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How to dress rock

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wokstar type fit pls neck yourself

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u cant dress rock without a nice leather jacket

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you have to be rock to dress rock

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My favorite references right here.

Also >>14950817

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>Bandanna around his belt
What a fucking gayboy hahahahaha

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based post

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if you do this kind of shit you look like a fucking larp

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don't wear head to toe SLP. like this fashion faggot in your OP. only shop at walmart for clothes.

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be tall white and handsome like pic. You cant if anything else

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He has a boot on one foot and vans on the other, what a tryhard

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Not like this fucking LARPer

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r u rarted

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sry bro
kinda huge touristy vibe emenating from u

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no, but they are

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what if he drops the cart and get a telecaster or something?

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Like this anon

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why even bother with cokecore lol

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Quick /fa/ what should a forever chink like pic related do to pull off that look?

I think getting a little more athletic, losing the retarde expresión and maybe a better hairdo with longer hair could help.

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don't end your shirt right on your hip line

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numetal larp tier lmao

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Just be cool. And thin.

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cmon man why carry your guitar so low? It looks stupid after a certain point.

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Don't know why but I always found Lil Peep oddly attractive.

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Thats fucking Jimmy Page, he can do WHATEVER.

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Contacts, slightly longer hair/facial hair if you can. Boots for added height, don’t go too skinny sleek. Workout, maybe become an alcoholic for a bit or not.

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Jimmy Page is a pedophile.

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- stop wearing glasses
- wear clothes to elongate your legs proportionally
- lower body fat
- have a messy fringe

His pic is bad because he is so rigid + combined with everything else wrong makes it very comical

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See? , he does what he wants.

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Moto jacket that actually fits, a shorter, looser dark tee, better hair, boots with a heel.

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Dont have hips wider than your shoulders

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