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How is this aesthetic called and how do I achieve it?

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That's called the zoomer

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80s edgy boy who listens to Oasis, Arctic Monkeys and Joy Division.

>have average af face and be skinny fat
>buy black everything and a shitty leather jacket from a thrift shop
>cover your face with big sunglasses so we can only see half of your ugly face.
Probably wears really pointy slim dress shoe as well.

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80s edgy boy is great

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JAMC core

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I would say thats Velvet Underground core

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post punk/new wave look

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it's the Neil Gayman

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first wave goth

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I know someone exactly like that, black stuff, big sunglasses, photographer dude, post pics where he smokes and stuff so probably this archetype.

He used to have a handsome face but now he is skinny fat, and his fat, puffy face looks shit with his aesthetic.

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>Oasis, Arctic Monkeys

that's jim reid from the jesus and mary chain
they listened to the velvet underground, the beach boys and groups like that

yeah, lou reed had this aesthetic two decades before
it's like a beat/beatnik/heroin artist look
warhol wore shades and black around this period too, i wonder who got it from who

a lot of garage bands (essentially, proto punk) bands around this time, the mid 1960s, looked like that with shades and black outfits

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how did boys in the 80s listen to oasis and arctic monkeys

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Only right answer

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