantaloons?

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Holy shit this is the worst chart I have ever seen on effay.

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>cdg PLAY in 2020

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please ID top left top and trousers

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What links Death in June with lgbt?

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the sweater, jacket, and shirt in the middle row are all evan kinori

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Is this a subtle troll to get /pol/tards to dress like Chris-chan?

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id on gloves?

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ID on ankorak?

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seconded on iding anorak

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The rug really ties this fit together

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Is it a thing in the USA for men to wear engagement rings? I'm from Eastern Europe, and men here mostly wear just the wedding band, engagement ring is given to your wife-to-be

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far out dude

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>sexually insecure boomer republican core

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both are from Universal Works

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top left jacket is universal works

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douglas pearce is gay and has done gay porn

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As a U.S Marine, I can honestly say I hate wearing uniforms. They are a huge pain in the ass.

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Wearing mismatched old milsurp is not the same as wearing a full on matching army reg uniform

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holy shit, i need to know what these are called
my fucking house dweller brain needs to know this information

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Vintage J crew

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USGI glove inserts

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some amazon pair i found after searching slim fit cargo pants, they were like 30 bucks but are one of my favorite pants i own

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imagine wanting to larp as a class thats sense of style is "my dad has money"

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Finnish blood ladle


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None of these are uniforms. They’re military surplus and civilian clothing, a common combination.

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That’s because your uniforms are made from a lot of synthetic material, and also cut like shit

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Dope except for the Chelsea's.

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Fuck yeah

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w2c the pants/tunic

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just imagine a conversation between these 2

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what kind of pants or those?

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Definitely not where I'm from. Maybe some faggots in California do.

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r8 my b8

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kek I remember that thread

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I like

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I never noticed that the dude has the same aesthetic as my 80 year old Bulgarian landlord

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john varvatos keith boot

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>posting some generic zip up sweater and not just posting the Pendleton Westerley
Not a good look chief

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apparently rugby shirts with medallions were all the rage

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Knowing him he probably made them from old patterns. You can look around on his website https://herrurst.com/

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What do you guys think?

and yes, where i live is hot as fuck

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>wearing a high school ring
>wearing any class ring

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Sexually insecure energy

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The ring even says CWC

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bottom left pants are olive clothing

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guy who lives in a foreign country and hits on female american tourists core
not necessarily a bad thing

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