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>work at uniqlo
>sale section is packed with shit we cant sell
>constantly torn apart by old hispanic and asian ladies
>manager tells me to make it all $5 to sell through it all
>an hour later its almost all gone
>old asian ladies leave with $150 JW anderson coats for $12
Im scared guys I dont how much longer this company can stay afloat.

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every fast fashion place does this. they make more money moving product than they do sitting on it full priced.

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Understandably so, I’ve been doing retail for a while, but this is exactly what happens with Barneys, American Apparel, etc

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I wouldn't worry too much, the margins are fat enough at full retail that you can afford to sell inventory that didn't move at a loss.

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damn were $150 jackets really $12 or is that just exaggeration. Ive boughten jeans for literally $1.90 in the sale bin but never seen anything like jackets for so cheap

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How the fuck does uniqlo afford to have a hundred staff on the floor scratching their arses all day?

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Also a more pertinent question: do they deliberately make sure only two out of the hundred staff are at the register at any given time?

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they use slave labor for their cotton
i wish i was kidding, they produce clothes for pennies to the dollar

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Lel, fuck slaves.

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which uniqlo anon. the markdown system is crazy meticulous at the one I work at

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is being a slave EFFAY?> XD

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I'll care about slavery again when my people get credit for fighting to end it instead of being claimed as especially responsible for it.

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>$150 JW anderson coats for $12
I want to be an old asian lady so much, lads

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A few years back I wanted to have a look at the JW coats and they didn't even put the mother fuckers on the racks. (Australia).

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>working retail
Unless underage it’s as if you -want- the world to know you are a retard. You should start building a decent resume at 18, something respectable like working as a hotel receptionist if you can’t manage anything else.

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kinda yeah but also being a non-retard in a retard field can let you drift up high enough to earn decent money pretty easily.

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>any service
Do you live in Nevada or something?

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I don’t know enough about retard «fields» since I am not a retard so I cannot comment
I live in yo mamma’s fat pussy

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>hotel receptionist
Yes and instead of eating at shit McDonald’s we’ll eat at the respectable Chili’s.

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Most future employers would prefer that to a retail clothing store, tard. It’s not respectable for someone over 19 but it’s starter. Building a resume does take time.

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well think about how how many people don't respect retail and don't want to stay in that job and think about how many people in it are just dumb.
someone has to show up and manage those people and they pay him more.
then someone has to show up and manage the managers and they pay him even more.
at some point good money is paid for a job they didn't go to college to do.

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If you can’t manage to be self employed in this day and age you’re a failure.

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I really like my JW wool jumpers but Jesus shit why do they pill so much

My older Uniqlo jumpers don't do this

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>turn 32 this year
>still working retail

I was a paramedic but just could handle it and became depressed then became a NEET but eventually got into retail and have been doing it for like the past 4 or 5 years :/

I'm afraid of trying anything else or going back to college incase I go through it all and finding out I'm not suited for the actual job.

what are my other options?

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i'm only 24 but I was a dev for two years and hated it and now i'm working retail while I go back to school. my plan is to do something I find personally fulfilling. I had a job where I made good money but would just spend most of it on drugs and booze to cope with how unhappy i was. er, still am.

what do you enjoy doing anon? it could be worthwhile for you to pursue that. it's not too late for ya

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Self employed doing what?

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He sells thrifted bags on eBay and does SurveyJunkie probably while his autismbux pays the rest

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Go work in a bank or something Idk

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All I do is restoration. Started as a personal hobby and turned into a living. It is the easiest way money has ever been made.
Furniture, cars, anything that can be restored and resold.
For fuck’s sake there are YouTube videos telling you step by step how to do this shit.
It’s astounding how lazy people are.

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Holy shit

Also you must do some shit work if it's so easy, especially on the cars

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Faggot stop spamming that dog’s asshole looking “model” everywhere.

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In Europe the Uniqlo is nothing but trannies and fashion victims

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Lmao fuck you and your people whitey.

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Maybe I'll look into doing that on the side for clothing items. I've gotten decently good at restoring leather items just for stuff that I've thrifted. Not a bad idea.

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He is pure, you’re angry for no good reason
It’s not lazier to go to work for other people for years, having established a firm career and built your way to the top making six figures, tard

Same amount (or less effort) on your part, and you probably don’t make as much money as truly successful people

Good for you that you found a source of income being your own boss I guess, maybe I’d do that if I were autistic aswell and didn’t enjoy working around others

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It's you guys that will be chained to sewing machines.
White people's destiny to be customer service and domestic servants for chinks.

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Holy shit. Checked.

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Wish I didn't read this but now I know not to go out of my way to buy there anymore. Thanks anon

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