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Anyone know a good, warm winter jacket? Something that's suitable for around 20 degrees? I've seen tons of people waling around with Canada Goose parkas but I've heard that they're pretty overpriced for what they are.

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I have a brown coat and a red beanie - what colors for shirt, for pants and shoes?

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Black pants, grey shirt, Earth tone shoes

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I have a Mackinaw jacket. Wool is top tier for cold weather since it doesn't make you sweat as much as polyester and can soak up a ton of water before letting any through.
Not an expert, but I imagine red plaid looking cringe in an urban enviornment or on sticcs, so if either of those apply to you get an olive or black one.

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Pic related were really popular in Sweden a few years ago. Should be adequate

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srry, i'm in cali. we're in shorts year round.

enjoi ur frigid, icicle-dodging, subzero misery, frosty.

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If it's realy cold go for fur but 20°F that would be -6°C? That's pretty warm, I always wear a wool coat for that. If temparatures go into -10 and lower I get out my fur coat.

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Been wearing my dad's old m65 with a liner and i can usually rock that with a hoodie/sweatshirt and a t shirt in Northeast US temps. legit ones are built like tanks too. design is definitely more military inspired but its a pretty plain design so you can get away with it in most casual settings. highly recommend

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in the winter i layer several woolen garments, very cozy

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