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This thread is for people born between 1985 and 1995. People halfway their 20s to halfway their 30s welcome.
- are you employed?
- what do you like to wear in your free time?
- what do you wear at work?
- what do you listen to?
- hobbies?

Please no zoomershit like Air Force 1s or chunky memeshoes. Also no menswear autism.

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Wait, 1980-1984 aren’t millennial?

Oh thank God.

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To start it off
- no, doing my thesis
- I like a combination of retro sportswear with normal sleek looking clothes. Favorite shoes are Adidas Sambas.
- at my internship I can wear whatever I want as long as it's not too casual or offensive but I prefer rugby shirts and cardigans
- techno, 80s
- I like cooking, photography, cycling and want to pick up tennis
Technically yes though at this point I feel like 35+ is a different age bracket

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thank god im a zoomer

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NINJA/NEET checking in.

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gen x thred hijack... here to remind you that the 80s were/are/shall be 4eva, as you zoomrs would say, the most xtra era from a cultural perspective. music (any genre), lit (Ellis and the like), film (Spielberg, Lucas, Hughes), art (Basquiat, Haring, Warhol, Nagel), rx (Prozac), sport (Skateboarding Revival, Snowboarding, Mountain Biking), computing (Mac), /fa/ (too many to list/lust)..

enjoi the fruits of our innovation...

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im 25 but most ppl think im 20-22
i put my tinder age is 21 and i get lots of matches

>i work two jobs and im in school for film
>wrancher dress jeans, boots or my new balances, white oxford shirt or some band shirt i bought from high school
>i dont listen to much music anymore mostly podcasts. but still a big fan of built the spill, kate bush and early nick cave
>smoking weed and pretending i give a fuck about politics

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What about 98? I'm 22 soon.

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-button downs or sweater or hooded sweatshirts (not the zipper kind), pants or black jeans, boots or derbies
-same except no hoods
-king crimson, tool, blackpink lol
-judo, boxing

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'86 boomer
-yes, self employed
-personal style mixture of japanese city boy and the classic belgian designers
-anything i fucing want, mostly slippers fleece pants and white vneck with stains
-eclectic mix of things; recently played on spotify includes waylong jennings, phoenix, bonnie raitt, john prine, carly rae jepsen, paramore
-drinking too mcuh, gardening, online thrift, hiking, reading

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Anyone else in the 1993-1998 range feel like they don’t fit in with millennials or zoomers?
>yes but I get paid like ass, will be going to law school this fall or the next
>retro stuff, a lot of jeans and sneakers but also track pants are a favorite
>at work I look like an LL Bean catalog, I’m actually wearing a blackwatch flannel and bean boots currently, Fridays are casual day so I go full retard because they pay me like shit
>black metal, blues, bluegrass
>I like cars and watches

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1987 here
>are you employed?
Yeah, quality control for an electronics company
->what do you like to wear in your free time?
I'm slowly aging out of being an edgelord so I still have some band shirts and surplus boots. Some /out/wear, flannel/button down shirts, chinos, regular cut jeans etc. Normie tier shit.
>what do you wear at work?
The same as above.
>What do you listen to?
Industrial/drone/noise/power electronics, country/western/folk, neofolk/ambient/dungeon synth
/out/, /k/, /diy/, /ck/, /tg/

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you're fucking 40+ dude, go tend to your kids

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Born in 1992
- are you employed?
yes, Intelligence Analyst (private sector)
- what do you like to wear in your free time?
Mostly techwear (subtle, not techninja), especially on rainy and/or cold days.
- what do you wear at work?
Dress shirts, fleece vest or merino pullover, sometimes a cardigan or proper blazer/suit jacket, dress pants, leather shoes/belt
- what do you listen to?
Mostly rock and metal: grunge/post grunge, post rock/ambiance, progressive, etc.
- hobbies?
I work too much to have proper hobbies. I still play video games.

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1985 male
- are you employed: menswear designer for 9 years
- what do you like to wear in your free time: following pieces rotate a lot - frayed denim, tees, hoodie, chore jacket, black suit w tee, black boots with a 6cm heel, overcoat, bomber.
- what do you wear at work?
What ever I like
- what do you listen to?
Changes, now a lot to 90s belgium house, last week to iggy pop, the week before that italian pop from the 60s.
- hobbies?
Not really, I collect designer furniture and artworks, I sketch every day but it’s not what I do when I come home.

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Male, 25

Software sales

Grandad shirts, cords, GATs,

>Spare time
Japanese streetwear, Kitsune/AMI

90s hip hop, trip hop, indie pop, garage, DnB, ska, roots, nu reggae, 80s/90s indie, nu RNB, rap metal, baseline, tech house

Gym, squash, Reading, pub

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>Anyone else in the 1993-1998 range feel like they don’t fit in with millennials or zoomers?
Yes, because people around that time are children of the early 2000s, while most gen z kids grew up in the late 2000s and 2010s. There's a massive difference between being 6 years old in the pre-social media days and being 6 years old in 2009 when Twitter, Youtube and Facebook were all up and running

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Very true - i am from 85 and my gf is from 94. We have more in common than her with kids from 99. But logically you might think she should be closer to someone from 99. In reality not at all though

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i'm sorry anon, my children died in a tragic accident when a zoomr, too distracted by an insta feed, crashed into them as they biked through our neighborhood.

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>- are you employed?
>- what do you like to wear in your free time?
Jeans and tshirts with a hoody.
>- what do you wear at work?
Whites(I'm a cook)
>- what do you listen to?
Gay dance music(years and years, troye sivan) and 90's brit rock(Oasis, blur, pulp, radiohead).
>- hobbies?
Videogames, /g/-related stuff.

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Just turned 25 this jan, feels bad man. Feel like an old fuck. I hate that I'm so close to cut off of zoomer/millennial.
>- are you employed?
Nope, currently trust fund baby in school
>- what do you like to wear in your free time?
At home? Shorts and t shirt. School? Carhartt wip, APC, Acne studios, Uniqlo and muni
>- what do you wear at work?
I'd wear the same as what I wear to school.
>- what do you listen to?
/mu/ core desu
>- hobbies?
Skateboarding, Snowboarding, consooming, Guitar

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-I wear the same thing every day. Plain t shirt, cargo shorts, trainers. I have 4 sets of the same outfit
-I haven't worked in 9 months and threw out all my old uniforms
-image boards

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Employment: Ph.D. student/TA
Casual wear: hobby-related t-shirts with minimal/discreet design, UO jeans, crew neck sweat shirts, vans slip-ons
Wear at work: Same exact shit
Listen to: techno, alt-rock
hobbies: cooking.

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>- are you employed?
Graduate student, but currently interning in an office
>- what do you like to wear in your free time?
Still on the minimalist train, kind of fell out of fashion and /fa/ generally for a bit being broke and in an unfashionable city, but trying to resurge myself while I'm still in my 20's
>- what do you wear at work?
Some days I wear the same stuff I wear in my free time, others I wear a tucked in button up with dress pants
>- what do you listen to?
Always been an indiehead
>- hobbies?
Outdoors stuff: snowboard, climb, hike, cycle

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Fuck dude, I'm afraid I'm going to lose my edge.

t. '92 edgelord.

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>- are you employed?
Yes, I'm in finance.
>- what do you like to wear in your free time?
APC, John Elliot, Helmut Lang, Carhartt
>- what do you wear at work?
Prada, Theory
>- what do you listen to?
Ambient music, techno, classical
>- hobbies?
Art (painting), writing, reading, film, clarinet

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>- are you employed?
No job since January. I now have projects though. Rich people shit.
>- what do you like to wear in your free time?
Sorta like that alpha m guy on YouTube but without the extra shirt button undone, all the accessories, Chelsea boots, and being short.
>- what do you wear at work?
Varies. Some days pjs and t shirt, other days it’s business casual.
>- what do you listen to?
Tool, NIN, and synthwave.
>- hobbies?
Jujitsu, trading, business.

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my condolences sir, at least you have trips to make up for them

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this pic is by far the worst of its kind that i have ever seen
>omg lol they own a phone and use the internet

'the fuck? when was this even made and by whom?

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Dude, if you are 25 you are NOT a fucking millenial. God u fucking zoomers are such fags. You are a Gen Z absolutely no question. age 26-39 are Gen Y/Millenials. None of us were born after 1995. 96 to 2012 is Gen Z. 97-present is Gen Alpha. Gen Alpha ends in 3 years.

You th9ink you are a fucking MILLENIAL???? Millenials the oldest are like Britney SPears, Justin Timberlake, Mark Zukerberg. You think you are in the same generation as those people? Really?

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>all black, thick oversized t shirts tucked in relaxed fit cropped jeans with 1461 docs every single day
>short shorts and old t shirts because I work in catering
>mainly shoegaze type stuff, gloomy guitar shite
>Lifting, literature, film

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I was so convinced that I never would but it happened and it sucks. I feel embarrassed when I put on my old leather jacket, I feel like a fraud when I go to shows, doing stupid shit with my friends and drinking all night has turned into watching what I eat and mortgage payments, I've completely stopped making art and music and the worst part is that it doesn't bother me as much as I think it should. Maybe I just need motivation or something I dunno

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gen x is the ultimate expression of a did nothing of note generation. outside of the arts gen x contributed nothing to the world.

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I think 1980-1984 and 1996-1999 could go either way, while 1985-1995 are unquestionably part of it

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>if you are 25 you are NOT a fucking millenial.

Jesus, you're an imbecile.

>95 is the cut-off date for Gen Y

Stop posting. Forever. Even the person who coined Millennial has the cut-off date going as far as 2004, and he's more of an authority on the matter than people who change the years all the time.

>No, it's 95, no it's 94, no it's pre-9/11, no it's if you were alive during 9/11, no it's 98, etc.

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>Gen X

Aren’t you a little too old to be on 4chan?

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Haha chill mate, I mistyped. I’m actually 27, I guess letting go of my youth is harder than I thought

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Not him but I discovered this place as a weeb teen, that was in 2004. It's true what they say, you're here forever.

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srry, no, oldfag here...been here since inception and have earned my place among lurkrfolk, etc...

also, i have first-hand knowledge and have experienced (in California, no less) the greatest era known to mankind... i'm like a living fossil (self-deprecation intended)

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not sure if your argument if valid... gen x went on and held careers just like preceding generations...we did have a pretty marked recession in the late 80s which no doubt affected/impacted our upward position...

80s were often dark.. nuclear-brinkmanship was a very real concern. there were days when you were certain russia would unleash its nuclear arsenal upon the US....

but, i'm open to lsten if you care to expand on your initial statement...

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1980-1984 is Millennial equivalent of 1995-2000 for Zoomers.
You're so out of touch with the rest of your generation that you might as well not be part of it, and, at the same time, you're also so out of touch with the generation before you that you can't integrate properly with them, you'll forever be an outlier.

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Listen to:
Same shit I always do, I go to Coachella music festival every year. Rage against the machine headliner is most interesting.

Selvedge denim, boots because they're hard-wearing, basic leather sneakers a lot of suede shoes.

I have a lot of jackets, Levi's black denim, alpha industries ma-1

Work: supposed to be business casual but I have like 4-5 different champion reverse weave hoodies I just cycle them through

Weekends fear of God short sleeve hoodie, James perse pants and casual t's.

Still wear day Ban wayfarers.

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Nah, if you were born in 95 you have more in common with a zoomer than you do me...

If most of your high school friends aren't married with children, divorced, or famous you're still in the play phase of life.

Zoomers are what early 20's... you're there with them

I don't have kids, but that's just because I'm a loser. Most people my age have several

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- Yes
- Tracksuits, sweatsuits, or western workwear
- Work from home, so tracksuits/sweatsuits
- Whatever

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94 Checking in. Barely made the cutoff.
- I'm a teacher
- I dress like Mr. Rogers (menswear autism)
- I dress like that at work too (more menswear autism)
- Kanye + Death grips + Vampire weekend
- I write, it's not good but I write. Is 4chan a hobby?
kys gramps
>tfw all my friends are starting to get married/have babies out of wedlock
A quick google says anyone between 24-39 is a millennial.

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That’s a bullshit. People born in 1985 finished high school before internet, social media and smartphones became a thing while people born in 1995 used to have it since mid school

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gen z mogs you from afar
>under 23

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I'm soon 39 but I think I kinda count as a millennial
Yeah, at a Walmart.
Khakis and a good casual shirt
Metallica and Megadeth
Not much after work. I don't really have any friends or any major interests. /Fa/ and /pol/ on weekends or when I can't sleep

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based low-burning depression-core

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- are you employed?
- what do you like to wear in your free time?
>skinny jeans, white leather sneakers, t shirt
- what do you wear at work?
>cropped trousers, dress shirts from uniqlo, oxfords, denim jacket
- what do you listen to?
>depressed emo/punk/phc, trap, weird japanese music, and all three combined
- hobbies?
>melty blood, music production

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I group people based on the decade they were born. Generations aren't even officially recognized, they're constantly changing and the only ones advocating for them other than marketers are people born in 1990 who want to be lumped in with 80s borns because they relate to them more. They just have to accept they share the same birth decade with retards born in December 1999, not with people born in December 1989

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>- are you employed?
Yes, I’m a bartender and a chef
>- what do you like to wear in your free time?
Somewhere between SLP shit and TIP
>- what do you wear at work?
When cooking, a chef coat, black jeans, and Doc Martens 1461 monos. When bartending, pretty much whatever I want, but usually a vest and tie.
>- what do you listen to?
All kinds of shit. Bluegrass, Classic rock, Old School Rap, fuckin, whatever honestly. Here recently I’ve been listening to NakeyJakey’s stuff.
>- hobbies?
Well, cocktails, cooking, and fashion. I like old video games, and collect them.

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Oh fuck, forgot, I’m an anime-loving degenerate.

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>- are you employed?
NO. I have a record for threatening to blow up a school on social media to upset a girl that ignored me.
>- what do you like to wear in your free time?
Nike sweatpants
>- what do you wear at work?
>- what do you listen to?
MF DOOM, Aesop Rock, Aphex Twin, Venetian Snares, hitori tori, goreshit
>- hobbies?
Sitting in front of a GIANT IPS DISPLAY typing whatever pops into my head and sending it to seemingly random people to critique my "thoughts" and "opinions", touching myself while watching videos of women licking toilet seats, reading "news", swiping on "dating apps", "trolling", making "experimental electronic music", shitting on cheap canvases with Dollar Store acrylic paints, mindlessly playing League of Legends, complaining, having unreasonable expectations of my "caretakers"

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>Generations aren't even officially recognized

Bro who would you expect to "officially recognize" them and to what end? Are you autistic?

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Every news organization has their own opinion about the yearspans for generations, meaning no one can win an argument about generations. There is no single, uniform definition for millennial, and there never will be. Back in the 2000s, people used to say you were a millennial if you were born in 1978. Now people would scoff at that idea. The thing that hasn't changed since then is the fact that the person was born in the 70s, that's something that will never change, even if the media decides to rebrand 1978 as millennial again.

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post "experimental electronic music" pls xoxoxo

>> No.15008331

Have you considered that all of that was a cringy put-on to begin with? I swear this generation is so desperate for identity that it's pathetic. It's literally just clothes dude. There was never any need to identify with the associated culture anyway since it was always a costume. Maybe this realization will help you understand just how ridiculous the people who take this sort of thing seriously are. Authenticity is a meme and the only thing that distinguishes between the genuine and the LARP is individual perception. The only truly authentic interactions a person can have are those with family because there's absolutely no pretense. Even this is not always possible. Authenticity is not nearly as important as our generation has made it out to be nor is it truly attainable in the sense that people think. The sense people end up using it in relies on the idea that other people perceive something as authentic. The end result is posturing for approval in the same way that SJWs do on twitter, idiots do on here and reddit, and thots do on instagram.

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>- are you employed?
Part time
>- what do you like to wear in your free time?
Japanese brands, the more obscure the better
>- what do you wear at work?
Mostly uniqlo
>- what do you listen to?
Post punk, techno, drum and bass, post rock, shoegaze etc
>- hobbies?
Photography, video games, reading

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You'd make a good friend. I never played Melty Blood though.

>> No.15008354

>i put my tinder age is 21 and i get lots of matches

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You got a lot of assumption going on there guy.
I'm neither desperate for identity or worried about how authentic I am, I'm pretty self assured and comfortable with who I am. I participated in subculture by my own volition for 15+ years because of genuine interest, appreciation of aesthetics and opportunities to meet like minded people. I think you're failing to see my post in terms of the context in which it was placed. First we're on 4chan, second we're on the fashion board and finally in a thread for discussing fashion in relation to age. Self referencing as an edgelord and stuff was mostly a tongue-in-cheek attempt at self deprecating humor. I basically said I dont like wearing a biker jacket and dancing at goth night in my 30s and I'm okay with it. You turned that into a post about authentic family interaction, SJWs and thots. I think you have a bone to pick and I need to be more obvious when I'm joking around online

>> No.15008432

No bone to pick honestly. I just think people need to divorce themselves from the idea of authenticity and the idea that doing something makes you part of a group. This critique can be applied to anyone. Also since you said you felt like an imposter, I took it to be a genuine sentiment and used it as an excuse to spout my weird authenticity thesis. If it seemed like an attack I'm sorry.

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someone wasn't good at Math. Idiot lmao.

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Not attacked, I just read your post in a much more serious and harsh tone than you implied.
I generally agree with you too actually, authenticity in terms of things like subculture, fashion and art is pretty abstract and subjective so getting hung up on it like people do is bizarre. Also i think people sacrifice their genuine interests and personality to shoehorn themselves into what they believe is acceptable within a group and that's really unhealthy. You're spot on there. I think a lot of this comes from gate keeping elitism (at least in terms of alternative subculture) people want their group to conform to their exact ideals and to feel special so they tell others what's considered the norm within that group and that gets taken as gospel by newcomers so there ends up being these rigid definitions.

>> No.15008871

>I think a lot of this comes from gate keeping elitism
Nailed it. People are always trying to build up some sort of social credit like some kind of guy with 10,000 posts on some gaming forum or similar. Basically it's a very obviously constructed form of authority that everyone should just disregard. Fashion and, worse, social scenes are some of the worst offenders for this sort of thing. Basically I just wanted to rant about authenticity and identity because they're two things that aren't real but are treated like they are and as a result we have to figure out a healthy way of dealing with these things in our daily lives.
t. grad student pseud

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I was born in 96 and I feel it has gotten even worse
Poor class is the new middle class, obsessed with showing wealth and flexing expensive things, while middle class is trying extremely hard to be authenthic

>> No.15008933

i can't imagine being 30+ and still dressing like this. why are millennials such losers?

>> No.15008971

Because when we were born, everything was still okay-ish. Then shit hit the fan in the theater of the world, which, as young little yet to developed shits, fucked us up.

The younger ones were born into this mess. They don't know it any different.

>> No.15008986

it's a millenial thing to pass blame i see. if it's not boomers, it's just the world as a whole. the truth is your generation can't take responsibility for anything, it's always been so.
>The younger ones were born into this mess. They don't know it any different.
my sibling is 15 this year and their entire generation is way better than piece of shit millennials

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Stop ruining everything millennials

>> No.15009007

Well, I didn't say that it was your shit (or anybody's shit specificdally for that matter) that hit the fan. How would you have answered the question. I know I'm a loser who can't take responsibility. And while you can call me every name there is for that, the question remains why the whole generation is like that.

>> No.15009083

Maybe it's that we don't want to take blame for everything including stupid shit that boomers put on us. See >>15008997
Inherit a bad economy, shit job market, inflated tuition, fucked housing market etc then get told by some fucking boomer that I need a degree so I can fight for a job that's probably already been outsourced so I can get a mortgage I cant afford then when I dont go out and blow what little money I have left I'm told I'm ruining the economy and some shitty outmoded business has to close because of it and I'm broke because of what I put on my toast. Suck a fucking cock you retard.

>> No.15009106

April 7th, 1993
-Grad Student
-I want to be comfortable, but still have good fit. Tend to wear adidas track pants.
-At work now, I am wearing brown corduroys, a blue flannel shirt under a heathered grey quarter zip. I have grey new balance shoes.
-Heccra, The Smiths, New Wave,
-Wood working, guitar, I have a daughter too

>> No.15009126

>15 and cute
I wasn't a fuckup at 15 either. That shows later when you take over sth.

>> No.15009406

'91 okdfag here that you're responding to and I definitely agree. Everything is about proving something, which is funny because everyone complains about it but turns around and does the same in another part of their life. You're probably right about our corporatocracy making things worse too. Well, godspeed Anon. O hope you have a great weekend.

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>are you employed?
Yeah, part time, pack and ship things out.
>what do you like to wear in your free time?
Jeans and t-shirt and trainers, but I'd like feel like wearing something else.
>what do you wear at work?
Jeans and t-shirt and trainers. I wish I knew how to dress better/professionally but still have the comfort and flexibility of jeans/t-shirt/trainers. Usually I just wear mostly black. t. femanon
>what do you listen to?
Depends on my mood but I listen to a lot of happy hardcore, j-core, etc or metal mostly. Current favorites: Camellia, Powerwolf
My mood has been hot ass lately but I like reading, and like /g/ shit, and /v/idya.

>> No.15009512

>are you employed?
As a TA I guess
>what do you like to wear in your free time?
Somewhere between TIP and sometimes cowboy boots and jeans.
>what do you wear at work?
Basically the same
>what do you listen to?
A lot of prog, bluegrass, old country, rock, and sometimes doom/thrash/heavy metal
I've run out of time for them in grad school, but they are/were lifting, shooting, reading (fiction instead of research), camping, guitar, and vidya. Now only a small amount of vidya remains.

>> No.15009636

1994 male,

-yes, but hate it, going to job hunt for something better, or anything really. Some freelance photog
- bit of a combo, a toned down version of slp, vintage, I'd say, something that isn't too spergy.
- a uniform unfortunately, only pro is that I don't have think about what to wear, and that's not saying much.
- hiphop, rnb, techno, electronic, alt/indie rock, 80s, vidya/kino osts
- drawing, generally concept art and comicbook stuff, sometimes life drawing. 3D modelling from time to time. Singing, I'd like to learn an instrument this year. Also might properly start going to a gym, I'm surprised how hard my genetics have been carrying me these years so I think I'm going to try to bank on that wasted potential, I'm not getting younger.

>> No.15009657

That's coward speak for "I listen to death grips"

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- Yes, in IT after doing nothing but arts
- Jeans, cords, chinos and something wooly up top. Flowery shirts in spring and summer
- A more boring version of the above
- YMO, Harry Hosono, Yukuhiro Takahashi, also Wire, Gang of Four (RIP), and random folk and electronic stuff
- Traveling, collecting milsurp, DIY
Wish I could go /out/ more but at the same time I can't be fucked getting a car.

>Uniqlo, Post Punk
Mein neger

>> No.15009697

Do or did you browse /jp/?

>> No.15010343
File: 273 KB, 704x871, tumblr_pncyglOZXW1rcd8hm_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>- are you employed?
>- what do you like to wear in your free time?
thrift most things or wear local labels
pleated trousers, oversized, vintage denim, linen and corduroy with a splash of diy additions
still wear a few ancient pieces from rick owens circa 00's, dries van noten and guidi amidst
>- what do you wear at work?
creative field so whatever i want
>- what do you listen to?
tekno, acid house, uk bass, jungle, psychedelic rock,
>- hobbies?
hiking, fly fishing, graff and watercolour painting, gardening, entomology, answering the call from the bender killing brain cells and cutting shapes

>> No.15011260

This thread is for people born between 1985 and 1995. People halfway their 20s to halfway their 30s welcome.

1989 M

>are you employed?
Yes. 6 figures, but NYC so feels like half that

>what do you like to wear in your free time?

>what do you wear at work?
Same thing I wear in my free time. Jeans, black/grey/navy untucked button up or sweater, and CPs

>what do you listen to?
Jazz, classic rock & folk

Lifting, photography, travel, self-learning

>> No.15011526

if you're into fighting games it def worth checking out.

also, ill be your friend if you're in


>> No.15012312

>people born between 1985 and 1995

THat's a strange way of saying Generation Y.

>> No.15012335

I feel that 10 years is too much.

Like I was born 88, we had "computer class" which was just playing games on Yahoo and using Photoshop cs1

Meanwhile, someone born in 1995 grew up with Xbox one, smart phones, social media and a completely different culture.

1985-1990 vs 1991-1995 are 2 different generations.

Our generation already had PlayStation 1 and a culture around metal gear solid when 1995 kids were born

>> No.15012357

i was born in 96 and grew up with ps1 until 2003 when i finally got a ps2. generations tend to mix around the outskirts, you can't say with finality that 85-89 and 90-95 have nothing in common

>> No.15012365

most organizations start at 1983. 1980 to 1982 are not millennials.

>> No.15012372 [DELETED] 

shut the fuck up dumbass. i was born in 93 and i played ps1.

my brother was born in 90 and he grew up on social media (myspace/facebook)

>> No.15012374

- Yes full time 100k year
- nothing
- construction protective wear
- blink 182
- arts and crafts and cross country mountain biking. and camping in the summer

>> No.15012381

i think millennials need to stop dressing like they're still young.

most of you are so cringe-worthy and it's so annoying seeing millennials at music festivals trying to dance with zoomers

>> No.15012401

- are you employed?
yes but working from home
- what do you like to wear in your free time?
/out/core since I moved in a village with nice outdoor activities nearby
- what do you wear at work?
comfy joggings
- what do you listen to?
french rap these days
- hobbies?
outdoor sports

I need some inspo because I'll switch back to live and work in a city soon and feel out of touch, I'll be out on weekends but want to look like a german tourist on the daily

>> No.15012412

Born in 1988 age 31

Job: Never worked a day in my life. Neetbux

>> No.15012417

Sound like you browse /mu/ as well. Using tinder instead of finding a wife at age 25 is pretty gross but everything else is cool

>> No.15012423 [DELETED] 

>employed, nah; I'm in school though which is how I get my coin
>daily: Black Jeans, Black T-Shirt, All Black Vans
>I listen to japanese music and deathcore
>Kendo, weightlifting, and sometimes guitar

>> No.15012431

Is 1995 really the cutoff year? I'm 22 and was shocked when my coworkers called me a zoomer because I feel so disconnected with the typical gen z caricature. Graduated college early and I'm dating a 25-year-old, maybe that's why

>> No.15012441

- are you employed?
- what do you like to wear in your free time?
>floral print shirts or light workwear
- what do you wear at work?
>carhartts, workwear
- what do you listen to?
>HANL, deafheaven, robyn, russian rap, etc.
- hobbies?
>fishing, kinos, music

>> No.15012487

>denim/cord/wornout sweaters
>death metal and prog
>games gardening sports

>> No.15012588

Just because you're poor doesn't mean you're part of the culture of the last decade.

You grew up in a different era, I was already out of high school when Myspace became big...you grew up with social media that alone is super different.

It ran me $0.10 a text message so kids used to pass notes in school.

You had an iPhone in middle School....when the iPhone was introduced I was posting HERE in college

>> No.15012598

i wasn't "poor" lmao my parents just didn't believe in wasting money for a new toy every time in came out, i had hundreds of games for my ps1 by that point. another passive aggressive low IQ millennial proves his worth i see

>> No.15012602

The idea is the the ps1 era lost cultural relevancy when Ps2 came out.

Then when PS3 game out video games kind of faded from being the center of most people's lives.

>> No.15012834

You sound like an ignorant zoomer trying to desperately feel relevant to millennial culture,w nice itself is utterly pathetic. I bet you lie to think you “grew up” with millenarian music that you discovered when it was still fresh, but for you that’s like Kendrick Lamar if you were popular, or some pseudo indie band if you weren’t.

>> No.15012838

i don't understand what you're trying to imply nor what your schizo rambling is about but keep feeling superior because you're an old fart i guess

>> No.15012848

Of course you wound the understand. I don’t expect you too. You can tell the difference in education changes a few years makes when it comes to zoomer ability to comprehend ideas and register historical change.

>> No.15012852

>le people younger than me are so dumb, i shall unilaterally complain about youth behavior devoid of any worthwhile context
imagine being this big of a loser

>> No.15012854

Imagine wallowing in your own sludgy pool of decaying brain cells, desperately grasping into the ether trying to find some moment of social recognition.

Go back to flipping through endless TikTok videos and calling yourself a “content” creator you waste of nitrogen.

>> No.15012856

no no, imagine never growing out of the edgy early 20s mindset of "people younger than me bad" and proceeding to spout this embarrassing drivel in your 30s
you're gonna die alone buddy

>> No.15012859

baby boomers
gen x

>> No.15012860

- not full-time
- sweaters, button down shirts, a couple hoodies, jeans, skateshoes. Kind of softboy. I do keep active so sometimes I go athleisure for super casual idgaf days
- when I freelance I go out in public - working at home doesn't work for me. wear mostly the same, some chinos and chukkas in the mix, hoodies and athletic wear are banished
- indie rock/pop, electronic stuff, dance (like trance stuff), some hiphop and k-pop, synth pop, progressive rock/metal, weeb shit
- oil paintiing, reading non-fiction, weightlifing and runnig, anime and a little vidya are guilty pleasures

Elder zoomer

>> No.15012883

You wanna know what the difference is between you and me? I’m gonna die alone, and you’re gonna die in front of thousands of Snapchat people who could care less. The difference is that I’ll remember my life, the memories I made, the histories I changed. I told the mother of my two children I was never seeing them again and going to sail around the Horn of Africa. I helped a bishop in Angola plot revenge against the landlord poisoning his peoples well. I watched a young man die on the street because I was in too much of a hurry to get out. I sold spoiled milk out of 20-gallon barrels to pay for fuel and a motor. A man I’m in debt to had to sell his first born into prostitution in India to pay off my associate. I threatened a woman with violence unless she aborted her unborn. I am proud of everything I’ve done, but they are all mine. They are not scapchat memories or Facebook stories or instagram moments. I left my wife because I didn’t want to keep paying her. I left my two children because I didn’t want to grow up and ask me why I failed as a father.

>> No.15012885

Thank GOD I'm a zoomer.

>> No.15012889
File: 539 KB, 957x710, 1418446874638.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What is this reply?

>> No.15012891


>> No.15012897

One that your little dweeb zoomer of a brain could never understand.

>> No.15012902

>he's literally autistic
well i do feel a bit bad now for telling a disabled person he's gonna die alone but it's the truth

>> No.15012907

Take your medication.

>> No.15012931

Go post about it on tiktok or share with your dad ok his subreddit.

>> No.15012941

you're skitzin out bro

>> No.15012995

M, 29
>are you employed?
Worked for a few years, now pursuing a doctorate.
>What do you like to wear in your free time?
Lotta Engineered Garments and similar brands. I guess I have a fetish for too many pockets.
>What do you wear at work?
The same, really. I have to dress up on occasion - EG makes some dressier stuff, but I also wear a good amount of Margaret Howell.
>what do you listen to?
aging hipster shit. Joanna Newsom, Comus, Olivia Tremor Control, and whatever The Quietus recommends.
I play a couple of instruments (most of them badly) and recently picked up knitting.

>> No.15013341


millennials start at 83 and end at 96

>> No.15013419

I'm shocked there are people the same age as me who even care. Generations don't exist. All that matters is that you weren't born in the same decade as some kid who grew up with a smartphone.

>> No.15013435

>Employed, also studying
>Sweaters and jeans/chinos. Comfy stuff
>Business casual/ sometimes formal. I incorporate trad bits like tweed blazers and wool pants but keep it to one autistic piece at a time.
>soul, hip hop, been listening to a lot of Irish traditional music recently
>collecting watches, lifting weights, tattooing, drawing, programming.

>> No.15013638

Damn, you really owned that kid

>> No.15013668

>you had an iPhone in middle school

I didn't have an iPhone until 1st year of uni because I was broke, I used Nokias til then. Fuck you boomer you don't know me.

t. 95

>> No.15013685

-Yeah, stone mason
-uniqlo normie
-carhartt, other workwear, army jumpers
-bladee, drum and bass, submotion orchestra

>> No.15013712

>scrolls past your post

lol did not read

>> No.15013722

So if I was born in '96 I'm a zoomer?

>> No.15013742

>chinos, skinny, cargo pants, t shirts, long sleeves, sweaters, boots, beanie to hide my big forehead
>same shit
>underground metal, hardcore, punk, indie, emo, mostly weird shit
>guitar, photography, drawing, video games, skating, music production

Turning 27 next month, it sucks that i’m making breakthroughs in my crafts now instead of then but it keeps life interesting enough. Tired of all the obnoxious young people and older folks who’ve given up, really puts into perspective that i should keep investing my time into things that are worthwhile. I don’t intend on starting a family until i’m 30, hopefully business will be booming by then.

>> No.15013766

>- are you employed?
Yes,. robotics engineer but underpaid (overconfident I'd get my target job, got rejected, had to settle for a meme startup)
>- what do you like to wear in your free time?
Cheap Uniqlo
>- what do you wear at work?
Cheap Uniqlo
>- what do you listen to?
At work: Beethoven / Bach to damp the conversation of my annoying co-worker. Especially this one fat boomer who always speaks loud as if he's addressing a crowd without a microphone
At home, nothing. I unironically enjoy silence more than music, but music more than other people's conversations.
>- hobbies?
Programming shitty projects, and scrapping useless data and plotting them

>> No.15013782


>> No.15013791

>- are you employed?
Engineer for 2 years now
>- what do you like to wear in your free time?
I like tracksuits
>- what do you wear at work?
Boring conformist yet necessary attire
>- what do you listen to?
Florin Salam
>- hobbies?
Sports, will start bee keeping this year

>> No.15014625

yeah maybe if you believe the arbitrary retardation of pew research but it makes no sense for all other gens to be 17 years long but gen y to only be 13

>> No.15015015

no 96 is still millennial range

>> No.15015292
File: 47 KB, 508x677, dgfqwge.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

do you like my beanie

>> No.15015310

Not really. If you post your address I'll call the cops on your bf for you

>> No.15015311

is that what you call your penis?

>> No.15015318

I tripped and fell don't worry about it :)

>> No.15015329

- are you employed?
>yes, architect, graduated last may
- what do you like to wear in your free time?
>work I wear, baggy trousers, and button downs/ oversized polos, or crewneck sweaters. When I have free time I'm into oversized streetwear stuff
- what do you listen to?
>hip hop, rock, and podcasts
- hobbies?
>pickup soccer, watching sports, browsing the internet and looking at clothes for stuff.

>> No.15015336

Wink if you are in danger. Me and my men can help you.

>> No.15015338

tfw no qt loser gf to beat the shit out of

>> No.15015350

>finishing med school
>athleisure since I work out frequently, for casual stuff I just like comfy fitting stuff
>bus cas with a white coat. or scrubs if I have to
>mostly Latino music of various types/hip hop/classic rock
>dnd, lifting

>> No.15015374

Sweats with an oversized tee if its cold, short shorts and a tank if its warm
Hardcore, Techno, Glitch, Indie
Reading, lifting

>> No.15015781
File: 2.36 MB, 4032x3024, C0F88B9E-B234-46FE-878B-983FD090EFB5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

29 in a month
- are you employed?
Been working in logistics for 10 years. Used to be a driver, now I’m coordinating from an office. Going back to school this fall
- what do you like to wear in your free time?
Black/dark colors/thrift. Functional and band tees.
- what do you wear at work?
Work pants an jacket wit a normal T-shirt underneath.
- what do you listen to?
Lately: Black Metal, Aphex Twin, Opeth, and Grimes.
- hobbies?
BJJ and movies. Hope to hike a lot come spring.

>> No.15016140

>Not right now, I was at cracker barrel but had to quit due to health issues, worked at a liquor store for 4 days before my boss threw me under the bus for their register fucking up & have been feeling crushed about it ever since
>leather jackets too big for my lanklet ass, skinny jeans from my emo phase years ago that aren't really super skinny any more due to the age, work boots, pretty boring compared to how I used to look but I don't have the energy to do all the upkeep required to be a nice looking emo twink, it was easy when I was young but now I have to do so much to hide my age
>whatever they want me to wear
>eurobeat, goth rock, various kinds of metal, anything Mike Patton does, go out of my way to listen to varied stuff but I usually come back to that trash
>games & masturbating. I want more hobbies but I need money, & the last job experience put me down plus being a total coomer saps all my energy, I wanna stop so bad but it's like the moment I get bored I just lose control of my body & go search for somewhere to get it down, but nothing in my life keeps my attention long enough to stop it

>> No.15016154

>are you employed?
Yes, high school teacher
>what do you like to wear in your free time?
Jeans, shirts/sweatshirts, converse, boots, sneakers
>what do you wear at work?
About the same, though I avoid looking too young and like the students. I dislike overt brand names
>what do you listen to?
Minimal techno, ambient stuff, early jazz and some folkish/pop music.
Pretty basic: Reading, games. Running, gym, swimming. But also hiking, sailing. Outdoor stuff mostly.

>> No.15016168

Is that somewhere in Scandinavia?

>> No.15016241


>> No.15016285
File: 55 KB, 252x229, boomer-rootbeer-angry.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>How dare you filthy 60s babies think you have anything to do with a based 49er like me? You grew up with color TV, you could never understand our childhood which had nothing but AM radio!

>> No.15016492

Gen Xers are the current new boomers.

>> No.15016636

It's almost like news media wants everyone to hate everyone else, except for the political and banking elites which are all Jews

>> No.15016656
File: 133 KB, 500x669, pirlo-wine.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

not answering those bullshit data mining questions but i dress a mix between menswear and what i'd call euro dadcore, (all with an emphasis on early 1960s normcore)

i'm approaching 30 but i've dressed the same way since i was 20...degenerate zoomers ruined /fa/ with the introduction of swagfag streetcore and have managed to be even more tasteless and cringe than boomers

>> No.15016664

Self employed - design
Baggie boxy cuts, tech
Clean black trousers, thrifted sweaters, button ups, boots
Jungle (look up reinforced records, deep jungle, rupture london)
Music Production, DJing, cycling, apparel design

>> No.15016912

>are you employed?
Yes. I am a cloud engineer and I do government contracting through my consulting company on the side
>what do you like to wear in your free time?
anything comfortable, sweatpants, slippers with feathers in them, silk shirts
>what do you wear at work?
I work remote, but if I have to attend a meeting somewhere I wear a tailored suit
>what do you listen to?
too eclectic to fully list. Lately I've been listening to a lot of internet artists like S3werslvt, Haircuts for men, and Saint pepsi
I play games with friends online and sometimes will go fly to visit them on the weekends. Piano, programming games, etc.

>> No.15017842

that’s a rough looking 30 my dude

>> No.15017868
File: 694 KB, 1920x1080, 0416191707.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>- are you employed?
chemical engineer, ~105k
>- what do you like to wear in your free time?
i don't really go out, but i own a 15 acre hobby farm. jeans, carhartt jacket, boots, maybe some plaid
>- what do you wear at work?
chinos, collared t shirt, and a denim overshirt when i'm out in the plant. Keen steeltoes, gloves, and a hardhat finish it off
>- what do you listen to?
prog, lofi, funk, actual play TTRPG podcasts
>- hobbies?
home IT, D&D, board games, woodworking, the aforementioned 15 acre hobby farm (pic related)

>> No.15017871

say "core" one more time you tryhard fuck

>> No.15017882

>flowered shirts with various combos
>white shirt and black jeans, can't be too informal but can't be 100% formal either
>see point above
>really into gregorian chants as of late
>the most constant one is meditation if you call that a hobby

>> No.15017893

The past is the past, as much as we like to cling onto it it's barely part of us now. If you like making art leave it all behind and don't try to recreate what you used to do. Worked for me tbf

>> No.15017918
File: 13 KB, 269x300, s-l300.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

- are you employed?
US Army Reserves & Student at Uni

- what do you like to wear in your free time?
Leather boots, hokas, jeans or 2nd hand expensive hiking gear, a button up, jean jacket, euro milsurp; simple. I still enjoy reading and cataloging fashion related things but don't really make the purchases all to often. I work with what I have and enjoy what I wear.

- what do you wear at work?

- what do you listen to?
I don't know, a whole lotta stuff I guess.

- hobbies?
Rock climbing, swimming, running, camping, reading are the bigs one. Also listening to music and playing the occasion game with my old buddies. Lately, and unfortunately I've been drinking too much but I think I'll give that a rest. It always leads to hooking up with strangers which makes me depressed.

>> No.15017923

shut up no one says that here

>> No.15017924

I'm deceased

>> No.15017926

Yeah re reading that I felt like a real bruv haha.

>> No.15018144
File: 157 KB, 1280x499, eb383491-002a-4154-9bb5-bcb306537fe4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>work at a car auction
>wear mostly thrifted black/monotone shit off the clock
>dress slacks, nice blouse and kitten heels on the clock
>lately been listening to queen, the velvet underground, and kaleo
>write and paint (digital and traditional) in my spare time. I take commissions when I'm strapped for cash. sometimes I play vidya

>> No.15018242
File: 153 KB, 569x1069, 1572912997305.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>- are you employed?
>- what do you like to wear in your free time?
>- what do you wear at work?
>- what do you listen to?
My surroundings
>- hobbies?
Posting on 4channel

>> No.15018247

af1 is a millenial shoe tho? i bought my first pair before a lot of zoomers were able to walk

>> No.15018248

who the fuck do you think built the internet you're using right now? Who defined modern era design trends? Who created the fashion, music, and art you Zoomers and Millenials raped 10 times over? Who created electronic music, hip hop, goth, metal, etc, etc.? Who created Irony and not giving a fuck as a cultural trope? Who advanced fashion, art, architecture? Certainly not millenials. We are more influential than you know when it comes to the rise of the modern world.

We're sorry. You're welcome.

>> No.15018251

>Aren’t you a little too old to be on 4chan?
this nigga never got the memo, lol. You're here forever, kiddo.

>> No.15018273

>This thread is for people born between 1985 and 1995. People halfway their 20s to halfway their 30s welcome.
28 here
>- are you employed?
MEP engineer/building designer/office manager
>- what do you like to wear in your free time?
Jeans/Chinos and flannels/tshirts
When I'm home, I wear nike sweatpants and any random hoody I want.
Summer is nike basketball shorts with and random comfy shirt
>- what do you wear at work?
Jeans/Chinos and flannels/untucked button up
>- what do you listen to?
Heavier Rock, Occasionally rap, Dubstep/Electronic, J-Pop/Anime Theme Songs with my Jap. Tutor.
>- hobbies?
Guns, Photography, Japanese, Hiking/Camping
>Please no zoomershit like Air Force 1s or chunky memeshoes. Also no menswear autism.
Anyone not white wear airforce ones into their 30s without any issue? I don't get this meme.
This this one of those white supremacist memes where white people have to behave a certain way but everyone else gets a pass?

>> No.15018488

Don't mind me, Gen Xer just lurking out of curiousity

>> No.15018655 [DELETED] 
File: 995 KB, 3024x4032, EpQ5XsT.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

33 years old here
- are you employed? nurse 130k/year
- what do you like to wear in your free time? white shirts,rugby shirts,APC/YSL jeans, chinos. MEME minimalist shit
- what do you wear at work? scrubs
- what do you listen to? top hits.
- hobbies? nothing. being a nurse is draining. i just rest during my days off.

>> No.15018662


>> No.15018678

i don't work

>> No.15018692
File: 995 KB, 3024x4032, EpQ5XsT.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


- are you employed? RN 130k/year
- what do you like to wear in your free time? Meme minimalist shit
- what do you wear at work? Boring ass scrubs
- what do you listen to? Top hits, kpop (twice and Red velvet.
- hobbies? shopping. sleeping. eating out with my wife. Living a childfree life.

>> No.15018783

andy pearler is late 30s/40

>> No.15018785

Champion is also a millenial brand when we were 10 years old but today is mainly worn by highschool fashionistas

>> No.15018807
File: 37 KB, 554x728, lucky brand western.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

1986 here.
>are you employed?
Yup. Same job for the past 7 years.
>what do you like to wear in your free time?
Blue jeans, black or grey v neck, button down shirt like pic related, fox river socks, Red Wing engineering boots, small but elaborate silver ring.
>what do you wear at work?
Same as off work
>what do you listen to?
Mostly rock, though I've been getting into The Offspring recently.
Woodworking, video games, reading philosophy.

>> No.15019570

>child free life

>> No.15019699

>Between 1985 and 1995
I was born in late 95, dose this mean i can cast off the acursed milennial lable and embrace being a based zoomer?

>> No.15019824

>born 1990
>I am employed
>I work fulltime so basically only wear loungewear in my freetime. I stopped caring about “fits” when I turned 25
>I mostly wear suits at work
>I listen to the same shit I did when I was 12 (basically tony hawks pro skater 2 soundtrack)
>my hobbies are cars and cooking

I grew out of the edgy /fa/ phase when I bought a house outside of the city and basically stopped hanging out with a lot of my “cosmopolitan hipster friends”. I rather work on my cars on the weekend

>> No.15020022

based troomer

>> No.15020119


>> No.15020289

1996 proto zoomer
>- are you employed?
Yeah, I work at a family owned butcher shop
>- what do you like to wear in your free time?
Minimalist stuff. Derbies, boots, white shoes, etc.
>- what do you wear at work?
Same thing except with a jacket because it's cold where I work.
>- what do you listen to?
Metal, alternative, rap
- hobbies?
Digital art and writing. Ideally I want to pursue art as a job.

>> No.15020399

I'm not really into fighting games unfortunately, I just appreciate the relative obscurity of it. I'm in Auckland so I don't think that'll be happening, lol

>> No.15020549

>> are you employed?
Yes, working in software QAT
>> what do you like to wear in your free time?
I like wearing hawaiian shirts, usually with jeans or pants.
>> what do you wear at work?
dress shirt, slacks, business causal.
>> what do you listen to?
been on a dire straits binge for months now
>> hobbies?
motorcycle riding, cigar/pipe smoking, occasionally fishing, looking to start woodcarving soon

>> No.15020725

Damn, can you teach me how to clean a deer, cow or pig? Where do I learn that skill

>> No.15020727
File: 678 KB, 788x810, tripfag.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.15020750


>> No.15021050

The dude in op is really carrying a whole ass tablet on him

>> No.15022026

Born 1988
Job editing
Casual - vsco girl
90s Country, Indie Pop, Gospel, Kanye West
Hobbies museums art hiking biking swimming... mostly just arguing on the internet is what I have time for

>> No.15023012

Youre literally me

>> No.15023481


you look like the tranny that was caught by the preadtor hunters on youtube

>> No.15024212

>employed as children's entertainer
>usually really simplistic greys, blacks, and whites. Lost weight but am not done doing so so a good few things are either too loose or less than expertly tailored back into working order. Slight boho/goth flair but generally bland.
>super colorful stuff- Hawaiian shirts, messy floral prints, peacock print genie pants, brick red pant suit, with painted face and balloons pinned to head and garments
>prog rock, jazz, lo-fi rock, heavy metal, goth metal, industrial, college rock, novelty/joke bands, motown, folk, EBM, EDM, horrorcore, post-punk, international, disco, various "waves", I'm generally too retarded to properly find an identity or a link between the shit I like.

>> No.15024220

I forgot about hobbies.
I like to draw/paint, I do some entry level homesteading shit like cheesemaking, brewing, and gardening, I hike a lot.

>> No.15024244

I haven’t been gainfully employed since the recession when I lost my house to forclosure in 2010.
I wear Uniqlo sweatpants, tees and plain sweaters. Jeans sometimes.
I don’t have a full time job, sometimes I work a food truck and wear a uniform.
I don’t really listen to any music.
Not many hobbies, I used to collect and restore vintage rc airplanes, but sold all of my tools and collection to pay rent like 5 years ago. Sometimes I play solitaire or euchre on my phone. I normally drink in my free time.

>> No.15024381
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26 y/o. M Sweden

>- are you employed?
Yes. Government job
>- what do you like to wear in your free time?
>- what do you wear at work?
Business Casual/Trad
>- what do you listen to?
Low volume stuff. Jazz/Funk/electronic music and some pop. Both mainstream and indie
>- hobbies?
Books, film, swimming, hiking, volunteering at local thrift shop, collecting records.

>> No.15025833
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yo man can you tell me more about your life and industry? im interested in strategy/intelligence analysis and the like. mentor me pls.

>> No.15025875

>- are you employed?
25 years old, got my first job after graduating in urban planning. No i do transport modelling for a consultancy firm.
>- what do you like to wear in your free time?
The same as at work, except ill switch a dress shirt for a sweater
- what do you wear at work?
Meeting clients (ie government and politicians): chelsea, trousers, dress shirt, blazer. Rarely wear suits.
- what do you listen to?
I get my music from NTS, dekmantel, pitchfork and fantano. So mainly house, techno, indie rock, "world" music
- hobbies?
cooking, BJJ, drugs and house/techno in the weekend.

>> No.15025887

>are you employed?
>what do you like to wear in your free time?
>what do you wear at work?
crewneck, loose blue jeans, brown leather steel toe boots, sometimes hi vis shit
>what do you listen to?
my chemical romance
billy talent
fall out boy
green day
a day to remember
panic at the disolco
vinyl collecting
carving up my wrist like a christmas ham

>> No.15025898
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>- are you employed?
>- what do you like to wear in your free time?
>- what do you wear at work?
>- what do you listen to?
predominantely heavier metal
>- hobbies?
gayming, 4chan

>> No.15025918

I dont believe someone who dresses like that browses /fa/

>> No.15025924

>pleated trousers, oversized, vintage denim, linen and corduroy
>creative field so whatever i want
spotted the faggot

>> No.15025927

millenials go from 1980 to 1995 and gen z goes from 1996 to 2010

>> No.15025934
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Going for pic-rel this summer, but currently poor.
I mostly don't browse /fa/. Come here once every 3 months and post in some rando thread.
European? That shack needs to be fucking replaced. Rusted roof, blue eyesore, looks rickety. Good stuff though, keep it up.

>> No.15026068

>are you employed?
yes, as a shitty home assistant job for the elderly and cripples
>what do you wear at work?
alternating every week one pair of fitting straight cut jeans with a milsur jacket or a pair of milsurp pants and a denim jacket, with a belt and a tucked flannel shirt over an undershirt, plus a pair of beat to shit mall brand trainers
>what do you like to wear in your free time?
let my hair down, replace trainers with comfy boots and either strip down to undershirt or replace shirt with a clean linen shirt or put on a sweater
>what do you listen to?
folk punk mostly
most of my meagre free time is spent trying to improve my life by doing neglected chores, filing paperwork or going to therapy. When I do take time off, I usually just go visit my father to see my cat.

>> No.15026252

Literally me except for the incel fashion choice

>> No.15026684

What do you think this is, 2005?

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